Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid think with the heart.

I am in a tremendously good mood 'cause I have a long weekend ahead of me! :D (we get Good Fridays off in Singapore)

That's like the only holiday that Singapore trumps Malaysia. -_- On average, Malaysians get about 15 days of public holidays in a year, whereas Singaporeans get only 9! Blasphemy!

Happy sigh. Although it's coming to almost 2 years, going home still ignites this flicker of excitement and happiness in me, especially when it comes to the night before I go home. :P


I can't wait to go home and trim my bangs! My colleague calls me shaggy dog now wtf.

I have been tilting my head upwards in order to peer through my fringe to see clearly, while resisting the urge to part my bangs like a curtain wtf.

One alternative would be to pin up my bangs ala Hui Wen circa 2004
But let's not go there:

HAHAHAHHAHAHA Jing is going to kill me for posting up this picture! And LOOK AT HOW FAT MY BROTHER WAS HAHAHAHA!


Random pictures from one day in KL:

Silver leopard print dress with strong shoulders: Online
Silver pendant layered necklace: Forever 21
Gray laced-up pumps: Topshop
Bag: Prada

My beloved.

How can her legs look sooo much longer than mine even when I had high heels on! T__T

Happy 'candids'. ;)

Mommy, I can balance!

Teeny told us the camera is on us, and this was how we posed simultaneously (without planning)! :P

Real candids. :P


An interrupted intimate moment.

Don't ask.

Supposed to show off Teeny's pretty Alannah Hill headband, but I think Teeny looks much cuter! :P

OK, I gotta go pack. I promise more outfit pictures! :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red velvet cake + Day 10 of Melbourne 2009.

** New items added on Boudoir-Boudoir!


In fact, this morning they went to Camberwell market (no secret that it's one my fave shopping spots in Melbourne). And yesterday they had THE red velvet cupcake at Little Cupcake bakery!

Said THE red velvet cupcake.

Which is only the yummiest cupcake in the world.

I really shouldn't keep myself updated on their itinerary man. Only reinforces to me what I am missing out, pfahhh. :(

Back to the cupcake. I have never had red velvet cake before that, and I have somehow always associated red velvet cake with some kind of moist chocolate cake???!!

I was wrong wrong wrong!
Thank god we decided to go to Little Cupcake on Little Flinder's on the last day of our trip! Else I might never find out what is heaven in my mouth. *drama*

And to think that the sole reason why Jing insisted to go there is 'cause it looks 'cute'. :P

Arrays of colorful decorated cupcakes! I can literally feel endorphins racing in my body just by looking at them. :P

As you can see, we both ordered the red velvet cupcake! And as you can also see, we both had two cupcakes each. *gulps guiltily*

Love the random photos and knick-knacks lying around the shop!

Spot the rolling pin.

If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn that the drawing on the right is done by my brother, judging from his artistic skills in drawing a goat (which had a human face but with horns) wtf.

Love how charming everything looked on the little tray. :)

The cupcake got a thumbs-up from me! (actually my toes were also giving toe-ups underneath the table wtf-- that's how good the cupcake was!)

And Jing gave it a star wtf.

All polished. :D

Ignore the tummy (filled with cupcake).

Polar bear!

Met up with Jac after that. Whom I will be seeing in July!! And fingers crossed, whom I will be going to Hong Kong with! :)))

Chicken Schnitzel. Miss these bad boys WTF.

Chili flakes! Which Jac polished off breezily.

The Flat Hair Flat (excluding me) consumes chili flakes like no one else! They have chili flakes with EVERYTHING: bak kut teh, fried bee hoon, vegetables, ginseng soup(??!) and basically everything that can be digested wtf. And it's because of these girls that I have chili flakes (with my pasta). ;)

Horse show wtf.

Cute picture of Jac! I think here she is pouting 'cause she is trying to figure how to rob the bank in order to buy a Prada bag, hahaha.

Outfits! Of Jing and I, haven't done this in sometime. :)



Cream button-up blouse with flared ribbon-tie sleeves: Miss Selfridge
Gray knit dress: Bardot
Vintage multi-color plaid kimono jacket: Thrifted
Ribbon medal brooch: Bazaar
Red satin rosette headband: Singapore
Gray tights: Random
Tan laced-up boots: Nine West
Bag: Miu Miu

Rawrrrr Jing is posting up real-time pictures on Facebook via Iphone! TAUNTING ME!!

I have to fly myself there in June, I don't care!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I've got it.

** More items added!
**New updates at Boudoir-Boudoir! :)

Recently, I seemed to have forgotten, or rather, not want to dress the way I used to.

But with that, it seems that I don't know how to dress anymore. And that's quite scary to me.

But you know what?

Vintage black lace blazer with lapel collar and flared hem: Thrifted
Black bodycon skirt (worn underneath): Valleygirl
Mustard yellow knitted beanie: Forever 21
Black elephant brooch: Thrifted in Melbourne
Pearl layered bracelet: Diva
Triple ankle-strapped vintage-esque pumps: Zu, Australia
White tote with gold studs: Gucci

I think I found my mojo again. :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sin city.

Aah, tonight is one of the slower nights I have had in awhile! Finished work about 7pm, one of my shortest workday in the past 2 months, I think... Emailed some work home so that I can work on it on my personal laptop, and off I went. I had my gym stuff packed neatly in my bag, but halfway on the train, I decided that burning off calories could wait, it's been sometime since I have the entire night ahead of me for my bidding.


Am really happy because I have been aching for a massage for the longest time, and last weekend I found a promotion voucher in one of my magazines for a body massage/treatment-- I called today to make a reservation, and voila, they have space for me this Saturday! $28, when the treatment usually cost $160, SCOREEE! :P

Haih, actually the main reason why I have been putting off getting a massage is 'cause I am supposed to be heading down to Bangkok this weekend! But due to all the riots and travel alerts, my dad is pulling the reins and suggested we postpone the trip instead. So bye bye, cheap massage fix. And more depressingly, BYE BYE CHEAP SHOPPING! T____T

Not to mention, I am missing out on a trip to Hokaido coming April because of my stupid peak period. Arghhh. If I could get a dollar for every trip that I missed out on 'cause of work.... *trails off* I am only hoping that Hong Kong will work out in July. It better.


Some Macau pictures:

Metallic gold shimmer sweater: Temt, Australia
Black tiered skirt with gold buttons: Singapore
Army green polka dot silk scarf: Mom's
Sheer floral stockings: Topshop
Tan laced-up boots: Nine West
Bag: Miu Miu

Macau, a Sin City in its own right.


If I go back, I am going to make sure I gamble. ;)