Thursday, April 29, 2010

No one is going to burst my bubble!

I am enclosed in a happy bubble now. :)

Had an interim appraisal session with my performance manager just now, and I left the table (we had tea and iced milo for the discussion) beaming, and slightly shocked.

'Well done' were some of the words which reverberated in my ears after the hour-long chat. So was the brisk clap of hands which she awarded me.

I have never really thought of myself as a career woman per say, I am always more of the type to work smart rather than work hard (blindly).

But looks like it's time for a pat on my shoulders. :D


I will be going back for a week tomorrow!

As daunting as the idea of super-cramming for 4 days for my exams is, it doesn't change the fact that I really, really need a break. I have been working really hard for the past few weeks, and I am just looking forward to kick off my shoes and be little Miss Hoe, and to be taken care by my family. Just chilling and not worrying about unfinished work or annoyed clients, and sleeping late is cause of partying and not overtime.

The idea of being home alone (technically) scares me a little of course, 'cause it'll be a week without my sisters and no boyfriend... I was so loser I even wanted to cut my break short. -_- But y'know what, fuck that shit, I am going home to enjoy myself, and that's that. Friends in KL, please make time to meet up with me! :P

Some pictures of a drama-filled night!!

Pretty Grace, who reminds me so much of Lin Ching Hsia, one of the most renowned classic beauties in the Hong Kong film industry. *click for picture of Lin Ching Hsia*

Kwek, diving wtf.

Grace again!

Alison, with her new lomo camera.



Victor! And oh no I forgot her name. :(

All types of alcohol.

Stout drinker! Not.

So cute. :)

The lucky woman who is currently in London! JEALOUS.

More alcohol.

No eyes! :P


Same type of bangs. ;)

Twas was the night that I had the lethal combination of smoked salmon and alcohol. If you didn't know, somehow whenever I have smoked salmon + alcohol, I get really ill-- *click* and *click* for past experiences. T_T

Twas the night I fainted right outside Vintry. Woke up and found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor, gently propped up by Victor, and giggling away while exclaiming "This is so embarrassing! This is so embarrasssing!" Delirious wtf. -_-

Ended up with some minor cuts/bruises on my legs, a left cheek which hurts, and a more severe problem-- a bruised ego wtf.


fourfeetnine said...

me me me! seriously let's do something this weekend :)

choco said...

aww, you have straight hair + bangs now! very cute.

Anonymous said...

You're looking good! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey beb,

Keeping up to good looks! :)

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: YESSS I was actually planning to text you tomorrow! <333

choco: Heh, it's been 4 months already! *shy* Thanks! :D

anonymous: Heeee thank you! :)

anonymous: Haha don't flatter me! <3

mustardqueen said...

omg has it been that long?? Sorrry i'm so used to waiting in salons i dunno time passes so fast wtf -_-

ally said...

is back from London!!! <3

and why you never put the part where u were giggling even when you fainted wtf

sher said...

Hi,i have been reading your blog quite a while, knew that you are a auditor in spore right? i am just wondering what degree you did? do you have any colleagues have a degree in mathematic/statistic ?
hope to hear from you. thanks

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha let's teman each other to do hair when you are back. <3 All 3 of us. <3

ally: I got put! I only remembered the giggling part fml!

sher: Hey, I have a double degree in commerce and business systems.. Don't really know anyone with a math/stats degree, but I do know that you don't need an accounting qualification to do audit. I know of engineers who are auditing now! :)