Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid think with the heart.

I am in a tremendously good mood 'cause I have a long weekend ahead of me! :D (we get Good Fridays off in Singapore)

That's like the only holiday that Singapore trumps Malaysia. -_- On average, Malaysians get about 15 days of public holidays in a year, whereas Singaporeans get only 9! Blasphemy!

Happy sigh. Although it's coming to almost 2 years, going home still ignites this flicker of excitement and happiness in me, especially when it comes to the night before I go home. :P


I can't wait to go home and trim my bangs! My colleague calls me shaggy dog now wtf.

I have been tilting my head upwards in order to peer through my fringe to see clearly, while resisting the urge to part my bangs like a curtain wtf.

One alternative would be to pin up my bangs ala Hui Wen circa 2004
But let's not go there:

HAHAHAHHAHAHA Jing is going to kill me for posting up this picture! And LOOK AT HOW FAT MY BROTHER WAS HAHAHAHA!


Random pictures from one day in KL:

Silver leopard print dress with strong shoulders: Online
Silver pendant layered necklace: Forever 21
Gray laced-up pumps: Topshop
Bag: Prada

My beloved.

How can her legs look sooo much longer than mine even when I had high heels on! T__T

Happy 'candids'. ;)

Mommy, I can balance!

Teeny told us the camera is on us, and this was how we posed simultaneously (without planning)! :P

Real candids. :P


An interrupted intimate moment.

Don't ask.

Supposed to show off Teeny's pretty Alannah Hill headband, but I think Teeny looks much cuter! :P

OK, I gotta go pack. I promise more outfit pictures! :D


Anonymous said...

yay! :)


Nazi? said...

Yayy! Love it when you blog about the sisters. Hehe.

xiang yun said...

Sisterly love. I feel happy when I look at those pictures =] You must miss them so, huh?

nana said...

hey babe, i'm in spore nw. Opening a new store for italiannies. We have pork here, yum! Wanna come for the mock service? We just ended our training session with the new employees, the day after tmr. Its in somerset. :)

Anonymous said...

I cannntt differentiatee u and ur sis neemmoreee hahaha -yee-

Jing said...

OMG I WAS WONDERING WHICH FRIEND OF URS IS THAT! T_T Then i read and found out it's me FMLLLLL! T____T

I miss u love, see u in June! <3

P/s: Friendship bracelets! :D

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Haha, to what!


nazihah: BOOOO I don't have much supply (of pics) of us left! My solution is to fly myself to aussie! :P

xiang yun: Yes I do! Desperately sorely deeply!

nana: You are staying in sg? :))) MMMM PORKKKK! What's mock service?? YESSS I would be glad to!! I am currently back in KL for the weekend though! Let me know the details k! :)

anonymous: Hahaha WHYYYYY!!!

jing: HAHAHAHHAH I was quite shocked to see that picture of you too HAHAHHA! Mom just asked me whether I am going to aus in June, and I gave her a hisfty-eyed look! :P Mmm friendship bracelets yesss! <3

Joshua said...


Jing: FYL kawan, seriously. That "Dark Ages" photo can only be trumped by Bak's National Service outfit shot. Hahahhahahahahaha

*pats, you've come a long way

simonso said...

Good Fridays an offday? Eyorr unfair!

Adryna said...

it's been a long time i havent commented on your blog. i love your post this time. it is so you ;)i mean not this post before you were not yourself but this time i could get enough of you:) love love! i love your hair ;)

Anonymous said...

hehehe. we have good friday holidays too .. in sabah .. ;)

revel in me said...

joshua: HAHHAHA GUESS WHAT I have even worse pictures of her!!! But I think she will severe all blood ties with me if I show anyone HAHHAHAHA

simonso: You guys have wayyyy more holidays k! T_T

adryna: Haha, well, what can I say, welcome back hui wen! :P

anonymous: *high five* :D