Thursday, February 11, 2010


New hair!


One happy Sunday.

Ice cream!

I don't think I have ever traveled so far just for ice cream before!

My friend purposely cut off my tiptoeing feet to create the illusion that I am taller (also note the squatting man next to me). T_T

Real height. :(

Met up with Ally!

Had one of the nicest breakfast food I have had in a long time...for dinner wtf.

Really love the place that we went-- Wild Honey. Ally was really excited that I like the place as well, "Means I can expect more visits here!" :D

Latte, white wine and water.
Liquid diet wtf.

White wine for the smoked salmon in our brekkie dishes, and latte for the abundance of desserts that we ordered! We both simultaneously agreed that girls should never control themselves when it comes to food.

And shopping. :P


"I just want to find someone who will grow old with me and dance with me on the streets..."



mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA THE OLD COUPLE SO CUTE!!!!Booo i wanna visit singapore again also T_T I wanna go back to labbit! T_T

skim said...

oh yay! HAPPY POST!
love your new hair. and you got thinny! <3
(thinny = thin & skinny)

Anonymous said...

so happy you are here blogging with shoppings and outings and picturesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!
and yes you got thinnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
miss you lots!!!!!

jeanchristie said...

old couple so adorable!!

hey, u look like the huiwen i knew back in mufy ^^

simonso said...

Nice hairstytle! Looks like ur ready for CNY!

PVB said...

u look so different with the new hair. i like :) happy cny to you ya!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: YAA their dance moves put us to shame! :P Don't go back to aus, I bring you to labbit! :'(

skim: Heeee thanks love! I want to get thinnier though! :D

anonymous: Hahahaha thank you! <3

jean: They are! :) And I didn't have bangs when I was in mufy what!

simonso: And the new year! war face* :)

PVB: Is it! I thought the change isn't drastic at all! ;)

Siao麻雀 said...

found u in google.hi =)

Payad said...

to love and to be loved like that is awesome.

jeanchristie said...

oh wait yeah, i just remembered after i commented xp

but good to have the old happy self back :)

happy chinese new year!!!