Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picking up guys on the streets.

The weekend is hereeee!!

I am supposed to go back home this weekend, but in the end, I decided against it 'cause 1. I am going home next weekend for TWO WEEKS, woohoo! and 2. the boyfriend is packed with work for the weekend. As for the sisters, saw them last weekend, sien already WTF.

It feels wonderful to be sleeping for 11 hours straight wtf, hitting the gym (I stuck to my words, I went to gym yesterday and today! :P), watching older TV shows, reading my magazines, uploading pictures onto Facebook... Bliss! Especially after my hectic week last weekend, this is a welcomed recluse weekend! :D

So now I can be well rested for next weekend-- Macao/Zhuhai, here I come baby!
Might cheat the parents to bring us for a beach holiday as well, be prepared to bring out your bikinis, my dear sisters! :P

Pictures from last weekend when Jing and Teeny were down South:

Went to Royal Copanhagen for a quick bite since we need an energy booster in Orchard.

As you can tell, I was really hungry wtf.

'Cause we planned to head somewhere else for high tea after that, Jing and I only ordered a set meal to share (Teeny was with her friends):

Starter: Minestrone soup, with blended broccoli, which Jing looked at it with disgust, haha.

Mains: Aglio oli linguine with king prawns, squid, and scallops! Yums for me, but Jing doesn't like aglio olio, she prefers cream pasta.

Cream pasta are EVIL!!! (but actually I like too wtf)

Dessert: Chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.

The menu read "Chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream" and I took it for face value, and was so excited! When this brownie-like thingy arrived on our table, I was quite disappointed. T_T I told Jing I am quite cheapskate, 'cause I think one of the best desserts is a huge warm gooey chocolate cbip cookie with ice cream. :P The only place where I have ever had that is Max kitchen-- where we paid more than RM20 for it, fuck my life.

Jing and a prawn head wtf.

Feeling very ladylike. :P

Yummiest Christmas tree on Orchard Road. ;)

We wanted to go some place really quaint and whimsical for tea-- I even took down the address and phone number of the place! Luckily I gave the place a call before we went down, turns out the place is closed on Sundays! T_T

So we stayed on in Orchard...

My Vivienne Westwood x Melissas! *heart heart heart* The ones which got lost in the mail, and ASOS resent it again. T_T

Dodgy nameless woman who changed into flats after her feet screamed agony in her heels, haha.

Teeny! I made her carry the unglam green bag 'cause it matched her outfit! If I have carried it (with my red polka dot dress), I would look like Santa's elf wtf.

Jing's dark, glossy shoes!


Our cutesy ones!

Love Teeny's shoes! Almost feel like getting a pair of myself, but I figured it's easy to recreate the look with some false eyelashes WTF.

Greedy us, we had tea again after that at Coffee Club! This is my chicken pie, with the contents overflowing out. :)

There was a stuffed toy cake on the counter of one of the shops, so we stole it to camwhore in the dressing room. :P Teeny really looks like a model in Vivi here! *envious*

Being touristy in Ngee Ann City.

They never changed the tree!!! Check out pictures of the same tree in 2006 HAHAHAHA. But thank god we have changed! T__T

Scandal alert, we picked up some guys in Singapore!

Right outside Ion Orchard wtf.

She looks like she is having sex. T__T

Teeny is almost as tall as the statues!

Red polka dot backless bow-back dress: Jing's
Chunky pearls and chains braided necklace: Junkyard sale
Baby blue peeptoes with red hearts: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa
Bag: Louis Vutton

We had such an AWESOME time shopping in Orchard! I usually don't shop in Singapore 'cause-- Timeout, this is a community service message, boys and girls, shopping in Singapore is more expensive!!! If you can get the brand in M'sia, I suggest you get it in M'sia instead, it will be about 20% cheaper!!!-- and I usually do all my commercial shopping back in KL. But it's something with being 2 shopaholic sisters that unlocked my shopping floodgates! T__T Maybe 'cause it's been sometime since the three of us shopped together, the last time would be when Jing and I were in Melbourne. I spent almost SGD300 in less than 2 hours. T________T And almost got something from Miu Miu and shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. T_______T

I told Jing that I spent almost SGD1k when they were down (for barely 4 days), and she scolded me when she found out that I included my SGD300 of shopping in the amount. I told her that I wouldn't have spent that money if they didn't come down!! In denial wtf.

Besides spending on shopping, I also returned SGD250 to Jing (I owe her heaps of money T_T), and what with treating my sisters here and there, Teeny's birthday dinner and cake, cab trips, McShakers fries WTF, the SGD1k seems reasonable. FML!

Now you know why I have to lock myself up indoors this weekend. Must. Conserve. Money!!! And blow it when I am back next week WTF!


T. Linh said...

wow what a long post.
nice photos, but i'm always too lazy to read long texts :P

Anonymous said...

You sisters look sooo happy! Mind me asking how the shoe sizing of asos like? Does it go according to online shoe charts ? :)

tinkles said...

hello, i'll be coming down to spore this sunday and was wondering if u cld give me some pointers on where to shop and which shops are worth visiting! *big grins*

how much does a miu miu long wallet cost! any idea?

Anonymous said...

a happy happy post with your sisters!!!!!
lovely weekend you had!!!!
haha yup yup now you really need to rest this weekend to conquer next weekend!!!!!
can't wait for the next holiday you're having!!!!
happy happy happy!!!!!

revel in me said...

thefashionave: Haha, maybe you can read them when you are free, I am quite funny. :P

anonymous: I got the melissas, so I am not sure whether the sizing is the same as asos sizing! But my melissas were true to my sizing (akin to Vincci sizes)! :)

tinkles: Haha, try bugis market and far east plaze for cheap-ish shopping!Haji lane for one-of-a-kind items, and ion orchard for designer/commercial shopping! :)

We saw one that day, it's about sgd710!

anonymous: Yea, I am really enjoying my lazy mode now! Thanks dear! :)

xiang yun said...

When I first saw the pictures from this trip from Jing's blog, I have loved your dress from all over there to here wtf. I love to shop in Singapore too but my bf forbids me because of the conversion ahahaha btw, I'm back in JB for the semester break and so tempted to cross the border!

SpringSommer said...

Hi do you happen to have any vouchers or coupons frm newlook which you'll interested to sell? if you do. Thanks in advance!

Shikin Hambali said...

She looks like she is having sex. T__T

i almost laughed off my chair

mustardqueen said...

doggay style HAHAHAHAAHA

tinkles said...

ooo bugis and far east plaza selling the same stuff?

how bout cosmetics? cheaper in spore?

Tammy said...

I was in SG last weekeend too!

By any chance were you at the airport on Friday 11 Dec? I saw a gal at the imigration counter in KLIA that looks exactly like you, but I was shy to say hi, just in case if it's not you la :P

Shopping in SG is definitely expensive. Orchard Rd changed alot since 2 yrs ago. When I came down frm Orchard MRT station, I was already in Ion Orchard. The first shop I saw was Cotton On. Rubi shoes SGD30 for 2 pairs -_-" M'sia is only RM60 for 2 pairs. So mahal la.

I only ended up buying a USB cup warmer in pink SGD 9.90, 2 fascinators SGD24 and a dress SGD39. The rest of my $$ spent on food.