Sunday, March 07, 2010

My fortune cookie says...


Brought my grandparents for a nice dimsum lunch at Bangsar.

Grandma's fortune asked her to try everything, else she would have regrets. Grandpa told her: "See! Next time you must do more work! Everything also must do! If not you will have regrets" Hahahaha male chauvinism.

I told grandma to choose some dishes. She put on her glasses and started exclaiming at the prices. "So expensive! So expensive!" And she refused to order anything despite me reassuring her that I was paying.

With Jing, Teeny and I gone, I think my grandparents are quite lonely, and the thought saddens me to no end. They are old-fashioned and conservative, and will never admit that they love us, or that they miss us; but I know they do.

Candid sexy picture of Teeny sucking on a honey stick. ;)


White lapel dress shirt: Duke & Duchess
Champagne colored satin skirt with ship print: Bangkok
Gold chain with pearl-encrusted horseshoe: Accessorize
Nude T-bars: Aldo
Bag: Miu Miu

I am going to Bangkok soon, and I am not telling when! ;)


mustardqueen said...

EH UR SHIRT!! Very bou louwtf hahaha and boo makeup melted T_T

Ann said...

Hey. Ting's hbag is so nicee. May i knw whre she buy it from? thanks.

Btw,u look like ure losing weight? :( hope all is good! xx

Sue Lin said...

Great to hear u are headed to Bangkok again! Makes me feel assured about booking a trip there!

Its not for work purposes right?

mizzvickz said...

why so secretive about bkk wans? lol

Anonymous said...

grandma 'sum tong' to spend ur $ la.

wanted to say the same thing abt the bag ... same as the one in the pic of the 'cockiest face ever' ? wanted to ask where she got the bag then already.

xiang yun said...

Don't know if it's the lighting or what, but your face looks so small in the last picture!! Losing weight much?

xiang yun said...
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revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Why boulou!!!

ann: She got it from macau.. or is it taiwan.. It was agess ago! But YAAA I super love that bag too!! Nicer than a lot of designer bags. T__T

And nooo I put on weight again! :'(

sue lin: Loads of people go to BKK, don't think you need me as assurance!

vic: Haha come ask me personally!

anonymous: I KNOWW!! And I kept on reassuring her that it's ok, I just want to treat her to a nice meal, haih. Refer to response above for the bag! :)

xiangyun: It's my bangs, they are getting long! I am putting on weight 'cause of those damn mcshaker wtf!