Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shortie, through and through.

Brace yourself.

Not only am I short in height, now I will have to face the truth that I have short-ish hair!


I know it's not short SHORT, say, like a bob, but for a girl who has had hair reaching to her waist... and did not expect to go so short, this is short SHORT!

I was all prepared for a change, 'cause frankly speaking, I was a little bored of having long straight dark hair, and my haircut was getting quite out of shape. Plus, going to bintan (sea water + lots of chlorine) has rendered my hair super unmanageable (think dry branches wtf), which only strengthened my resolve to do something to my hair.

Y'know, along the lines of a trim and maybe a dye job.

Then Yen told me that she will be cutting it to my armpit level, which is something I could live with. Little did I know that the next time I looked into the mirror my hair was shoulder-length. T_T Darn you, June issue of Cleo.

I was dreading going to work, 'cause my guy colleagues are ruthless when it comes to my appearance wtf. But they all said that my new hairstyle looks better! Looks more fresh, according to them. They even asked me whether my ex has seen the new hair 'cause it will make him regret WTF. -___-

True friends. *teary eyes*

Anyway, I guess I should be happy! 'Cause guys' opinion matter more WTF. As in I am very sure girls will just come up to me and tell me that my haircut looks great 'cause girls are just diplomatic (and for some, two-headed) like that. And girls have a higher threshold of funkiness and change! I for one, always prefer it when my girlfriends go short, because I feel that they look so much fresher and sharper in their new hairdo.

(Btw, I did a quiz at the hair salon-- "Are you a man's woman or a girl's girl", and apparently I am my own woman wtf)

It's currently Day 2 of me with my new hair, and I guess it's starting to grow on me. Though I still go through hyperventilation episodes sometimes when I look into the mirror and see my hair wtf. The only thing is, I have to lose weight to accommodate the new haircut, 'cause I can no longer hide (my fats) behind my hair. -_-

And something I haven't done in a long time, outfit picture of today! :)

Mint green top with bows: Tea & Sympathy
Black knee-length skirt: Zara
Pearl bracelet: Diva
Green patent wedges (not shown): Target, Australia


Cathay said...

You look a lot like ting! Hahaha.

Nice outfit! (:

Anonymous said...

cute haircut!

<3 <3 <3

fuzkittie said...

Adorable!!! Haha I love the title.

Unknown said...

i think you look so cute nau! *thumbs up*

Katie ♥ said...

you look amazing! loves it :) makes me wanna cut my hair short now!!!!! T____T

jeanchristie said...

i LOVE your top :D

and the haircut was definitely a good decision! it makes u look a lot sharper and cheerful + super cute!

i am dreading to keep long hair for the wedding :(

i keep dreaming of cutting my hair wTF

Cherry said...

you look good with the shorter hair. look more fresh~
i've just got a new hair cut few weeks back. previously my hair reached the bottom of my back, like my butt, wtf. then now i cut it till like below my shoulder. wanted to go shorter like above my shoulder but hairdresser refused to cut it for me as she was afraid i will regret. =S current length is almost like yours~ feel so much lighter! so easy to wash and to blow dry~ =D

xiang yun said...

I like it! You look younger and fresher - just in time for our nonexistent summer WTF. Love the colour of your top too. Super fresh to match your hair =DDD

mustardqueen said...

WTF NOW U HAVE SAME HAIR AS ME!!!????? O____O Later i demand for change then Yen shave my head wtf -_- BOOOOOOoo T_T now **I** have to do something to my hair *dark

mizzvickz said...

i was anticipating a bob cut or pixie cut from you!!!! go shorter!!! hahaha

anyway, nice new hairdo!

Nana said...

LOVE IT! :))

smalls said...

love ! u look simply gorgeous :)
i must say, it suits you really well. im now soooo tempted to chop mine off !

Ju said...

the new haircut looks great and even better. im not saying this just coz im a girl but it's a good change!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic with the new haircut. Love your life - being single is the best thing a girl can do for herself! ;)

RG said...

you look so adorable with your new hair ! :)

revel in me said...

cathay: Eeee no offense to ting, but I much rather stick to looking like myself! (I was born first anyway WTF)

Thank you! :)

miss hazel: Not so cute now that I washed my hairstylist's awesome BLOWJOB (as in hairdryer blow job WTF)! T_T

fuzkittie: Hehhhh thank you! <3

sammy: Not so cute before ar? :P Thank youuu!

katie: Haha I think my hair was the same length as yours!! I would say go slowwwww... if not you will suffer panic attacks like I do fml. T_T

jean: I love my top too!! Happy color! <3 And my hair wasn't my decision la.... My hairstylist took matters into her hands.. literally. T___T Aww, have to keep long hair for wedding?? But short hair can also look super chic right! But admittedly long hair more feminine la! *gets emo again* T_T

cherry: You are so brave!!! Somemore egg your hairstylist to cut shorter!! But ya I appreciate the 'lighter' feeling, and washing hair is a breeze now! But it's more high maintenance though I feel, 'cause need to blowdry to get the right shape. T_T

xiangyun: Did you say YOUNGER??? *cups ears* 'Cause I actually thought (and worried) that I look older!!'Cause got the omega bob feel wtf. But thank you love! <3

mustardqueen: Please don't make it sound like I copied your hair please! -_- Mind that I don't even want this hairstyle, it was forced upon me fml. T_T

vic: BOB or PIXIECUT!!??? With a face of my size, I will pass!! wtf I can never carry off hair that short laaaa!! T_T

nana: THANK you! ;)

smalls: Aww you always say the right things! True friends. *touched* You will look good in any hairstyle anyway! <3

ju: Thanks for the vote of confidence love! <3 'Cause like I said, I still go through bouts of 'i hate it' when it comes to my new hairdo!!

anonymous: And thank YOU for your lovely comment! I will take heed and enjoy life to the fullest! <3

revel in me said...

RG: Aww thank you very much dear! <3

Yan Ping said...

Cute babe ! I simply adore your new look & your inspiring work outfit ! :)

Sweeli said...

OMG. I just had my haircut last week! And it's jst like yours!

You look very pretty! Girls with short hair have more attitude.! :)

Joshua said...

I always feel the need to revamp my wardrobe after haircuts...but can't afford it wtf.

Anonymous said...

super chic =)

mustardqueen said...


Lila said...

You look super adorable! :)

jeanchristie said...

i really really want short hair! .. i doubt i will keep it past your current length tho.. its long enough haha :p