Friday, April 23, 2010

That annual thing.

A few days ago, Teeny posted an entry on her blog, wishing herself and everyone else a Happy Birthday.
It wasn't her birthday, neither was the post a birthday entry for someone special.
It was an entry to commemorate the fact that we all grow a day older (and hopefully wiser) each day, and thus, Happy birthday to each and everyone of us.

I found solace in her words, 'cause isn't it enlightening, to remind yourself that there is something worth celebrating everyday.
To wake up, and whisper to yourself, Happy Birthday, xxx. :)

Today, is a little different.

Happy birthday wouldn't quite cut it.

'Cause if adhering strictly to Teeny's piece, I should wake up today, and whisper to myself, Happy Birthyear. ;)


Anonymous said...

happy birthyear. :) ♥♥♥

Felice said...

Happy Birthday Hui Wen! :)

xiang yun said...

Happy Birthday! One year older does not mean you can't still wear all the clothes you want! =] Stay fashionable dear.

mustardqueen said...

Hmm means we'll have two wishes yea? Happy birthday for growing a year older, and Happy Birthyear for growing a year older. :) If there is a bar to measure how wise you grow to be, it'll prolly be like a metre, then slowly you'll be very wise(very old wtf) and have a long silky roll of erm, wise words wtf. :)

Yan Ping said...

Happy Birthday to my pretty sexy cousin. May you be forever 18 and a fashionista forever ! :) *kiss*

Anonymous said...

happy birthYEAR huiwen! :)


Anonymous said...

happy birthyear!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Birthyear. Agreed with u and mustardqueen, every day is worth celebrating. Have an awesome one! :)