Monday, May 10, 2010

Belaian Jiwa.


Never have I loved the feeling so much of my fingers dancing on the keyboard, creating tapping sounds like melody to my ears, spurting jargons and intelligent quips to the person on the other side of the world via a square box called the MSN window. The flash of the familiar Google icon on the screen as my default homepage. The beautiful sounds of the chat alerts that is ringing in my ears right this instant...

Hello, I am hui wen, and I am an internet addict WTFF.

It was very difficult living without the World Wide Web in the past week ok!! T_T I almost kissed the screen of my laptop just now when the word 'Connected' popped up on the screen. *addict mode*

Anyway, I am back in Singapore! Damn. And I have put on weight (2 kgs!!) from my 1 week's stay back home. Can't imagine what would happen to me when I come back home for good. Brings exponential growth to a new level I guess WTF.

Some of the things I did back home:

- Get fed (fat wtf) really well (hence explaining the 2kgs of weight gain FML)
- Spent a lot of time with my mom resulting in lots of mother-daughter chats
- Had a minor inconvenience called the CPA exam wtf
- Had one of the most awesome Japanese meal in my life, and thus rendering me unable to eat normal Japanese food thereafter
- Took a semi-impromptu trip to Genting
- Met up with some people, but not all the people that I resolved to see! Bad hui wen. :(
- Succeeded in avoiding to go to the gym by coming up with all sorts of reasonable excuses: I really should be focusing on my exam instead of having a healthy lifestyle; I just finished my exam I should be having fun instead of exercising; I didn't have enough sleep last night-- no point to be tired while working out; My social life is more important; It's Mother's Day! wtffff
- Slept incredibly a lot before my exam (averaging more than 10 hours a day) which I have a nagging suspicion that it's because I want to avoid studying, and slept incredibly little (averaging less than 6 hours a day), which left me still severely under-rested.
- Managed to keep my spending under control-- spent less than RM600 in my entire week back home, which is quite commendable in my books. This includes shopping, eat-all-I-want, and Mother's Day... so well done, hui wen!

That's some of the things I did back home, pictures coming up soon (not much though)!

And here is what I do when I am bored out of my wits while studying:

I am even more animated and expressive when there is no camera pointed at me! wtf


mustardqueen said...

HA!! I rmbr whenever we study together you will sing and I will give u DEATHSTAREEEEEE hahaha noisy lor -_-

xiang yun said...

Wahh how can you sing while reading somemore can highlight!! HAHAHA but seriously, your voice boleh pakai =D

Sue Lin said...

Did u dress up for the video or do u normally dress well to study?! Damn rajin!

Btw, u sing well =)

zahra said...

Nice one Hui Wen! Very impressed!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: YOU LIKE IT RIGHTTTTT!!! *seindah tiada lagiii....* Hehehe!

xiang yun: Hahaha women mah! Can multi-task wtf. Thank youu! <3 It must be from all the training in the bathroom, HAHA.

sue lin: I just came back from lunch when I did the video, and 'cause I had a later appointment in the day, I didn't change.

zahra: THANK YOUUU! *shy* :P

Jing said...

Woman, why i left so long you're still singing everywhere WTF! ;P

NoRe3n said...

Wowwww!!!nice voice babe :D like hw u "styled" the song differently;)jz HAD TO leave a comment to tell u so.hehe....

hope all's well :)

Anonymous said...



xxxx! love!

Anonymous said...

hey what camera did u use? the quality's awesome! and u sure can sing~! enjoyed it!

Joie said...

WOW, u can sing really REALLY well!!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Good job with the singing! :)

And boo we didn't get to meet up :( I'm glad you had a good time back home though. Hope the exams went well!

Joshua said...


People use mic, you use books and highlighter wtf. Hahahhaahhhsa

But I agree with everyone, you can sinnnggggggg,:D

Katie ♥ said...

your voice is amazing!

Joanne said...

u seriously have an amazing voice!

revel in me said...

jing: 'Cause I am marry poppins reincarnated!!! :P

noreen: Thanks dear! I am great! When hui wen is singing, you know she's fine! ;)

miss hazel: Haha, don't flatter meeee!! Just in tune la. :P

anonymous: It's the new canon ixus 130! SUPER LOVE IT, the videos' quality is AMAZINGG! And thank you, my pleasure! :)

joie: Haha, don't have don't have! Just so happen I am a very sing-song-y person! :D

faux fashionista: YESS something came up, so I couldn't ask you out! Is this saturday good with you? :)

joshua: HAHAHHAHAH I am another type of diva WTFFF! Thank youuu! Jing told me she hasn't heard you sing before, HAHAHA!

katie & joanne: Thanks dearies! :)

saltydogg said...


Lisa! said...

Omg, I have never imagined you sounding like that, let alone singing amazingly lovely!


Good Luck on your exams?

Serena said...

Wonderful voice, lovely song. What song is it please? What language were you trilling to?

Serena said...

oops nevermind, the song title is your post title... haha sorry! I really like your singing! Please post more vids!! :D

Anonymous said...

i am a silent reader of yours! omg you should make alot of singing videos :)