Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to lose 10 kgs in 2 weeks wtf.

I am mad excited!

I am going to Bintan for the long weekend at the end of May with some of colleagues, and we are renting an entire villa to the 8 of us, woohoo! We were toying with the idea of renting the more expensive villa which comes with a private pool, but in the end we decided to go with the cheaper place 'cause firstly, we don't need so many bedrooms 'cause we figured we won't sleep much anyway; and secondly, we can always go to the common pool at 5am just like the last time. :P

We have been talking about it for weeks now-- everyone wants a break as it's officially off-peak for most of us (remind me again why did I work past 10pm today??), but we couldn't settle on a date or a place. Finally, today my colleague took the reins in his hands, and sent a mass email with a detailed budget of the different accomodation options on different dates (due to peak season or whatnots) and demanded a reply before the end of the working day. In fact, his exact words were 'speak now or remain silent forever' HAHAHA.

So at 5.30pm sharp, he sent us a print-screen of the confirmation of the villa--everything is (sorta) set in stone! Efficiency at its best. :P

Imagine, having our own place! I am thinking of decorating the place ala Kinkybluefairy. :P I sent an email to my colleagues telling them that I am bringing masak-masak (for sand castles!) and toys. Bye bye, professional reputation, haha.

And aaahhh beach holiday in 2 weeks!! Which means I need to come up with a new body in 2 weeks. Which pretty much leaves with the only option-- starvation. -_-


Coincidentally, I have pictures of food here! Haven't done a food entry in quite sometime, aye?

The place in question this time is Umai-Ya at Damansara Uptown (next to HSBC):

Partner in crime: Mom.

Look at the crazy amount of food!! For the two of us. *shifty eyes*

Fried tofu with oyster filling.

Fried maki with soft shell club! My favorite of the day. :)

Smoked salmon head. It was so fleshy! We only managed to finished one side of the cheek before admitting defeat and had to pack the entire head home.

Shucks, I just realised it looks like a snake head fml.

One of the restaurant's specialty rolls-- soft shell crab with unagi and egg. Didn't fancy this as much though.

Interlude: the plate!! Damn cute right, hehe.

Picture of the both of us, with the table groaning under the weight of all the food. :P

Black sesame ice cream. The only thing missing was a scoop of green tea ice cream to go with it. *greedy*

A friend has highly recommended this restaurant to me, and well, whilst it wasn't as fantastic as the high praises sung by him, it will do well to tickle whatever Japanese food craving you have at the moment. I may be slightly biased now as I have tasted such fantastic Japanese food at Hajime, that normal Japanese just won't suffice for me now. ;)

49G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, Uptown.
Tel: 03 - 77264410end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Navy and white striped dress with padded shoulders: Cotton On
Red nautical scarf (tied on hair): Far East Plaza, Singapore
Fuchsia suede heels: Zhuhai
Nautical-inspired bag: Ralph Lauren


Anonymous said...

how does your mum eat like that and have 4 kids and still have that figure?!

xiang yun said...

Hahaha at what Anonymous above said ^^^^ I wish I had your suede heels in black/red! I've been looking for those for ages T.T btw, nice foor porn ahaha.

Jing said...

You found my shoes alrdy ar! -______-

I <333 yourrrr bag! :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: YAA my mom lost more weight each time she gave birth. -_- My sisters and I are praying incessantly that we have her genes wtf. :P

xiang yun: YAAA I am on a bit of a pumps binge now too, but comfy pumps are hard to come by too! Food porn = fat hui wen

jing: Hahaha I found it in the garbage bag (serious!). Damn nice right, we are going to persuade mom to let us all share! <3

Anonymous said...

hey if you don't mind, may i know where you got the Ralph Lauren bag? loves it :)

Sue Lin said...

Oooooo stripes! Lately i've been attracted to clothes with stripes and finally bought a striped dress similar but slightly different from urs =)

U look fantastic! =)