Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking over from the other side.

When I stepped into my room over the weekend, the first thing I noticed was that there were a a lot of pretty things on my bed. I wasn't particularly surprised, 'cause I knew my family went to Bangkok a few weeks ago (I had to take a raincheck 'cause of work), so I knew they got me some stuff.

Upon closer look, I saw some papers tucked under one of the tops. A very sweet goodbye note from Jing, and a stack of doodled papers. Not any doodled papers though.

Stolen from Jing's FB.

They are doodles and scribbles from one afternoon of Pictionary in La Bodega. One afternoon which was filled with pure, unadulterated laughter. And I know why she slid them along with her note. They serve as a reminder. :)


They got me pretty things from Bangkok! Loads of accessories, not many clothes, which is just as well, 'cause I am in a bit of an identity crisis now, and it has extended to my dressing. Got a really cute pair of bikini (ass-flattering as well!), which is a good encouragement booster, die die also must lose more weight!

And I was in a bit of a daze... Jing has left, and brough almost 80kgs with her, but her wardrobe still looks untouched! And it occurred to me as well that when Teeny leaves later in February, all their clothes will be mine, all mine! The idea of becoming the owner three very powerful, massive wardrobes will make any girl's heart go aflutter. ;)


Changed my hairstyle over the weekend, quite happy with it. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 2010.

When I stepped into office for the first day this year, I was in fear. Fear of how I was going to cope, fear of putting on a brave front, fear of dealing with everything.

The moment they saw me, they laughed teasingly, "Why the long face!", assuming it's a bout of Monday blues.

I opened my laptop, and tried to log into the encrypted start-up page.

But I couldn't remember my password, as hard as I could tried. I keep on typing various versions of the password I vaguely remember, but the error message kept on popping up. I was getting frustrated. Everything in my life is going wrong, and even Safeboot wants to bully me? I felt like crying.

They started crowding around me. Asking me about my holiday back home. Laughing at my forgetfulness for not remembering my password. Then I told them. They didn't say anything else. They did look a little shocked, but they kept quiet. If they had any questions, they kept them to themselves.

I managed to log in, but I had to change my password on the spot. I typed in a password, and Safeboot rejected it for 'wrong formatting' reasons. I typed furiously, trying different permutations, but Safeboot continued to return error messages. One of them grabbed my laptop for me, and typed in a password for me.
Safeboot accepted it.

I asked him, "What did you type?? You have to let me know! Else I can't log in in the future!"

He took a piece of yellow post-it, and scribbled on it.

"There, here's the password."

I glanced at it.
It says "Happy2010".

He stuck it on my laptop screen. "Nah, so you will remember".

And now, every morning, when I open my laptop, the first thing that I see is the yellow note staring back at me.

"Happy 2010"

Every morning, in order for me to log in my laptop, I have to remind myself, because I have to type out the words.

Slowly, surely, I am getting there.

'Cause "Happy 2010"?

I sure hope so.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The robotic cat.

Amidst beers and white wine, I blurted out, "Did you all know that Doraemon is a cat!"

Everyone looked at me calmly, and nodded.
"Yea, you didn't know ar".
"I knew since I was a kid".

Except for my ex-colleague, who looked at me with bulging eyes:



And my other colleagues, in a tone akin to pacifying a small child, explained to him of how Doraemon is a cat, and has a sister which is yellow and ear-intact...

Ex-colleague interrupts. "PIKACHU???"

Seeing the disbelief and innocence on a 30 year old man, priceless.


Had dinner with one of my good friends, who psycho-analysed me left, right, up, down, center, using her iPhone. Astrology analysis, fengshui applications, worldly words of wisdom, that girl is out to make me feel better, and made me laugh loads.

That said.
iPhone or Blackberry?
Time for a switch. :)


And that, ladies and gentleman, is what made me smile this weekend. :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


When I was about 7-8 years old, the lower stretch of my legs would always hurt. From my lower calves, to my ankles, the pain came one day... and it never really went away. Sometimes it is a dull ache. Sometimes it is a discomfort which I can deal. And sometimes the pain is sharp, like a thousand needles piercing through me from the inside. They came suddenly too, sometimes during the day, when I was running around the school field during recess. Sometimes hitting me while I was drifting away to dreamland. I remember nights where I was just crying, and yelping "It hurts! It hurts!" while my mom tried to massage away the pain; I can always remember the helpless look in her eyes.

Then my dad brought me to see a doctor. I was brought in for X-ray scans and reflexes tests. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. And my dad told me his logic: he suspected that the pain was just due to my bones stretching out; I was growing, he told me.

And that's what I need to remember. Pain makes you grow.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year.

Today's Hui Wen is different from yesterday's Hui Wen. :)