Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I am getting increasingly frustrated with my eyeliner! I lost my trusty MAC liquid eyeliner when I was back in KL for the weekend, and have to rely on my gel eyeliner (also MAC) now. It melts so easily! By noon the eyeliner on one my eyes are almost entirely gone ('cause one eyelid is smaller than the either, and I guess that makes it easier to rub off??), and they leave dark rings under my eyes-- which makes me look tired and haggard. In fact, my colleague asked me just now whether I am feeling unwell 'cause apparently I looked unwell. FML.

I want to pop by at MAC in Orchard to grab a new tube of eyeliner, but unfortunately I have been (and will be) working late. Booo. Guess I have to endure the panda eyes at least till the weekend.

Oh wait, I have to work the weekends too. T__T

Outfit picture from Saturday brunch with mom!

Black polka dot chiffon long-sleeved top: Random
Faded denim high-waisted flare skirt with gold buttons: Cotton On
Black enamel bangle with pearls: Singapore
Black fur mouse flats: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu

Found the top in a pile of clothes that my mom wanted to throw away! I have since saved the top and plan to wear it for work later on. :P

And me loves the mousey flats! Forgot to take a picture of the back of the shoes, it comes with a furry round tail, HEHEHE.


I did something well at work today! And impressed my senior. ;)

Feeling a little glowy now. :P


Joshua said...

I wannnnnt to seeee the tailllll :D

sue said...

OMG, what a coincidence! I was just about to leave a comment asking you what kinda eyeliner you use!

Is the mac gel eyeliner the fluidlin range? A lot of reviews raved that it doesn't smudge but I was disappointed. There's no problem in the cold but when it's hot, whoa. It doesn't smudge as much and as fast but at the end of the day, like you said, it leaves dark circles under the eyes.

So just to reconfirm, the mac liquid eyeliner doesn't smudge at all huh?

Hopefully you get the eyeliner soon, I absolutely understand how you feel.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I agree with u painfully. It's just a waste of money I reckon, because I've bought it for 2-3 years now, but I barely finished half of it, because it smudges SO EASILY, it's annoying! Yes, it makes me look tired and all!!

But how is the MAC liquid eyeliner? It doesn't smudge at all, after a long day? Do a review on it plsss. :)

And yes I wanna see the tail too!!

Anonymous said...

oh no!!! how oh how to get your eyeliner??? work work work!!!!

Well Done!!!
Thumbs Up!!!
happy happy happyyyyy!!!!
love the picssssssssssss!!!!
more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Grace said...

ya the fluidline gel line sucks!!!! it promises to be long lasting and smudge-free and i was ter-tipu!!!! it couldn't even last me for an hour FTS.

You can try etude house eyeliner. It's pretty good and it's smudge free!

Sue Lin said...

Congrats on impressing the senior! =)

xiang yun said...

Kate liquid liner is awesome. And cheaper too =D anyways, love your skirt and the polka dot top.. reminds me of the Topshop one.. I'm sure you know which one right? =]

revel in me said...

joshua: Haha, imagine a round bunny tail! :P

sue: YES it's the fluidline one! I use to use it in melbourne and I guess 'cause the weather there is not humd, I never really had a problem. But whoa in m'sia/sg, it melts so quickly! :/ I used the non-waterproof one, accidentally got it when I actually intended to get the waterproof one. Ting has the waterproof one and according to her, it doesn't smudge nor budge for 3 days! -_- I have tried it before and it still slightly smudges for me, but just oh so slightly. The non-waterproof one (which I was previously using i.e. the one I lost) is a lot easier to wash off, but obviously it smudges a little too (nothing compared to the gel eyeliner though!!), but still 'cause it's in a tube form it's easy to touch up during the day! :)

Whoaaaa I ranted so much on eyeliner. :P

siewkwan: Ya la and it's annoying 'cause it's really hard to touch up and the shadows are also... waterproof and budge-proof?? So you're sort of stuck with the dark shadows. -_- Haha, good idea, maybe I will! Planning to buy it tomorrow! :)

anonymous: Haha you are even more excitable than me! :P

the second hippie: YAA I have always used it (the gel eyeliner) in melb and never really had any problems with it, until I am back in KL. -___- Really shit man. -__-
Thanks for the tip dear! :)

sue lin: *sweeps lint off my shoulder* ;)

xiang yun: Actually quite a few people have raved to me about kate eyeliner before! Tempted to try now. :P And haha which polka dot topshop top!!! :D

yoyo said...

the same mousey flats is available in singapore! i jus bot a pair (available in beige, grey and purple; no black tho) from chinatown!

sue said...

Okay just realised there are two types of liquid eyeliners in the MAC range.

Liquidlast Liner and Liquid Eye Liner.

Which one doesn't smudge in the humidity that is Malaysia?

Haha you say you rant much on eyeliner but I say it's essential! The pain girls go through just to find the holy grail of eyeliners suitable in every weather knows no end! Believe me you are doing the public a favour. :)

mustardqueen said...

liquidlast liner ftw!!! It doesn't smudge or melt unless ur eyes spills oil like mine wtf just prime ur eyes with skin coloured eyeshadow and it will last u for DAYS and I'm serious =P swimming also no problem hahahahaa this is like my 4th tube already =P