Monday, May 31, 2010

In a nutshell.

8 people. A lot of bags, plentiful of junk food, and loads of alcohol.

Our own buggy which comes with our awesome villa.

A glimmer of sunray peeking out after a morning shower. The boys played soccer in the rain, but of course.

Circle of death. Nobody could stand straight after the game.

Sun and glorious weather!

Ice cold beer in the hot sun, BEST.

People watching and reading was some of the things we did.

Alcohol with everything. Here we had wine with BBQ. And chocolate sauce and strawberries + lychee and peach cocktails for desserts! ;)

The most awesome cup noodle experience I have ever had-- sun, sea, beach, beer and laughs.

Make-upless for most of the trip, a big no-no for me, but whatever.

In short, best beach trip ever! :P

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Judgement day.

Is coming this Friday, when I head to Bintan....

...And wear my bathing suit. *dark*

I am going to the beach on Friday, and I found a hue bruise on the back of my left leg-- which either looks like a ugly birthmark or a gigantic insect bite. -_-

I am going to the beach on Friday, and I left my epilator in KL. Say it with me, fml.

I am going to the beach on Friday, and I got my period a few days ago, and I am feeling bloated as hell. Not the way you want to look on the beach. Aaaaahhh!!

The bright side is, at least my period will be over come Friday. *desperately clawing on any silver lining*

I texted my mom to tell her that I will be off to Bintan this weekend, and here is her reply:

Take good care go in a group always on the safe side ;)

Hahaha sounds like a fortune cookie, so cute la my mom.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am going to get married!

Well, maybe not.

But a girl can dream!

Spent last night browsing through Wedding Guide Asia, and now I am floating on a cotton candy cloud, swathed in a fluffly layered gown, dreamy with ideas of love and romance, and have my head filled with wedding favors, cupcakes, centerpieces and whatnots.

I cannot begin to tell you how all these happy pictures of dancing guests, kissing wedded couples, breathtaking floral bouquets and jubilant toasting makes a girl go 'awwwww'. And also make us want to get married. Like NOW NOW NOW. Haha.

Before I show you some of my favorite pictures from the site, coincidentally, I have some wedding-related news to share with you all! No la, no ring on my finger the last I checked. But well, some of you might remember me gushing on and on about my ex-colleague's wedding sometime in September (the first ever wedding of a friend's that I am attending! What to do, all my friends are commitment phobic, haha).

Guess what. He just asked me to be the emcee for his wedding. -__-

Wait, you haven't heard the punchline yet. He wants me to emcee... in Chinese.


I will be doing it with another colleague of mine, who will be hosting in English (whereas I will handle the Chinese presentation),'cause he's a total banana. So I got the worse end of the deal. -_-

They tried to assure me that whatever impromptu banter can be done in English. And yes, I know I have impressive wit and the ability to think on my feet...*cough* But to do so in Chinese??? REALLY???

Sigh, the things I do for a friend.

I gave my ex-colleague a semi-consent, 'cause it was hilarious watching him trying to persuade me to take up the job. We were at drinks on Friday, and he managed to twist everything back to the emcee job, bless his soul.

I guess it will be fun. The wedding will be at Capella Singapore, which is only the newest, most luxurious hotel in Singapore.

The bridal suite-- where the bride will be getting ready, chit-chatting with her bridesmaids to sooth her nerves etc.

Apparently the ballroom will be looking over the the South China Sea.... How gorgeous is that! Don't really think I should be passing up a chance like that....

And please don't judge me, but the first thing that came into my mind when he asked me to be the emcee was "Omg, what am I going to wear???" with pictures of strapless gowns, toga dresses, silks, satins, lace, colors of rich plums, pale lavender, baby pink streaking through head. Heh.

Anyway, back to the Wedding Guide Asia, below are some of the articles that caught my eye!





Now if you will excuse me, I have a groom to catch.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Superlatives in a day.

Outfit from a tea session with Alison talking about boys ("why isn't he texting!!") and London:

Vintage white buttoned-up top: Teeny who stole from her best friend's mom wtf
Navy printed skirt: Bangkok
Assorted pearl bracelets: From everywhere
Earrings: Chanel
Purple suede multi ankle strapped pumps: Steve Madden
Bag: Marc Jacobs


In the train, a father was carrying his little daughter, who turned to him and told him, "Daddy, I want pink pink on my cheeks!" while patting her cheeks at the same time. She meant blusher! Cutest thing I have seen today.

My manager wanted to me to do up a document with me having no background or information on the group of companies in question. I looked at him wryly, "So you want me to bull??" He replied me, "I know you can do it." Most flattering thing said to me today.

'Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...' Cleverest thing I have heard today.

My maternal instincts went raging just now. I saw the tiniest Caucasian baby, lying in her mommy's arms... Her head is the size of my fist, for god's sake. I wanted to bring her home! Most fell-in-love moment today.

Got badgered relentlessly in the lift just now by a middle-aged lady who insisted on knowing where I got my Kate Spade work bag from ("Very nice! Very nice!"). I think I spelled 'Kate Spade' to her for at least 5 times. Most random moment today.

I took half-day MC today, got a terrible cold. Came home, and popped the non-drowsy pill that the doctor prescribed for the day. Turns out I popped the night pill instead-- the drowsiness-inducing one, and slept from 4pm to 9pm. Most fml moment of the day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That day halfway through soaping my hair in the bathroom, my showerhead dropped off.

With a sickening thud, it hit the floor, as I looked at it in confusion.

I didn't quite fancy going out in the buff to play the part of a damsel in distress, so I held up the pipe connecting to the showerhead, and continued my bath. Felt a bit like a dog taking its bath wtf.

And that's not the only thing that is falling apart in my life! My health is also deteriorating. -_-
My sitting bone (at the risk of sounding crass, it's the bone at the tip of your butt crack) has been hurting for a few weeks already. The pain was unbearable at times, for example when I sneeze. The 5-hour long bus journeys back home was also hell due to the pain. I was quite worried it has something to do with the spine, especially after I heard horror stories of my colleague who woke up one day and suddenly found that she couldn't move her body-- it was some sort of nerve infection. And when I exclaimed shock at the trauma that she must have gone through, my senior just waved it away with a "Bah, it's very normal with auditors'.


Anyway, during my 1 week break back home, I managed to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. The entire consultation took 10 minutes max, and involved no surgical appliances, X-ray devices or any form of removal of my apparel (I didn't quite fancy showing the doctor my bum). Instead, he asked me a few questions, and deduced that it's due to my long hours at work (the pain only started after my crazy kamikaze work-till-5am week). He also gave me a brochure featuring the correct positions to sit, stand and to lift heavy objects. Heh.

The moral of the story? Sit right, stand right, and take care of your spine!

Random outfit (what I wore in my singing video, haha):

Country rose print slip: Cotton On
Boyfriend blazer: Topshop
Layered necklace with floral pendant: Diva
Shoes: Zhuhai
Bag: Kate Spade

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to lose 10 kgs in 2 weeks wtf.

I am mad excited!

I am going to Bintan for the long weekend at the end of May with some of colleagues, and we are renting an entire villa to the 8 of us, woohoo! We were toying with the idea of renting the more expensive villa which comes with a private pool, but in the end we decided to go with the cheaper place 'cause firstly, we don't need so many bedrooms 'cause we figured we won't sleep much anyway; and secondly, we can always go to the common pool at 5am just like the last time. :P

We have been talking about it for weeks now-- everyone wants a break as it's officially off-peak for most of us (remind me again why did I work past 10pm today??), but we couldn't settle on a date or a place. Finally, today my colleague took the reins in his hands, and sent a mass email with a detailed budget of the different accomodation options on different dates (due to peak season or whatnots) and demanded a reply before the end of the working day. In fact, his exact words were 'speak now or remain silent forever' HAHAHA.

So at 5.30pm sharp, he sent us a print-screen of the confirmation of the villa--everything is (sorta) set in stone! Efficiency at its best. :P

Imagine, having our own place! I am thinking of decorating the place ala Kinkybluefairy. :P I sent an email to my colleagues telling them that I am bringing masak-masak (for sand castles!) and toys. Bye bye, professional reputation, haha.

And aaahhh beach holiday in 2 weeks!! Which means I need to come up with a new body in 2 weeks. Which pretty much leaves with the only option-- starvation. -_-


Coincidentally, I have pictures of food here! Haven't done a food entry in quite sometime, aye?

The place in question this time is Umai-Ya at Damansara Uptown (next to HSBC):

Partner in crime: Mom.

Look at the crazy amount of food!! For the two of us. *shifty eyes*

Fried tofu with oyster filling.

Fried maki with soft shell club! My favorite of the day. :)

Smoked salmon head. It was so fleshy! We only managed to finished one side of the cheek before admitting defeat and had to pack the entire head home.

Shucks, I just realised it looks like a snake head fml.

One of the restaurant's specialty rolls-- soft shell crab with unagi and egg. Didn't fancy this as much though.

Interlude: the plate!! Damn cute right, hehe.

