Monday, April 19, 2010

We could be so happy.

I was washing my face today, and pumped extra make-up remover oil to wash off the dark rings my eyeliner left, and was getting really frustrated with how stubborn my make-up is.... when I remembered that I didn't wear eyeliner today.

The dark shadows under my eyes are from my lack of sleep. FML.


Jing and Teeny have been updating their Facebook with pictures from their Sydney getaway, and some of the pictures which really strike a chord in me were those of them having dim sum. Dim sum breakfasts just seem like such a familiar family get-together that my family does...

So when my parents brought us out for dim sum recently, I told them I am going to snap a lot of pictures and post them on Facebook to retaliate with Jing and Teeny, haha.

Jing and Teeny, this is for you. :P

Brother Hoe refused to take any pictures! And kept on using the reason that he was eating. And kept on stuffing his mouth full to avoid any form of picture-taking. -_-

And when I finally forced him to snap one shot with me, this is how he looked like. -_-

Eerie fact of the day, apparently when I wear glasses, I look like my brother! FML.

Grandparents. *heart*

Grandpa was admitted into the hospital the day before. :((( Some intestinal infection. The worst thing is, my parents are flying off to Hokaido. I am so stricken with worry, and wish that I could just drop work and go home. :((( Fortunately my mom's best friend will be dropping in to chekc on my grandpa, as well as fetch my grandma to the hospital to visit him. I myself will be making daily calls to check on my grandma. :((((

Posted this picture because I feel that my lips looked nice wtf.

No one to camwhore with me, unlike other dimsum outings.


Took a picture of my parents to show Jing and Teeny, and right after snapping the picture, I chastised him for sticking his toothpick out in the picture. He then corrected me and told me it's a pig intestine. T________T

When I asked him what was the reason for that, he said it's 'cause the food on the table is all polished, so he must show off the only remnant of the food we ordered. -_-

Managed to get a decent shot with Brother Hoe in the end! :)


The unglam white poking out is my Nuffnang cheque! Which reminds me, I have yet to bank it in.

Pretty necklace that Teeny left behind. :P

In the mood for spring!

Red floral chiffon cropped top with ruffled hem: Times Square
Gray high waisted tucedo shorts with corseted back: Topshop
Pearl necklace with pearl embedded bow: Macao
Red patent tri-strap maryjanes: Toshop
Studded slingbag: Gucci


mustardqueen said...

AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH at first comment mr lonely wtf lol OH MAN MAN my necklace T_______T and the rings frm accessorize correct??? :D cause it looks familiar wtf worked there for a month =P I miss dimsum too =( The only place I can go is springvale and I have no one to go with =(

PeNnY'T said...

which shop in times square to get the top?

PeNnY'T said...

which shop in times square to get the top?

Sue Lin said...

Cheque from Nuffnang? Wow nice! Congrats!

revel in me said...

mr lonely: Thanks!

mustardqueen: You purposely left the necklace behind right? Got the rings from Miss Selfridge! Confirmed cheaper than stupid accessorize lor. Boo without you all cannot order a lot of dimsum.. T_T

penny: Can't remember, dear, I was just doing some random walking before I went to do my hair!

sue lin: I don't get it. Why are you congratulating me again?

Jing said...

Is grandpa okay? T_________T

Boo i miss having dim sum at home!!! T___T I went abit teary seeing everyone in the post! *sniffs*


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

ur fingers look so slim...unlike mine haih. Anyway love ur pics, so happy!

Xiaochen said...

You lost alot of weight! Please tell me how did you do it

revel in me said...

jing: Haha especially dad's pig intestine, really damn sohai! Miss you too! *tears*

siewkwan: Haha, my piano teacher commented that before (that I have slim fingers), but I think it's just a ploy to keep me continuing my lessons (coz she tried to psycho me that slim fingers = suitable to play piano -_-)

xiao chen: I did earlier this year, but I have put back on already! T___T