Saturday, April 10, 2010

Melbourne 2009: Day 7

Backlogged pictures from Melbourne. Don't say I didn't warn you, there's plenty of them. But no one ever complains about pictures overload so let's get down to business! :P

Sometimes it amazes me that I actually do still remember (sorta) the things that we did (and when we did them) during the trip! Of course, looking through the pictures we took helped jogged my memory. ;) And this is why I insist on blogging about it! It's my little travel log to help me remember the happy times. :)

And admit it, you all like my travelling pictures right! /beg

Waiting for the train super duper early on a Sunday morning.

Which could only mean one thing-- Camberwell market!

Breakfast at Brunetti's. Here is Jing getting dazed by the array of choices. ;)

Those present at breakfast:

1. Me.

With tousled hair 'cause we ran in the rain.

Yes, it fucking rained halfway whilst we were browsing in Camberwell. POTONG STIM! I was super emo k, 'cause Camberwell was supposed to be one of the highlights of Melbourne. T_T

2. Jing.

Who wore too little for the cold rainy morning, and ended up in one of the jackets that I thrifted for 5AUD. (not the leather jacket she is wearing here la, she refused to be photographed wearing the thrifted jacket fml)

3. My bag of thrifted buys wtf.

4. Joshua. Who is represented by his chocolate pavlova thingy. :P

This... is not a breakfast for the 3 of us. It is solely what Jing consumed. -________-

I only had 2 items compared to Jing!! One nutella cookie and a tiny cube of Opera.

Me being a miser and calculating monies with Joshua til the last cent, hahaha.

Our sugar (and calorie)-laden breakfast. :P

You can see my thrifted jacket peeking out under Jing's leather jacket, hahaha. And YES I know, it's damn unglam to carry around our plastic bags (filled with Camberwell loot!) around in the city. T_T

A dash of color in the dreary cold morning.

Love. :)

Joshua pretending to be a cute baby HAHA.

I love my Cleopatra-inspired necklace. ;)

Saw the cutest kid ever ever everrrrr!! With matching duckie rain boots and rain coat. My maternal instincts were raging when I saw him. Love at first sight. *heart*

Happy street shots.

We saw this and wanted to get for Teeny WTF. She was in such a bad mood for the most of out trip. T_T Why ar, Jing and I so cute. T__T

Met up with Jac. As you can see, I bring out the best in her, hahaha.

The giant wallet.

There is a meaning behind this....

Because right after that we went to Crown Casino WTF.
Jing in (gambling) action.

Jing with an utterly crazed gambler look in her eyes, hahaha.

Obviously this serene shot was taken before Jing stepped into the casino. :P

After that we camwhored right next to the Yarra river.

It was actually freezing cold, not that it stopped us. ;)

I look pint-sized here.

Spot the heart!

Bright lights not as bright as our smiles. :)



Because I love you more than anything.

And we ended our day with the perfect note:

Hot tom yam soup to warm our stomachs, to match with our warmed hearts. :)

My colorful outfit:

Blue and white striped one-shouldered long sleeved dress (worn as top): Topshop
Handpainted floral satin bubble skirt: Thrifted (Singapore)
Nude and navy knitted sweater (layered inside): Miss Selfridge
White ribbed stockings: Teeny's
Electric blue trench coat: Thrifted (Singapore)
Cleopatra-inspired beaded necklace: Thrifted (KL)
Tan maryjanes: River Island
Bag: Miu Miu


there is a reason why I am posting these Melbourne pictures.

'Cause I have something to announce.




:D :D :D :D :D :D

It'll be in end-June, and so far everyone has given me the green light! Dad's ok with me going (I'll need to borrow his credit card to book the flight), I managed to get 2 weeks of leave approved although I will actually be plotted on a job, Jing and Teeny's schedules coincide with the same period, so everything's looking really good! :)

I have not bought my plane tickets yet, but I would say it's about 90% confirmed? AAHHH fingers crossed. :))))


Anonymous said...

yes you are right!!!!!
i encourage more picture postsssss!!!!!
happy happy happy that you are going to melbourne!!!!!!!
can't wait!!!!!
happy holidaysssssssss!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to go melb too! i cant wait to move back !!!


Lisa! said...

You'll have a fantastic time!

Melmo Momoko said...

fingers crossed for you :)

i love all these pictures seem like so much fun! i love your skirt. I'd love to wear white tights as well but it looks so stupid on me :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hhahahahha I am very excited too! Can't wait to book the tix to lock in the deal. <3

siaolee: You are back in KL now? :)

lisa: Damn right I will! :D :D :D

melmo: I personally feel that I looked like an oversized kid in my white tights too!! :P Thanks dearrr! :)

jeanchristie said...

Ooh, awesome! Do let me know when you're here! ;D

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

OMG O_o Jing eats A LOT! I was so shocked that she actually ate so much! LOL.

YAY FOR U, take more nice pictures like these ones alright? :)

Jing said...


Siewkwan: Yikes, that's not even half of what i normally eat, maybe that's why i'm fat FMLLLLL!!! T______T

Sue Lin said...

I expected more pix thn tht!

Go get ur tix to Melb!! =D
FB or msn me if u wanna meet up whn ur here

xiang yun said...

Really enjoyed your Melbourne entries! =]] Food/shopping/clothes/happiness = <3 hehehe

amanda said...

hellooo huiwen! i'm ur blog's reader from melbourne!saw a lot of familiar places =) but haven't been to camberwell market yet will definitely go there one day!!

if you don't mind can i ask you a question ? ^^ have been 'stalking' ur blog for quite some time and know that u're currently working in singapore now.. i'm studying accounting currently and will be graduating soon!but i'm so lost now because i don't know where should i work after i malaysia? or maybe singapore.. May i know how did you manage to get a job in the accounting firm in singapore because I heard from friends that they only accept singaporean PR/residents,.... will be so touched if you can help me with thissss THANK YOU~~~~

Joshua said...

I look super bad in all those pics T.T

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Jing, u are not fat at all!! That's why I'm so shock to know that u actually eat so much and stay in shape! :)

Anonymous said...

yups, working in kl.. am thinking of going back soon. pr expiring. cant wait to quit my current job! missing autumn badly already


yiqin; said...

Lucky. I need a getaway too.

jeanchristie said...

amanda: u can apply directly to the SG firms, because they DO take overseas grads (just that they give first preference to local grads for the initial intakes). Be prepared to work your ass off! :p It's good exposure, but too much of a good thing can be bad too!

revel in me said...

jean: Okies!

siewkwan: Actually that is not a lot for us, HAHA! I will!! Can't wait to play with my new camera! <3

jing: I wanna book tix now now now! :D

sue lin: Obviously I have more pictures than that, but it would be silly to post up all hundreds of them, wouldn't it? You in melb now?

xiang yun: AGREED! = bliss <3

amanda: Actually sg firms do accept m'sians! Just that during the economic recession, they cut down on taking in international students, and took in more locals. Hmm, do you wanna drop me an email? :) If you are confused about where to go after you graduate, maybe I could share with you why I chose this route, and whether or not it's a route you want to take. :)

joshua: You don't! As usual, your outfit was kick-ass!

siaolee: OWHHH!! WIll you be back in melb in june then? Hehe

yiqin: I need getawaySSS! :P