Thursday, June 17, 2010

If my bank account has a voice...

... it would be screaming in pain now.

And if it has hands, it would be hurling punches at me WTF.

Reason being, I recently withdrew 8K SGD from my bank account.

*cricket sounds*

I mentioned sometime ago that I have a friend who is going to Europe, and since the Euro currency is so low now + designer goods are cheaper in Europe, I was scheming to ask him to get some things. To cut the story short, he is helping me AND my sisters get some designer stuff. Which is really shameless of them, since they have only met him once, haha. Anyway, I am lending some money to my sister as well as another one of my colleagues. I won't divulge how much of the pertains to my buys! Will post up pictures if he successfully gets me my stuff. :P

And Hoe Hui Jing, you better pay me back wtf.


I just watched my first world cup match! *loser* 'Cause everyone else has probably caught at least a match a day. Boo. But my cousin doesn't subscribe to the sports channel, and in Singapore there aren't really any mamaks, so you don't get the culture where people go yumcha and watch football.

For example, I watched the world cup at a wine place today. -_-

It felt really weird welding a pair of fork and knife and looking up every few seconds to catch the match. And sipping chilled white while you are at it. Most of my football experiences (not that there were many) was either at a mamak or at home in my PJs. So to say that this was a brand new experience is an understatement, haha.

Then WT kept on egging me to bet, haha. Even way before world cup started, he was telling me that he is 'going to make his first million'. Via betting. Or maybe as an illegal bookie. Haha.

And damn cute to watch boys bet la. My colleague suggested to go eat claypot rice today. And when we reached the restaurant, he suddenly slapped his forehead, going 'SOHAIII cannot eat claypot la!'

'Cause winning means 'Jackpot', and thus losing is 'Claypot' WTFFF, hahahha!

So he ended up drinking soup with white rice while the rest of us had claypot rice. And refused to take even a small bite of my claypot rice no matter how much I tempted him.

And when he lost the bet (he had his money for Argentina and Korea to draw), he blamed it for not seeing the OMEN that he has suggested to eat CLAYPOT rice today. Hahahah damn superstitious!

And they call women irrational. ;)


Last Friday's work outfit 'cause IT'S FRIDAY TOMORROW! :D

Dust pink lace mini dress (worn as top): Velvet Ribbon
Black high waisted skirt: Supre, Australia
Pale pink faux pearl necklace: Topshop
Black velvet shoes with silver exposed zipper-trimmed bows: Singapore

I am delirious with joy not only because it's the weekend. It's also one day away from Jing's return!!!! :)))) Teeny will be back the following week... My best friend is officially a doctor and is back in KL till she gets a job... Jaclyn will be back as well in early July... :D

I just can't wait to be reunited with people who love me. God knows the past 6 months haven't been easy.


mustardqueen said...


joycezhi said...

was in Frankfurt a few days ago and the SA in Chanel told me that the prices for branded goods (except LV, according to the LV's SA) in Europe will be increased by 27% on 1st of July!! so buy quick!! tho i must warn u first...most of the shops i went in Frankfurt the stock are pretty limited now...T_T

xiang yun said...

So nice lo your work outfit! =D *envies.. now if only I can wear that kind of neckline to work and not be conscious about it..

Anonymous said...

glad that you came to senses and are taking advantage of the euro rate / cheaper price / vat rebate etc !


revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I am going to see her in less than 24 hours! <3

joycezhi: If what you said is true, what I want is most likely sold out.. T___T

xiang yun: Is it very low! T_T

anonymous: I think still depends on what! 'Cause I have very specific items in mind! :(

Anonymous said...

yayyyy!!! happy happy happy!!!
soooo many people are back!!!!
can't wait for all the posts!!!!

Anonymous said...

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