Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I am in a cybercafe now FML.

My modem at home got fried from the stupid storm yesterday, and 'cause I posted a sale on Boudoir-Boudoir, I needed desperately to check my email, gahh. I. Need. A. Blackberry!!!

Anyway, I am in the cybercafe with my brother now, who equally can't live without the internet wtf. And I am the only girl in the shop FML. And everyone around me is gaming, whilst I am surfing Facebook and blogs. -_- And all the guys have hugeass headphones on, either to appreciate the superior gaming sound effects or to watch soft porn movies (I saw a guy doing so!!), while I have mine on to watch the newest episode of ANTM, fml. And everyone is cussing and swearing while they game, whereas I am letting out girlish giggles at funny messages from MSN.

Fuck this shit! T_T

I just finished my exam today! Most uninspiring exam/ subject ever, 'cause I actually found myself falling asleep during the exam. And it's the first paper I have ever left 1 hour early. It was THAT boring!

But anyway, the subject (Strategic Management Accounting) prescribes a lot on customer value and superior customer service, which is what I am going to talk about today. (also because I have no pictures to post here T_T)

I had an afternoon paper, and due to some unexpected delays (had to fetch grandma to the dentist, couldn't find tags at the bookshop etc), I was pressed for time for lunch. I decided to head to the new KFC drive-tru near my place. I had only 30 minutes for lunch, inclusive of traveling time-- my schedule was that tight. The drive-tru area consists of a tight upwards ramp which would only allow one car to pass through at any one time. You know how McDonald's drive-tru has a ordering/cashier counter, after which you place your order, you will head to the collection counter to get the food that you ordered? I reached into the queue, and found that the cashier was closed, we were supposed to order and pay straight at the collection counter. Mind that there was a Malay lady at the cashier, who was counting some coins. Beats me why she couldn't have just operated the cashier instead of doing such mundane, non-urgent tasks. I mean, there is a long line of cars right in front of your eyes!!!

I was in the queue for about 10minutes without the line budging at all. One of the drivers in front of me got out of the car and asked the lady at the cashier counter what was going on, and the lady merely went back to counting coins. There was no way out of the queue, as the alley was really tight. I could reverse my car down the ramp, but there were cars behind me. It t00k another 5 minutes to got me really pissed. The line still hasn't moved at all. I went to the cashier and asked her again what was causing the delay. She told me that the jam is 'cause of a delay in front. I asked her (in malay): "Why the delay? 'Cause of your slow service??
" And she said yes WTF. I then asked her isn't there anything she could do?? Shouldn't she be reverting to the staff at the collection end that there are really pissed customers in the queue ('cause it's possible that those staff cannot see us due to a blind spot)?? Instead of counting coins???? She then just looked meek and kept on apologising. I got really angry and marched right to the window of the collection counter. Apparently the delay is caused by some food which was not ready (even in 15 minutes??? I thought it's called fast food for a reason??), and the stupid driver just insisted in waiting at the collection counter, when a considerate person would have driven down the ramp and park at the side so that other customers behind could place their orders. The staff were also very inefficient, don't you think??? They could have easily requested for this driver to do so. McDonalds does this (requesting customers who are waiting for their food to wait at a waiting bag in order to not cause any delays to other customers in line). I asked the Malay uncle behind the wheel could he just drive down and wait. He ignored me and asked the staff how long more it would take, to which the girl answered "Dua minit (2 minutes)". He then acted like a kid and insisted that since it's only going to take 2 minutes, he would rather wait in the queue (when before this he has already waited 15 minutes? WTF?). WHAT A BASTARD. I then talked to him like a teacher wtf, and told him to not be selfish and please consider the other drivers behind him. In the end, the staff helped me to request him to drive and park elsewhere to wait for his food.

I didn't buy KFC in the end, I was too pissed. I just drove out of the queue and bought something else.

What really irritated me was the substandard customer service at KFC! Yes, granted that the driver was really selfish, but the staff definitely could have handled it much better. I mean, if your customer makes a complain to you, you don't go back to counting coins , do you??? Yes, I know you are a fast food chain and customer service is probably not one of your core competitive advantages. But the truth is customer service IS the future of all businesses, and I can tell you very frankly, I am never going back to the KFC drive-tru again, unless absolutely, absolutely necessary.

And is it just me? But I find that KFC's service is really lousy. Slow, and no sense of urgency. Absolutely inefficient. Both in M'sia and Singapore. Just a thought.


mizzvickz said...

i find atria's kfc rather efficient!

Anonymous said...

WTF. I hate Secret's Recipe too! none of the outlets I've been to provide decent customer service. SERIOUSLY.

pj said...

haha i understand how boring strategic management can get! hope you'll pass the paper nevertheless, or else really FYL needa resit for it wtf hahahaa
/touch wood >.<

Lisa! said...

After watching Food Inc. I abhor KFC. A bit unbased but yeah.

That and the fact that there is not a KFC here :(

And I guess you already know about their Double Down burger? Gross.

xiang yun said...

Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, KFC, some of their outlets really have sucky customer service as well as sucky wait staff. I don't eat fast food often but when I do, these places usually suck eggs. Maccas FTW! =D

HAHA said...

cause kfc hires malays.
it's racist but you know it's true.

Anonymous said...

kfc suxxx. even in nz, very slow drive thru. mcd's the best!

Anonymous said...

was i the only one who enjoyed strategic management accounting??? i enjoyed knowledge management even more.


Anonymous said...

in contrast, kfc in hk is actually very good.especially the delivery services.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i have been reading your blog quite a while, knew that you are a auditor in spore right? i am just wondering what degree you did? do you have any colleagues have a degree in mathematic/statistic ?
hope to hear from you. thank

Adryna said...

i agree 100%, because i have experienced that,too. but not at drive-thru, how you can imagine whereas theres a lot of people queuing + only one counter open + slow services. really is fuckshit. i dont know how kfc's management but i think all kfc are the same.

HAHA : you shouldnt say like that, its because their management thou, if you say the management is a malay ass manager well that should be true. just saying

revel in me said...

vic: Is it! I used to go there as kid when atria was cool, hehehe.

miss hazel: Hmmm they are ok-ish to me so far! I used to go to secret recipe a lot as a teenager (it was a treat back then wtf), but then it got too commercialised for my tastes!

pj: Considering that I think getting anything below Distinction is a fail, I better don't need to resit! If not damn shy. T___T

lisa: What is their double down burger! *nervous*

xiang yun: I agree with you though that the places you named have really slow service! I can't stand inefficiencies, boo. Haha AGREED!

HAHA: No comment!

anonymous: Maybe it's really their business process or something *nerd mode* Mcdonalds is wayyy more efficient!

siao lee: I enjoyed strategic management/ costing back in uni, 'cause there were calculations and application! Which was why I took the CPA unit, but there was just too much theory! Usually I don't mind theory, but unfortunately I have learned most of the things in uni already (project management, critical path etc etc), so it was a snore fest for me!

anonymous: Heh I think ANYTHING will be efficient and fast in HK! It's just the impression I get of the country! :P

anonymous: I have replied you in my previous entry! :)

adryna: YESSSSSS omg yes! Whenever I am at kfc my blood boils, because there will be truckloads of customers and there will only ONE counter opened??? And all the staff just remain idle at the back. WTFF??

Anonymous said...

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