Monday, May 03, 2010

Sounds so wrong.

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I don't know why,
but I feel very light-hearted today!

Started my day early feeling fresh,
from almost 9 hours of sleep,
Kicked off with the right note:
with some hearty braised pork belly beehoon (*LOVE*),
managed to squeeze in a module's worth of studying,
before heading out to meet Audrey.
Laughed so much till my cheeks still hurt even now,
scared half of Bangsar with our bellowing voices,
bought really pretty, summery things,
and had much-needed quality girlie time.
Came home and had dinner with my family,
hearing my parents' traveling stories in Hokaido last week,
viewing their scenic pictures--
98% which includes my mom wearing a furry lamb hat-- with ears and tail WTF;
and listening to my dad being emo about his broken tooth,
(he broke it while biting a fish bone),
as he was lamenting on how he would have glued it back wtf.
I was complaining that dinner wasn't enough,
and at the strike of midnight,
daddy and mommy drove me to SS2 to look for dimsum supper,
only to find that all the dimsum shops were closed,
so we had no choice,
but to drive home.
The night ended,
with us sitting in the living room,
feasting on dainty Japanese treats (milk chocolate/ white chocolate wafer biscuits/ Tokyo Banana (sponge cake with banana cream filling)/ corn crunchies coated with white chocolate) bought from Hokaido,
and looking at the bags that my mom bought from Japan (Burberry Blue Label/ Ralph Lauren/ Samantha Thavasa).


Outfit for dinner:

Layered rosary necklaces.

Love this drapey skirt! Very Burberry S/S 2010. :)

Gray stripe tank: Forever 21
Army green chiffon drapery skirt: Bysi, Singapore
Rosary necklaces: Forever 21
Tan leather wooden clogs: Steve Madden
Black quilted leather backpack: Vintage

Just now during dinner,
my brother turned to me and told me,
"I feel very dirty"
What he meant was,
he feels filthy after travelling the whole day from JB (my mom and he went back to her hometown for some charity event).
But I threw him a -_- look and told him to never tell me that again. :P


mustardqueen said...

the skirt is nothing like the burberry wan T_____________T THE BURBERRY ONE IS CRAZY SHITTTTTTTT T_T Boooo I thuought HOkkaido is Hokkaido tahts why I didn't ask mommy to buy tokyo banana T_T I WANT TOKYO BANANA T_T

mingz said...

My parents just got back from Hokkaido last night and I have the same kind of snacks in my house! hahaha..

xiang yun said...

Your bro's statement is so wrong WTF! Not a good thing to say that to your sister -__-

Anonymous said...

Keeping up to good looks! :)


Anonymous said...


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Your dad, LOL hehehe! <3
Love the hair!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Well considerig it cost 1/100 of the price of the burberry skirt, cut it some slack can or not.. T___T Btw, the tokyo banana expired yesterday, fol.. T__T

mingz: Haha what a coincidence!! Omg did our parents go together wtf!! 'Cause my parents with a group of friends!!

xiang yun: YA LA I was super o_____O. Somemore his face dam kayu when he said it. -___-

michelle: Aiyo, don't say that la!!! I don't really know how to respond, hehe. *shy*

anonymous: Hahahaha is it 'cause of the braid!! Milmaid style wtf. Hahaha so many <3 for my brother!! Want me to matchmake or not WTF. :P

Anonymous said...

braids and fringe don't suit u...u have a big face..and that skirt doesn't suit u either...u have stumpy legs..gosh, u and your sis like wearing things which don't look nice on u at all..

Anonymous said...

I like your fringe and messy braid. Have been doing the same to 'hide' my moon face. The person who commented above prob doesnt know what she/he's saying.

Joshua said...

DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT! You look more toned and your skin is very niceeee

revel in me said...

anonymous: The picture is taken from a bird's eye view (my brother is almost 6 feet tall), maybe that's why I look 'stumpy' to you. I happen to think I am quite proportionate. Petite, but proportionate. I love the way I dress, and you have issues if you are scrutinizing so closely to the way we look and dress and the things we wear. Get a life.

anonymous: I like my cheeeksss! We are going to have the last laugh, 'cause our faces will age well, haha!

joshua: I didn't!! T_________T Fatter already sumore. T___T But skin is getting better! :)