Sunday, June 13, 2010

Burnt to a crisp.

More happy-clappy pictures from Bintan. :)

Cosy, welcoming lobby. :)

We stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort, which comes with a big thumbs-up! We rented a villa, since there were the 8 of us, and the resort looks way way better than I could have imagined! The last time I went to Bintan on a department trip, we stayed at some shoddy apartment which looks like a flat at best. But Bintan Lagoon 's villas are just AWESOME-- Bali-nese inspired, fully-equipped with everything that you could possibly need, comes with your own buggy, and even a private pool, if you choose the most expensive villa.

Mad love!

The girls on the trip. :)

Group picture for dinner! Picture looks grainy 'cause we were waiting for a table for the BBQ seafood buffet-- very smoky!

Night time could only mean ALCO TIME!

We played Circle of Death with lots of ridiculous rules and drinking games which requires coordination or alertness-- both which I failed miserably, hahaha. When we were all tipsy and high, we decided to go swimming. We didn't go for the most expensive villa, so we decided to crash an unoccupied villa with a private pool! :P Giggling mischievously, we all changed into our bathing suits, and clambered onto our buggy, trying to be quiet while we drove along the 'neighbourhood' looking for an unoccupied villa (telltale signs: complete darkness).

Eventually we found a corner villa which faces the sea, and happily jumped into the pool! We spend about 2 hours talking nonsense and stifling our laughter... Before we got caught, eff our lives, hahaha. The security makes roundings (on a buggy!) during the night, and as the villas have an open concept, they could see us splashing in the pool, boo. They came to ask us to leave, and we just acted innocent and pretended that we didn't know we are not supposed to simply barge into empty villas and use their pools, HAHAHA.

We ended the night with cup noodles and hot steaming TWG tea (one of my colleagues only drink 'atas' (i.e. high class) tea. He also only eats Crabtree and Evelyn cookies -_-) before adjourning to bed. By then it was already 5-ish am. -_-

Woke up at about 11 pm the next day, being awaken by one of my colleagues who tickled my feet. (My feet is my Achilles heel! T_T) The rest of the girls have already gone for the buffet breakfast-- which I rejected 'cause they only left at 10.20am; the buffet breakfast ends at 10.30am. -_- Had Oreos and muffins which the girls stole from the breakfast (they managed to get, hurrah!) and TWG tea again. Got cheated by my colleague to dunk my Oreo in the tea ("Really! It's very nice! Nicer than dunking in milk!") and got laughed at when I follow suit. -_-

Then it was beach time!

But it was going to rain. :(

And it really did. :((((

So we just sat under the shade and watched the boys play soccer with some of the workers at the resort.

The goal!
Super emo right this picture, haha.

Nah, make-up less picture of me! Thank god for my pareo, we were chilled to the bones! :(

But then the dark clouds started to pass.... :)

WT riding a whatchamcallit! Reminds me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, haha.


Time to get wet! :D

The lounge area from far. Gorgeous place, with wooden planks, high chairs, orchids and cocktails! Wish we had the chance to spend some time there.

Toothy grin.

How do you feel stressed when you are faced with views like that? :)


We went kayaking!

That's me on the blue kayak, sitting behind.

Both N and I have never kayak-ed before in our lives, rendering it a very bad move for us to partner together. -_- We couldn't coordinate our movements, and we ended up going in circles. T__T In the end, one of my guy colleagues had to come save us, by replacing N, and partnering with me instead. *damsel in distress* After a while, we got bored of kayaking (or rather I got tired wtf), and we kayak-ed next to each other, and tied these safety belt thingies on the kayaks together so that all three of our kayaks are joint together, and we just lied down and chill. ;) Our remedy to the sun was to take the oar to cover our face, and just bobbed on the sea... Bliss, I am telling you.

However, that left me with what my colleague and I called the 'loser tan', ahhaha. My face and my body is fair ('cause I had a life jacket on), but my arms and legs are tanned! FML.

After awhile we decided to kayak again, and as a prank, my guy colleague forced me into a kayak for a single person to test whether I am able to kayak. T_____________T I was forced to kayak by myself all the way to the shore. T______T

This is me looking very very grumpy having to row myself back.

Very very cute picture of WT!

My retard partner at work.

I think it was the longest I have spent on the each... At least 6 hours?
Of bliss. :)


xiang yun said...

Wah bestnyer! Are you having withdrawal symptoms just by looking at those pics? Thumbs up on crashing the vacant villa's pool! so random!

tze said...

wah i cant believe you cut your super long hair! i did that too and it remains the biggest regrets of my life i lost 90% of my hotness wtf. but then lucky u got sense never cut until super short! and it looks nice :)

oi u die ady arh why never talk to me wtf

tze said...

biggest regret* wtf

kellster said...

hey ur 'retard partner' at my senior in Uni last time :) forgot his name tho! what is his name again? :)

revel in me said...

xiang yun: YESSS especially from the beach! T____T It was so good that EVERYONE was game for a round 2 even BEFORE we left the island! :P Haha, crashing in was fun! Wait till you hear of the stories of our 2nd night! :P

tze: WAHHHH I didn't PLAN to cut s short! T_T But have to live with it, and rock it! *brave face* And don't be silly, your short hair didn't affect your hotness one bit! Looks better in fact! Younger and more sharp! :) And aiyoooo come talk to me laaa *suggestive wtf

kellster: Haha ya he was my senior as well. Small world. I didn't know you took accounting in monash though?

NoRe3n said...

Goshhh!!Shenton's your partner at work???what a small world...hehe!
but i doubt he remembers me at all....