Saturday, April 03, 2010


Current craving:

My beloved 'siew yuk' in KL! Arghhh need some fatty pork in my tummy right now, right now.


Since I am on the topic of cravings, let me talk about my current obsessions:

1. White shirts
Maybe it's the whole 'I think I am growing up' phase I am going through now, but I just can't get over how versatile and useful a white shirt is! Whether it is throwing over a pair of jeans, my ripped shorts, a full skirt etc., it's easy to create a look that's effortlessly sharp. Which is why recently I have acquired white shirts of many varieties: lapels, pussy bow, wrap-around, bow-collared (DAMN CUTE), mandarin-collared...

This will top my list in terms of recent obsessions. I am just utterly head over heels in love with this color now! Recent additions: dust pink silk tank from Singapore, dust pink rosette bag from Topshop, dust pink silk shirt from Zara, dust pink set of bangles from Diva, dust pink silk corsage (Diva as well), dust pink layered silk skirt (Topshop), and even dust pink nails!! Hehe.

3. Silk/ satin
Please refer to list of buys above. I just love how luxurious the fabric feels! :)

4. Clogs
Yes yes it's making a comeback whether you like it or not. I am not crazy over those heavy chunky platforms type, but I do like the lightweight (fabric-ties and/or light colors) ones, 'cause they go so well with the Spring/Summer craze now. Recent purchases include one from Zara and one from Steve Madden. ;)

I think that's about it! Four obsessions aren't a lot right. *shifty eyes*


Managed to dig an (old) outfit which features some of my current obsessions!

Dust pink satin top with embroidered cut-out hem: Bysi
Cream chiffon ruffled skirt: Cotton On
Beaded pale pink headband: Alannah Hill
Pearl and gold chain layers: Diva
Nude patent pumps with wooden wedge: Space, Singapore

Looks like my obsession has begun some time ago, hehe!


Vivien said...

The top is damn cute! <3
Hehehe looking cuties yourself! ;)

lisa said...

i like your dress..
glad u are have found ur mojo

lisa said...

i mean glad u have found ur mojo...

xiang yun said...

You look sooo tiny in the last picture!! Love the skirt.. macam cake! =]

nana said...

hey babe. Text me when you get this k? We can arrange when you're coming for the mock service. It means we're open only for reservation, but still on training mode . Officially opening on 10 april. My # 84588244 text me if u wanna come ok? Either 2 pax or 4 pax slot. I think we have alot of empty slots on coming wed. Only will be until wed. Let me know k? Looking forwar to meet you! In somerset tripleone ya?

revel in me said...

vivien: Heee thanks! It's actually one of my work tops! :P

anonymous: It's behind times square! I can't remember the exact location though! T_T

lisa: it's a top + skirt combo! I am glad I found it too. :)

xiang yun: Haha sounds so delicious! And ahhhhh I don't want to look tiny! T_T

nana: Haha does mock service means free WTF! I will text you if I can come k! :)

nana said...

sure! Hope you can tho! Yeah free. Haha. We've got many selections.

Lolalo said...

Ohhh I have the same Alannah Hill hairband but the flower came off :( nice to see an alive one here

revel in me said...

nana: I am excited already! :) Text you later to confirm. :)

hikari: Funny you should mention it, 'cause the floral applique of mine has fell off toooo!! T_________T

Anonymous said...