Picture of the both of us, with the table groaning under the weight of all the food. :P

Black sesame ice cream. The only thing missing was a scoop of green tea ice cream to go with it. *greedy*

A friend has highly recommended this restaurant to me, and well, whilst it wasn't as fantastic as the high praises sung by him, it will do well to tickle whatever Japanese food craving you have at the moment. I may be slightly biased now as I have tasted such fantastic Japanese food at Hajime, that normal Japanese just won't suffice for me now. ;)

49G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, Uptown.
Tel: 03 - 77264410end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Navy and white striped dress with padded shoulders: Cotton On
Red nautical scarf (tied on hair): Far East Plaza, Singapore
Fuchsia suede heels: Zhuhai
Nautical-inspired bag: Ralph Lauren

Monday, May 10, 2010

Belaian Jiwa.


Never have I loved the feeling so much of my fingers dancing on the keyboard, creating tapping sounds like melody to my ears, spurting jargons and intelligent quips to the person on the other side of the world via a square box called the MSN window. The flash of the familiar Google icon on the screen as my default homepage. The beautiful sounds of the chat alerts that is ringing in my ears right this instant...

Hello, I am hui wen, and I am an internet addict WTFF.

It was very difficult living without the World Wide Web in the past week ok!! T_T I almost kissed the screen of my laptop just now when the word 'Connected' popped up on the screen. *addict mode*

Anyway, I am back in Singapore! Damn. And I have put on weight (2 kgs!!) from my 1 week's stay back home. Can't imagine what would happen to me when I come back home for good. Brings exponential growth to a new level I guess WTF.

Some of the things I did back home:

- Get fed (fat wtf) really well (hence explaining the 2kgs of weight gain FML)
- Spent a lot of time with my mom resulting in lots of mother-daughter chats
- Had a minor inconvenience called the CPA exam wtf
- Had one of the most awesome Japanese meal in my life, and thus rendering me unable to eat normal Japanese food thereafter
- Took a semi-impromptu trip to Genting
- Met up with some people, but not all the people that I resolved to see! Bad hui wen. :(
- Succeeded in avoiding to go to the gym by coming up with all sorts of reasonable excuses: I really should be focusing on my exam instead of having a healthy lifestyle; I just finished my exam I should be having fun instead of exercising; I didn't have enough sleep last night-- no point to be tired while working out; My social life is more important; It's Mother's Day! wtffff
- Slept incredibly a lot before my exam (averaging more than 10 hours a day) which I have a nagging suspicion that it's because I want to avoid studying, and slept incredibly little (averaging less than 6 hours a day), which left me still severely under-rested.
- Managed to keep my spending under control-- spent less than RM600 in my entire week back home, which is quite commendable in my books. This includes shopping, eat-all-I-want, and Mother's Day... so well done, hui wen!

That's some of the things I did back home, pictures coming up soon (not much though)!

And here is what I do when I am bored out of my wits while studying:

I am even more animated and expressive when there is no camera pointed at me! wtf

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I am in a cybercafe now FML.

My modem at home got fried from the stupid storm yesterday, and 'cause I posted a sale on Boudoir-Boudoir, I needed desperately to check my email, gahh. I. Need. A. Blackberry!!!

Anyway, I am in the cybercafe with my brother now, who equally can't live without the internet wtf. And I am the only girl in the shop FML. And everyone around me is gaming, whilst I am surfing Facebook and blogs. -_- And all the guys have hugeass headphones on, either to appreciate the superior gaming sound effects or to watch soft porn movies (I saw a guy doing so!!), while I have mine on to watch the newest episode of ANTM, fml. And everyone is cussing and swearing while they game, whereas I am letting out girlish giggles at funny messages from MSN.

Fuck this shit! T_T

I just finished my exam today! Most uninspiring exam/ subject ever, 'cause I actually found myself falling asleep during the exam. And it's the first paper I have ever left 1 hour early. It was THAT boring!

But anyway, the subject (Strategic Management Accounting) prescribes a lot on customer value and superior customer service, which is what I am going to talk about today. (also because I have no pictures to post here T_T)

I had an afternoon paper, and due to some unexpected delays (had to fetch grandma to the dentist, couldn't find tags at the bookshop etc), I was pressed for time for lunch. I decided to head to the new KFC drive-tru near my place. I had only 30 minutes for lunch, inclusive of traveling time-- my schedule was that tight. The drive-tru area consists of a tight upwards ramp which would only allow one car to pass through at any one time. You know how McDonald's drive-tru has a ordering/cashier counter, after which you place your order, you will head to the collection counter to get the food that you ordered? I reached into the queue, and found that the cashier was closed, we were supposed to order and pay straight at the collection counter. Mind that there was a Malay lady at the cashier, who was counting some coins. Beats me why she couldn't have just operated the cashier instead of doing such mundane, non-urgent tasks. I mean, there is a long line of cars right in front of your eyes!!!

