Saturday, April 17, 2010

My fair lady.

OMGGGGGGGGGG I am finally online! And idle. *breathes in deeply the air of freedom*

I have been working nonstop for the past week!! Literally. -_- Consecutive 4-5am nights for the past 2 days. 1am nights from Monday-Wednesday. And I worked today (Saturday) as well. FML. The reason why I say nonstop is 'cause I even work while I eat-- we usually just buy takeaway and eat at our desks. -________- So everynight I just remember toppling onto my bed, and the next thing I know it's time to wake up again. To work. -________-

AAHHHH I have so much to rant but I can't talk about work so I will just keep it bottled up wtf.

Anyway, below is a post I wrote last Sunday, but I saved it as a draft instead of posting it! -_- And I didn't find out 'cause I haven't been online for the past week. So, erm, enjoy, heh.


About 2 months ago, Teeny and I were chatting about things we would like to get a tailor to make for us... And we both agreed that a sheer silk hoodie in a pastel shade (nude for her, pale pink for me) would be oh so breathtaking.

Guess what did I get yesterday. ;)

Sheer silky barely pink goodness... Very sporty girlie chic, very Stella McCartney. :) I think it will go very well with all the Spring-inspired goodies I have gotten lately! I just adore Spring collections, I feel my heart beating a little quicker everytime I see all the florals, pastels, silky fabrics, open-toed shoes... Mmm. In fact, like I mentioned in my previous post, I really can't resist anything in pale pink! In my own words to Jing on MSN:

anything pale pink then my heart goes bippity bop then ka ching next thing i know i am paying fml


While my heart stopped a beat when I see pretty pastel-colored things, yesterday my heart stopped for an altogether reason. T_T I opened my professional exam notification letter and found out that my exam is 3 days earlier than what I originally thought! 3 days might sound like it won't make much of a difference, but as I will be so busy for the next few weeks, the only time when I'll get to study for the exam is during my study leave. I actually took one week off to study for it, but since the exam is earlier than expected, I officially only have 4 days to study for it. Panic attack omg. -__-

The only silver lining in this whole situation is that I can then cut short my leave, and save more of my leave for holidays. *thinks of the bright side thinks of the bright side*

Nude bias hem lace top: Times Square
Navy cropped pants: G2000 blu
Interweave rope necklace with gold baubles: Diva
Black fabric tie-knot clogs: Zara


Some of you have commented that my skin has improved. :)

Well, as an update, though quite a number of you have advised against taking the medication, I have gone ahead with it, and no regrets. It has has worked well for me; in fact, I have stopped breaking out since about 2 months ago. :) The acne attack has left marks on my face though, but I guess it takes time for it to fade. At the very minimum, I won't be trying anything funky (microdermasion, laser treatments or whatnots) to lighten my marks in the near future-- goodness knows whether my skin has really stabilised!

I am putting all my hope in this though:

The entire Shishedo White Luscent range! The ultimate 'weapon' lies in the serum, which comes with the tagline 'the most powerful whitening serum ever'. Teeny is using the range, and has commented that her skin looks brighter and more radiant since then, though she doesn't use the serum as her skin is still too young for it. Anyway, at RM410 a pop, the serum better work. T_T Thanks to my mom though, who sponsored the entire range for me. I think she feels guilty 'cause she has this notion that it's my dad's genes (he has acne-prone skin) which caused me to break out. :P

Will keep you girls updated on the products! <3


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! happy that your skin has improved!!!
pity you working non stop!!!!
nvm nvm work hard and play even harder!!! WOOHOO!!! hahaha

Joce said...

im using the same range! the night cream is abit oily but the rest is good :D

mustardqueen said...

OOH PLEASE ASK MOM TO SEND ME THE ENTIRE RANGE (serum optional but better if she send it wtf) I WANT!!! Can u actually send facial products overseas cause mine running out =( And i think it'll cost a lot to buy here boooooo =( GAH show me the hoodie I wanna seeee!!!! *runs off to buy real Stella's wtf*

KITMEY said...

hope it works!! let me know!

revel in me said...

anonymous: At the moment I don't have the energy to play hard, haha!

joce: I didn't get the night cream! How long have you been using it? :)

mustardqueen: No liquids allowed, sorry! :P Aussie got sell ar?

allison: Fingers crossed! And I FILED MY TAX! :P

mustardqueen said...

GOT but chat expensive lor the exchange rate fucked up la -_- they sell e things at 2.0 wtf but real urrency exchange is actually 2.9/3.0 wtf

yiqin; said...

I love your top :)

KITMEY said...

wahh good job. so i see you found your green letter and just in time too! :)

Felice said...

Lovely lace top you've got! Keep those updates coming in dear, I've always enjoyed reading them. :)

jess said...

hey can i know what medication are u taking??
Thank you

xiang yun said...

no wonder I saw this post in my blogger roll but when I come to your blog, the post was nowhere to be seen LOL anyway, this outfit rocks! So spring-resort-look-ish =]

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Wouldn't that make it cheaper? *confused*

yiqin: Thanks dear! Got it at a steal! :)

allison: YAA luckily! Scared me shitless man.

felice: Thanks dear! I will! *solemn oath* ;)

jess: I was on roacutane!

xiang yun: It was mighty comfortable for sure! Thanks dear! <3