Monday, April 05, 2010

Point and shoot.

Driving in KL on a Friday afternoon is a horrifying experience!

But it was a necessary endurance 'cause I need to get my bangs snippety-snipped. :P

Hahaha, looks like those before and after ads, whereby the model in the 'before' picture always look very forlorn and lost, whereas said person will be all beaming and ready to take on the world in the 'after picture. :P

Before and After wtf.

Anyway, outfit pictures! Jing complained that there are not enough (current) outfit pictures and hence she doesn't get what do I mean when I say I dress differently nowadays. -_-

White silk tank with cowl-back: Topshop
Nude tiger striped shorts: Guess

Gold knot necklace: Forever New, Australia
Black fabric tie-knot clogs: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu


And an early birthday present from daddy Hoe!

He whipped it out of his pocket and pointed at me like he was about to shoot me. -________-
But it was a good surprise! <3

I was actually toying with the idea of a DSLR/ digital camera (which is more compact in size), but hey who am I to complain, I doubt I can find a DSLR camera which is prettier than this! ;)

What can I say, expect better pictures to come on this space! :P


xiang yun said...

Your dad damn joker!! HAHAHA somemore the picture like lala pose.. so cute!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Ur skin is so nice now, what did you do???

Joce said...

love ur zara clogs! how much did u get them for? n i agree with siewkwan, ur skin looks great now!

Anonymous said...

looking gorgeoussssss!!!!
please point and shoot moreeeee!!!!
miss those entriesssssss!!!!!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: hahaha ya he quite act cute wan! Dunno whether to be proud or not wtf! :P

siewkwan: It's roaccutanne working its wonders I guess! Will do a post on it soon.:) I still have some marks left, but am working on it! WISH ME LUCK! :)

joce: Got it for about rm200, which I figured it's as cheap as zara shoes can go! They are super comfy too! But a tad too high. Thanks loveee! But still got marks la! Thanks to concealer + good lighting la! :)

anonymous: Thanks dear! :) I am itching to try out my new camera too! <3

PVB said...

ur dad is a cute poser!

PVB said...

ur dad is a cute poser!

Sue Lin said...

Nice! So sweeet of ur dad! And i didnt know Canon started producing pink cameras. I'll probably get one when the current one dies

revel in me said...

PVB: Haha runs in the blood! :P

sue lin: It's the newest range of Ixus! :)