I was in the queue for about 10minutes without the line budging at all. One of the drivers in front of me got out of the car and asked the lady at the cashier counter what was going on, and the lady merely went back to counting coins. There was no way out of the queue, as the alley was really tight. I could reverse my car down the ramp, but there were cars behind me. It t00k another 5 minutes to got me really pissed. The line still hasn't moved at all. I went to the cashier and asked her again what was causing the delay. She told me that the jam is 'cause of a delay in front. I asked her (in malay): "Why the delay? 'Cause of your slow service??
" And she said yes WTF. I then asked her isn't there anything she could do?? Shouldn't she be reverting to the staff at the collection end that there are really pissed customers in the queue ('cause it's possible that those staff cannot see us due to a blind spot)?? Instead of counting coins???? She then just looked meek and kept on apologising. I got really angry and marched right to the window of the collection counter. Apparently the delay is caused by some food which was not ready (even in 15 minutes??? I thought it's called fast food for a reason??), and the stupid driver just insisted in waiting at the collection counter, when a considerate person would have driven down the ramp and park at the side so that other customers behind could place their orders. The staff were also very inefficient, don't you think??? They could have easily requested for this driver to do so. McDonalds does this (requesting customers who are waiting for their food to wait at a waiting bag in order to not cause any delays to other customers in line). I asked the Malay uncle behind the wheel could he just drive down and wait. He ignored me and asked the staff how long more it would take, to which the girl answered "Dua minit (2 minutes)". He then acted like a kid and insisted that since it's only going to take 2 minutes, he would rather wait in the queue (when before this he has already waited 15 minutes? WTF?). WHAT A BASTARD. I then talked to him like a teacher wtf, and told him to not be selfish and please consider the other drivers behind him. In the end, the staff helped me to request him to drive and park elsewhere to wait for his food.

I didn't buy KFC in the end, I was too pissed. I just drove out of the queue and bought something else.

What really irritated me was the substandard customer service at KFC! Yes, granted that the driver was really selfish, but the staff definitely could have handled it much better. I mean, if your customer makes a complain to you, you don't go back to counting coins , do you??? Yes, I know you are a fast food chain and customer service is probably not one of your core competitive advantages. But the truth is customer service IS the future of all businesses, and I can tell you very frankly, I am never going back to the KFC drive-tru again, unless absolutely, absolutely necessary.

And is it just me? But I find that KFC's service is really lousy. Slow, and no sense of urgency. Absolutely inefficient. Both in M'sia and Singapore. Just a thought.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Sounds so wrong.

** New updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!

I don't know why,
but I feel very light-hearted today!

Started my day early feeling fresh,
from almost 9 hours of sleep,
Kicked off with the right note:
with some hearty braised pork belly beehoon (*LOVE*),
managed to squeeze in a module's worth of studying,
before heading out to meet Audrey.
Laughed so much till my cheeks still hurt even now,
scared half of Bangsar with our bellowing voices,
bought really pretty, summery things,
and had much-needed quality girlie time.
Came home and had dinner with my family,
hearing my parents' traveling stories in Hokaido last week,
viewing their scenic pictures--
98% which includes my mom wearing a furry lamb hat-- with ears and tail WTF;
and listening to my dad being emo about his broken tooth,
(he broke it while biting a fish bone),
as he was lamenting on how he would have glued it back wtf.
I was complaining that dinner wasn't enough,
and at the strike of midnight,
daddy and mommy drove me to SS2 to look for dimsum supper,
only to find that all the dimsum shops were closed,
so we had no choice,
but to drive home.
The night ended,
with us sitting in the living room,
feasting on dainty Japanese treats (milk chocolate/ white chocolate wafer biscuits/ Tokyo Banana (sponge cake with banana cream filling)/ corn crunchies coated with white chocolate) bought from Hokaido,
and looking at the bags that my mom bought from Japan (Burberry Blue Label/ Ralph Lauren/ Samantha Thavasa).


Outfit for dinner:

Layered rosary necklaces.

Love this drapey skirt! Very Burberry S/S 2010. :)

Gray stripe tank: Forever 21
Army green chiffon drapery skirt: Bysi, Singapore
Rosary necklaces: Forever 21
Tan leather wooden clogs: Steve Madden
Black quilted leather backpack: Vintage

Just now during dinner,
my brother turned to me and told me,
"I feel very dirty"
What he meant was,
he feels filthy after travelling the whole day from JB (my mom and he went back to her hometown for some charity event).
But I threw him a -_- look and told him to never tell me that again. :P