Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am damn emo. :(

No, it has nothing to do with my previous entry! I am damn emo 'cause I broke my bottle of Shishedo toner. T______T

Just talked about it in my recent entry.

I swear, I looked in shock at the shattered bottle on the floor for a good whole minute. I didn't even know it was made of glass!!! I mean, haven't they considered consumers like ME??? Shouldn't they manufacture toiletries in plastic bottles for klutzes like me. T_____T

It's barely used (I am only 3 weeks into it)! I reckon it could last me at least another 2 months. Now I have to fork out money to buy it. FML.

I think it would cost me RM100-over to replace it (I am crossing my fingers it's not RM200-over, 'cause that would mea a major heartache for m T_T), and I couldn't help thinking of all those things I shouldn't have bought and could instead be contributed into my 'Shishedo Toner Replacement Fund':

- Vivi magazine (SGD9)
- Famous Amos cookies (SGD9.20)
- Facial cotton (SGD4.95)
- Waffle (SGD1.60 wtf)

... I really don't spend a lot on work days! Not many corners I can cut back on. -_-

And I am on a Vivi frenzy recently! I don't even like the girlie Japanese fashion that much, I buy it just to gawk at the Vivi models.

In case you are wondering how Vivi models look like:

Makes me feel so shameful for all those times that people have commented that I look like a Japanese, 'cause god, I look nothing like that. T______________T

Anyway, speaking of saving WTF, my friend is going to Europe next month, and he offered to help me get some luxury goods since designer goods are slightly cheaper in Europe + the Euro currency is really low now. I was all ho-hum, 'cause like I said, designer goods don't move me the way they did before... until I found out I can save RM800-over for a LV wallet with a koala clasp??!!! And Chanel classic cost less than my one month's salary???!!

I mean, my bonus is coming up in July... *drums fingers on table top* :P

I might not think that the number of bags define my happiness, but it doesn't mean I will pass up a good deal when it is smacked right in front of my face wtf.

Tentatively thinking of a Chanel (most likely not, 'cause they don't have the color I want this season), and maybe a new wallet? My current wallet, which incidentally I got for my birthday last year:

.... looks absolutely disgusting now! T__T

'Cause there was one day my water bottle leaked, and I found my wallet lying in a pool of water in my bag. T__T That was the day it died (and my heart died a little too wtf). T__T

But maybe I should consider bringing it for a cleaning session at Prada before I think of replacing it. *practical* Not that I think it can be saved though, it really looks bad now. -_-

Temptations, temptations. :P


Katie ♥ said...

it's so much cheaper in Europe plus you get 10% tax back! go, spoil yourself babe.. :)

Joshua said...

OH noooo T.T

But that's the saffiano leather right? Isn't that scratch resistant and water proof?

I'm planning to get a saffiano bag towards the end of the year T.T

Xen ♥ said...

no one should ever pass up Chanel. NO ONE! wf wf hahah. were you refering to the 2.55 classic? you should def take advantage of the low exchange rate, plus they are an investment remember? your daughters and grand daughters will love you in the many years to come *thinks far into the future* HAHA

mustardqueen said...

the shiseido softener is RM120!!! But if u get 3 bottles u get one free ma =DD EH GET ONE FOR ME!! Then either i take it when im back in june or u bring here lor :D

Sue Lin said...

I used to use Shishedo cleanser. Now switched to Sense, dont feel so dry after washing

xiang yun said...

omg ask your friend to help me buy a Chanel classic! T.T WTF hahaha btw I read ViVi monthly too and came across (a few times) a model who looks just like your sister Ting (or the other way round wtf)! Serious!! =D

Anonymous said...

good, you are thinking what to buy, not whether you should buy or not. good that you have come to your senses, got me worried for awhile.

revel in me said...

katie: I am REALLLYYYYY tempted! Just need to get over the idea of parting with my hard-earned cash. :(

joshua: I dunno what leather it is!! But waterproof it is not. T_T Either that I am cursed. T__T

xen: I AGREEEEEEE. NO ONEEEEEEE!! Yep I should think of it as an investment. *shiny eyes*

mustardqueen: The offer is still on ah??? YOU IDIOT SPOIL MY PLANS. T_____T

sue lin: Never heard of the brand before.

xiang yun: Vivi lover. <333 Haha which model!!! They are all damn hot ok. T_T

anonymous: Jing is that you in disguise wtf. Haha, are you being sarcastic. Either way, I am still finding it difficult to part with my hard-earned money, boo.

jaclyn said...

buy chanel for me, thanks!
me love you long time ;)

Anonymous said...

no, not Jing in disguise.
my logic -
1. you will eventually get a chanel / prada / etc
2. europe is cheaper than sg/kl/hk
3. euro is cheaper now (may get cheaper but who knows when another friend will offer to buy from europe)
-anon aka Grumpy-

Sue Lin said...

Yup, expected, its new in Malaysia, less than 2 years. Not sure about in Spore- i cant remember

revel in me said...

jaclyn: You are so much richer than me ok, and I am the one with the full time job, fml! T_T Have you gotten yours yet? :)

grumpy anonymous: You know me too well! <333 Yesss I am considering a prada work bag now... And a chanel is a must! It is a good opportunity to get them now (with my friend going to europe + weak euro currency), but unfortunately I don't have any particular designs that I fancy now! T_T

jeanchristie said...

its okayyyyyyy!

because i know you will go to europe with your sisters and buy all you want :D

jeanchristie said...

oh btw, the shiseido any good? I've just started on Kiehl's and it seems to be good. Estee's essence is good too!

revel in me said...

jean: Wahhhh no la cannot buy everything la! And as for shishedo, so far so good! :)

erin: my sister did that to me once!! Broke a brand new bottle of CD foundation! T_T But she bought back for me, so all is good, heh. HAHAHA damn cute la you! <3