Sunday, January 17, 2010

The robotic cat.

Amidst beers and white wine, I blurted out, "Did you all know that Doraemon is a cat!"

Everyone looked at me calmly, and nodded.
"Yea, you didn't know ar".
"I knew since I was a kid".

Except for my ex-colleague, who looked at me with bulging eyes:



And my other colleagues, in a tone akin to pacifying a small child, explained to him of how Doraemon is a cat, and has a sister which is yellow and ear-intact...

Ex-colleague interrupts. "PIKACHU???"

Seeing the disbelief and innocence on a 30 year old man, priceless.


Had dinner with one of my good friends, who psycho-analysed me left, right, up, down, center, using her iPhone. Astrology analysis, fengshui applications, worldly words of wisdom, that girl is out to make me feel better, and made me laugh loads.

That said.
iPhone or Blackberry?
Time for a switch. :)


And that, ladies and gentleman, is what made me smile this weekend. :)


jeanchristie said...

i am still undecided over iphone or blackberry either!! .. and i've been sitting on it for 2 months wtf

Lisa! said...

iPhone most definitely!
The wonders of the App Store is insane! :D

And I am glad you feeling better
*Loads of virtual hugs*

Accyee said...

Doraemon is a cat?!! O_O it looks retarded

Yan Ping said...

Iphone definitely !! I regretted not having it earlier.. :) btw virtual hugs to u.. cos ur post seem so melancholy lately.. hope u r finding back ur smiles.. ;)

Yan Ping said...

Iphone definitely !! I regretted not having it earlier.. :) btw virtual hugs to u.. cos ur post seem so melancholy lately.. hope u r finding back ur smiles.. ;)

choco said...

awww, you're back!!

I miss reading your fun posts. I was just going to send you an email and saw your new post so *nods head* this is good.

hahahahahahahahahah. -_-

and i would definitely get the blackberry. coz imma geek like that.

ally said...

....i didnt know doraemon was a cat either :(

Vivien said...

i'm going to get a BB once i find a way to dispose of my sort of new phone! 'accident' ! hehehe ;)

i say bb!!! qwerty! <3

Vivien said...

oh and there's a new bb violet!
so pretty <3 hope you're feeling better :) <3

lisa said...

aww..glad that u are back!!
one of ur avid reader who silently read and wish you are not gonna stop blogging since ur melancholy stint last week.

Jing said...

Iphone so we can sama-sama 'ping' each other wtf! :)

PVB said...

blackberry :)

Eve said...


LavenderFloret said...

iPhone when you're young and Blackberry when your eyes fail you wtf

true story daddy says all his friends can't use iPhone because they wouldn't be able to see the buttons without glasses LOL

glad to know you're better *hugs*

Lila said...

We miss you Hui Wen!
BB for sure! :)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

And Yay you are back! :D

SpringSommer said...

iphone!! Blackberry only if you are going to use the bb messaging. Other than that iphone is much more fun!

Ciious said...

Glad that you're fine :)
have been following very long time ago and I like u alot.
*huggies with lotsa love*
take care <3

simonso said...

iPhone or BB?

Anonymous said...

BB's the way to go!

Should be getting mine soon! :)

Anonymous said...

blackberrybold one!!!

smalls said...


i know many ppl who have switched from iphone to bb
but NONE the other way around :D

Steffie said...

Iphone :)) the apps are awesome possum!

Anonymous said...

BTW, try GPS blocker to jam all secret transmitters in your home or at work.

Nazi? said...

iPhone has so many cons. I hear you can't use the touch screen if u have long nails!

And I am pretty sure there was a case about an iPhone which exploded mid-call! Google it, I'm not lying!

Now, Blackberry on the other hand... ;)

shaynaJo said...

iPhone! Girl with iPhone looks elegant while blackberry makes u look more like a man! haha

Anonymous said...

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