Thursday, May 20, 2010

Superlatives in a day.

Outfit from a tea session with Alison talking about boys ("why isn't he texting!!") and London:

Vintage white buttoned-up top: Teeny who stole from her best friend's mom wtf
Navy printed skirt: Bangkok
Assorted pearl bracelets: From everywhere
Earrings: Chanel
Purple suede multi ankle strapped pumps: Steve Madden
Bag: Marc Jacobs


In the train, a father was carrying his little daughter, who turned to him and told him, "Daddy, I want pink pink on my cheeks!" while patting her cheeks at the same time. She meant blusher! Cutest thing I have seen today.

My manager wanted to me to do up a document with me having no background or information on the group of companies in question. I looked at him wryly, "So you want me to bull??" He replied me, "I know you can do it." Most flattering thing said to me today.

'Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life...' Cleverest thing I have heard today.

My maternal instincts went raging just now. I saw the tiniest Caucasian baby, lying in her mommy's arms... Her head is the size of my fist, for god's sake. I wanted to bring her home! Most fell-in-love moment today.

Got badgered relentlessly in the lift just now by a middle-aged lady who insisted on knowing where I got my Kate Spade work bag from ("Very nice! Very nice!"). I think I spelled 'Kate Spade' to her for at least 5 times. Most random moment today.

I took half-day MC today, got a terrible cold. Came home, and popped the non-drowsy pill that the doctor prescribed for the day. Turns out I popped the night pill instead-- the drowsiness-inducing one, and slept from 4pm to 9pm. Most fml moment of the day.


mustardqueen said...

angmoh babies are here EVERYWHERE!!!! *melts* Hmmm the more i see ur MJ bag the more I like *steals* and haha yy's mom's top hahahahahahaha EH VERY COMFY RIGHT!!

Joshua said...

I love your bag too! And your shoes and skirt!


Jing is taking a long time to decide whether to visit me or not because you're not coming, boo :(

xiang yun said...

It's these wonderful and occasionally funny things in life that makes life worth living. =] Love the top, even though it was someone else's mom's HAHAHA!!

mich said...

is the kate spade bag the one frm ur previous post?

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: But KL not that many me thinks! But omggg if you have seen that baby you would have kidnapped before I could!! <3 Teehee memang very pretty hor the bag... <3 Mom was insulting the color that day. -_- Haha ya very comfy! But the arm holes a bit big wtf.

joshua: Haha thanksss! <3 But I am starting to regret the shoes now, 'cause so hard to match! :( And boo blame it on ting on wanting to go back (and thus cutting out the possibility of sydney) and jing's hols which are so short! :(

Not to mention the super ex tickets in june! :'(

xiang yun: Hee, well said! And haha looks like we need to start digging into other ppl's mom's closets! Bring 'one man's poison's another man's meat' to a new level hahaha

mich: No, dear, I use a kate spade tote for work! The straw bag in the previous entry too small (and impractical) for work la! :)