Saturday, March 13, 2010


White cropped top: Bangkok
Painted floral skirt: Tangs
Straw hat: Topshop
Gold knot necklace: Forever New, Australia
Silver chains: Bangkok
Oversized pearl ring: Topshop
Brown studded heels: Jing's

Obviously this outfit is from sometime ago; I had curls then.


#1 As mentioned sometime ago, my aesthetic has changed somewhat recently. And now I am beating myself up for not buying this pair of gorgeous Chloe platform heels I saw in On Pedder in Macau!! For 60% (or is it 70%) off!! *smacks head*

#2 Is it dorky if I tell you that I am so in love with my hair now! I have never realised that I dislike my curls that much till I had my straight hair back. It's just such pure pleasure to have easy, manageable hair. I literally smile to myself when I run my fingers through my hair (something I was not allowed to do when I had curls).

#3 Speaking of dorky, did you know dork means penis WTF.

My colleague and I were talking crap yesterday usual, and we started thinking about which one would we rather be: a geek, a nerd, or a dork. I then told him it's best for guys to be slightly dorky, 'cause some girls fall for that.. We started debating over the true defition of 'dork', 'cause my definition of a dork is someone who is slightly socially inept, and he thinks a dork is just an ultra nerd. To end our argument, he whipped out his handphone on the spot and started googling the definition of 'dork', and that's when we found out it refers to the male genitalia. T__________T

Brings a whole new spin to it when I say I like dorky guys FML.

#4 Hot & spicy mcshaker fries are EVILLLLL

#5 I was having drinks with my colleagues yesterday, and a few of them (all guys) swore to me that I am a guy. -_____- 'Cause I know guys damn well and think like one. -___________-

One of them told me, "Omg, you think like a bloke!" FML

Honestly, I don't think it's a good thing that I can be one of the guys. But I can't help it, I am just very open and forthcoming! I honestly can't take simpering, whimpering girls who gasp when you say the word PENIS. I mean, c'on.

#6 That said, I still enjoy my girlie outings! In fact, I am going for high tea and shopping tomorrow. *love*


I found a picture in one of my older picture folders. :)

I was joking to Jing and Teeny to get me this Miu Miu namecard holder that I was eyeing, and whilst queueing up to get into Sushi Zanmai, they told me they will get me this instead:

(that's Teeny's hand btw)


Can you tell I miss my sisters very much.


mustardqueen said...


I cannot stand guys/girls who're very po po ma ma also!!! RAWRRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

Miu Miu namecard holder?
the one with a super cute bow??? *bigweteyes*


Vivien said...

DID YOU SEE MIU MIU S/S 2010 OMFG GORGEOUS :D hahaha the skirt you're wearing kind of reminds me of it! at first look, the green print looks like a swallow :)

#3 T_____T everyday i call myself a dork fml

And the Miu Miu name card holder will match your Miu Miu bag! ;D

Anonymous said...

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xiang yun said...

I also dislike girls who widen their eyes at the mention of sex/penis/vagina!!! Can't stand them at all. Guys call me their 'brother' and 'one of the dudes' all the time.. don't know to be happy or sad LOL