Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little snippets of CNY.

We were eating vegetarian food lunch at my auntie's house, an annual chor yat (first day of CNY) ritual:

Dad: (*pointing to mushrooms* )Come boy, eat some of these. It's good for you. these. Starts with M wan...

Me: Err, you mean mushrooms?

Dad: Nono! Something like Mungi...

Me: Err you mean FUNGHI???

Dad: YAYA!

I wonder how my dad got a PhD in Medicine. -______-


After Teeny and I have established to my auntie and uncle that NO we are not getting married anytime soon,. they turned their attention to my brother.

My 14 year-old brother who is taking PMR this year.

"Boy, do you want daddy and mommy to get you a young wife? Last time in our kampung, boys who are 15 or 16 can get married already lor!"

HHAHAHHAHAHHA. Watching my kayu brother squirmed in his seat, and seeing a myriad of expressions on his face (shy/confused/nervous/wants to laugh) makes my day HAHAHAHA!


Teeny trying to convince me that her burnt chocolate chip cookies are black because she used brown sugar.


Met up with Bernard yesterday with Mey and Smalls.

We were chatting online today, and I apologised to him: "Sorry that we were so noisy yesterday, hope the three of us didn't scare your girlfriend!"

And he replied me, "No wor, compared to last time, you guys are very quiet"

Eff our lives.


Smalls fished out her Clinique anti-blemish concealer, and I squealed, "I use the same one!"

Mey peeked over in interest, so Smalls handed the tiny tube for her to try.

"Mey? Why are you putting concealer on your hand??"

"I have a tiny pimple on my hand!!"



I was looking through old photo albums at my auntie's house, which has loads of pictures of me as a kid. And I realised I smile the same way now as I did when I was a 3 year old toddler. :)


What I wore on chor-yat. :)


Jing said...

I lup ur new shoes (and super miss manicure fml)! ;D

Andddddd damn funny to ask bro to get married HAHAAHAHAH! I wish i was there! T___T

mustardqueen said...

EHHH SERIOUS OK BROWN SUGAR DOES MAKE THE COOKIE BROWN!!!! Dun believe i bake one with normal sugar one with brown sugar!!!

xiang yun said...

Waseh damn auspicious ar your chor yat outfit! And your shoes are soooo gorgeous!!

lyssa said...

gorgeous! :) happy chinese new year to u!

Anonymous said...

your dad is soooooooooo funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Mungiiiiii wakakakakakakaka

Really happy you updated!!!!!
Happy Happy Happy Tigger New Year!!!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!!

Anonymous said...

<3 ur shoes! where did you get em from?!!! :)

Anonymous said...

did you break up with the bf?

Anonymous said...

Happy cny! Your red jumpsuit is so nice! Mind sharing where its from?


Anonymous said...

miss u. <3

jeanchristie said...

teeny: but not burnt brown wat lol

ronsensical said...

you look lovely! gong xi fa cai!

Lisa! said...

You're looking gorgeous! :D

sm said...

gawdd im turning into a green-eyed monster by just looking at ur dinasour's wardrobe! :)

Anonymous said...

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