Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Only me on my bed tonight.

I am back!!

Well, technically I haven't been anywhere, but I feel like I have been away for a looong holiday! The sisters just left this evening-- didn't even see them today, 'cause I was at work. :(

I am entirely pooped from the weekend! Over the weekend in chronological order, I have been to: a X'mas dinner, clubbing at Zouk, woke up early to shop at Orchard with the sisters, rushed home shortly after to prepare for my company's dinner & dance, attended dinner & dance, almost got yanked to Butter Factory (clubbing again), woke up early the next day again to shop at Orchard, and fancy dinner till late; woke up early and worked the whole day on Monday, rushed to buy a birthday cake for Teeny (it was her b'day yesterday! :) ), then met the sisters for dinner at Clarke Quay till late again; and went to work again today. T_T Not to mention I had minimal sleep every night 'cause my sisters are sleeping in my room and I am a really light sleeper. T_T

Just post up some pictures from Saturday before I call it a night! Am determined to get a good rest tonight. T_T

Bleary-eyed from clubbing the night before.

Queuing up for lunch at Din Tai Fung at 3pm. -__- This is why I get really frustrated in Singapore sometimes-- the place is constantly crowded!

And this is Teeny's new hairstyle which I am so so so totally in love with! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want blunt bangs again!! *ignores the fact that the last time I sported blunt bangs everyone called me Coconut wtf*

Sweet and sour soup! I was in a soupy mood, ordered this and the famous Din Tai Fung chicken soup as well... and ended up bloated with liquids FML.

Jing! Covering one eye with her bangs 'cause her falsies dropped out, haha.

I was having a runny nose. T__T

Teeny is good at sucking WTF.


Teeny and her jeggings = Jeans + Leggings!

Jing being dark and mysterious.

And me wearing some clocks on my body wtf.

White cotton tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Vintage mustard yellow satin long sleeved top with front draperies: Thrifted
Faded denim frayed shorts: Cotton on
Oversized braided pearl and chains necklace: Chicpop
Nude suede pleated heels: Topshop
Bag: Louise Vutton

I got a really good early Christmas present!!
SGD300 worth of shopping vouchers-- usable at most shopping malls in Singapore... Hip hip hurray! :D :D :D


Jing said...

YAYYY BUY ME MIU MIU! :D I managed to finish all my cash, as in i ran dryyyy, jst the way i wanted to WTF! *pats self*

Vivien said...

Ting looks so damn cute!
& your pearl necklace(s) is/are so purdy! :D

Go sleeep! <3 <3

xiang yun said...

WOO the first thing I noticed when I looked at the first picture was OMG I LOVE YOUR LONG SLEEVED TOP!! So unique!! =] Love how you kept everything simple. Don't need to wear anything else, just let the top speak for itself wtf.

p.s. Ting's hair is <3!! She looks like a doll.

bin said...

eh u got no cellulites on ur thighs wan! so lucky wtf

Accyee said...

OMG THAT IS AWESOME! how did u get $300 shopping vouchers!!?? man so jealous this :( anyway I love Jing's outfit. She looks so classy like Audrey Hepburn ;]

revel in me said...

jing: Miu Miu is the only shop not participating! T___T Ooooh what else did you buy! *rubs hands* :P

vivien: YAA I love her new hair! <333

xiang yun: Thank you my love! T_T Jing and Teeny kutuk-ed my top nonstop la. T_T They have bad taste, harrumph.

I am so in love with Teeny's hair too! <3

bin: I think got la! T_T

accyee: My company gave out as x'mas presents? :P Haha, I don't think audrey hepburn is what jing was going for, but she will be happy nevertheless! :P

Anonymous said...

super duper happy you had a fantastic weekend!!!!!
lots of shopping and lots of dinner and dance!!!!
christmas came early for you!!!!!!!!!
happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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