Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bang bang, I shot you down.

With trepidation, I aimed the pointer at me. My hands trembled; I caught a breathe, as my fingers hesitated. I was afraid of what's ahead of me. But not any longer. 'Cause I couldn't take living like this anymore. I closed my eyes, and pulled the trigger.....

.... and a gush of hot air blew out, and I started blow-drying my hair.

Haha, I just bought myself a hairdryer! My new hairdo requires some sort of styling, which is totally against my principles wtf. I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair, and all my previous hairstyles were always wash-and-go styles! Just the way I like it. I dislike blowdrying 'cause firstly, it is obviously damaging to the hair; and secondly, I have really thick hair, so it takes me ages to blowdry my hair! All hairstylists look at my hair in fear when I step into a salon. -_- And I always get charged the maximum rate on whatever that I do to my hair-- whether it's a wash, blow or treatment. T_T Whenever I visit Yen (my hairstylist), there is this designated assistant to wash/blow my hair, and Yen jokes that the assistant has built up arm muscles from blowdrying my hair (when Yen told me this, the assistant was nodding in the background, so I half-suspect it wasn't a joke... *trails off*). And whenever I walk into the shop, the assistant will quickly run out to buy lunch (I usually visit in the late morning or afternoon), because according to her: 1. she needs the energy to wash/blow my hair; and 2. once she starts doing my hair, she doesn't know when her next meal is. -______-

Note: Yen styles my hair (i.e. she cuts it), all other tasks are handled by her assistants!

Anyway, all that drama for blowdying my hair is because me avoiding any hair 'frills' has left me being pretty much a noob in the subject of hair-styling. I even bought a roller hairbrush from Vidal Sassoon, and checked with Teeny incessantly beforehand on tips to style my hair. My aim was to make my hair puffy and slightly blown-in like... like.. a Japanese, hehe. That was the way my hair was supposed to be styled when Yen cut it, but obviously she forgot that I really am an imbecile when it comes to hair. T_T

To cut the story short, I failed! I tried blowing my ends in, and they remained poker straight. So I gave up (after one try *shifty eyes*), and have now settled for straight albeit slight puffy hair. Hair will grow, hair will grow.

Another work outfit picture 'cause they appear to be well-received (chehhhh like real :P)!

Wore this last Thursday.
(Btw, this is how my hair looks like without any form of styling!)

And since I had drinks on the same night...

It only made sense that my outfit had a little bit of vava-voom. :P

To cover-up during the day, I had a sheer wrap-around top on. ;)

Black satin bustier top with bow-back: Stolen from Jing
Black skirt: Zara
Black sheer wrap-wround top with puffed sleeves: Bardot, Australia
Necklace with black enamel camelia pendant with faux pearl: Zhuhai
Black velvet shoes with silver exposed zipper-trimmed bows: Singapore


fourfeetnine said...

HAHAHAH why the assistant so funny!!

gold watches this weekend yo!

Anonymous said...

do you know, that you look taller with shorter hair? ;) you really do!

because, erps, your long hair used to "dwarf" you. *runs far away* anyway, love the short hair!

jeanchristie said...

Yeaa I agree with audrey lol!

now that I have to keep longer hair and in this miserably cold weather, I have to blow my hair every single day.

Time consuming but its better than flat hair! (static)

Chloe said...

Stumbled upon your blog and i must say that I love your blog. Especially love seeing posts bout outfit for work ;)

xiang yun said...

So envious of Ting's hair!! OMG I'd do anything to have his hair.. it's the in thing now isn't it =] Love your top ooh lala

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Finally they will belong to us! :P

anonymous: Is it!!! Did you see me in real life.. T__T But I do agree that super long hair is not suitable for short girls. Thank you dear!! :)

jean: Nah I never had a prob with flat hair 'cause got too much of it wtf

chloe: Thank you loveeee! Pleases me to no end to hear you say that! <3

xiang yun: hahahha you called ting a HE. I am going to go rub it in HIS face wahahaha!

Sue Lin said...

Ur new hairstyle looks great! =)

mustardqueen said...

OMG SINCE WHEN IM A MAN!!! But at least I'm a man with NICE HAIR T___T Im ignoring u now xiangyun!!!

Kling said...

you can actually request for a one-curl perm at the bottom of your hair, which is to make a permanent bent. it'll be much more easy to manage! lots of taiwan girls are doing this!

i saw kim did hers permanently too. her blog is:

xiang yun said...

omgg! I totally called Ting a HE! Shiat AHAHA!!