Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"I vow to love you and you only for the rest of my life."

Right before our flight to Bangkok, we had some time to kill, so Jing and I headed to Oldtown Kopitiam at LCCT for her to grab a quick lunch, while my parents went to the premier lounge for AMEX cardholders.

While Jing was poring over the menu, a couple caught my eye from far away. Maybe 'cause the girl caught my eye, as she was quite attractive. However she was coupled with a (much) older man. They were walking very closely to each other, and though one might think they are a father-daughter duo (or maybe a husband-and-wife couple whereby the wife took really really really good care of herself), I got a weird feeling looking at them.

Halfway through our meal, the couple sat next to us. And when they are in such close proximity, their age gap becomes even more jarringly clear. The woman is probably my age, or slightly older, but she is definitely good looking, hot by some standards. The man's carefully dyed hair is peppered with silver strands, and I could see his wrinkles. 50-ish, I am guessing?

Their conversation was cautious, platonic, and.. new. Like two strangers who have just met, or newly made friends on their first get-together. "Is this your first time in KL?" "You usually come by SIA?" "This is the low cost airport" "Quite hot eh, today". Yet, he had his arms slung possessively around her. And their lips meet every now and then for a kiss on the lips. The verbal communication and the physical intimacy had such a huge disparity that it made me feel really uncomfortable. According to Jing, she heard the man telling the girl, "We be boyfriend girlfriend can, married cannot ok".

Stories of cheating husbands of my mom's friends and people around me scares me to death. Is there no such thing as a happily ever after? A soulmate for life? Someone that you commit yourself to, and no one else will ever do?

I was very disturbed for the rest of the day, as I thought of broken promises, unrequited love, repeated lies, and empty words. And I wondered to myself, how many heartbreaks is there ahead of me in my future.