Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Macao photolog.

We didn't take many pictures in Zhuhai, as we were basically eating and shopping every moment, and that doesn't make for very scenic or photogenic pictures. Unless you are interested in pictures like that wtf:

However, we did end up taking very very lovely pictures at the ruins of the St. Paul in Macao! We took tonnes, but I am just going to post up some of my favorite ones:

We also had the famous steamed milk in Macao:

God, I love my sisters, they are so cute. :D

Jumping shots! As you can see, I am a much better jumper than Jing. :P I credit it to the fact that I actually took of my shoes in order to leap and not fall down the stairs and break my neck gracefully. ;)

At Venetian:

Gorgeous place, but unfortunately I didn't get to stay there 'cause my mom thought she has booked a room when she hasn't (and only remembered 3 days before our trip, which by then the hotel was fully booked T_T)
(Note: My family has stayed in Venetian the last time they went without me. *sniff*)

The pictures are really tiny, so feel free to click on them to view clearly! :)


Gray turtleneck: Zara
Gray knitted cap with scalloped hem: Forever 21
Electric blue and gray color block bodycon skirt: Thrifted
Gray tights: Random
Black and cream oxford heels: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu