Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tickle my funny bone please.

I think I am a funny girl.

I love making people laugh; and my humor ranges from being lame and crappy, acting retarded, animated, goofy, fast-witted, bimbotic, sarcastic; depending on my mood (and form wtf).

However, my favorite is when I am on a roll, and I have a swift, fast, wit comeback that catches you offguard, time and time again.

Trust me, having 6 grown men roaring with laughter at your jokes over a dining table? Gives you a fucking big high. ;)

Which is why I think all I just need to find is an equally funny soulmate, and we can take over the world.

Russel Peters, please marry me wtf.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Taboo boo boo.

Amidst glasses of white wine (for me, hard liquor for the rest), we played a game of Taboo. My retard partner was paired with me, naturally. We look at each other and shrugged nonchalantly, we pride ourselves on our synergy-- or SyNERgy (in the Hong Kong accent), like we like to pronounce it. We brushed invisible lint off our shoulders, and sat opposite each other.

The first card that he took.

"What I call my penis!! What I call my penis!!"

I gave him a "Are you fucking kidding me" look.

"Errr... Shlong? Tripod? Third limb?"

"NONONO! I always call it that wan!"

"Errr... I dunno!" as I threw him a o_O look.

Turns out it was "Snake". -_-

When he came back to sit next to me, he chastised me for not being able to read his mind.

"What happened to our SyNERgy! How could you not know???!!"

"Aiyo, I thought the nickname is Spike mah."

"Owh ya hor." As he nodded in agreement.

"But still! You are the only one who will know ok!"

DIE. Already some people in office thinks there is some romance brewing up, now he has to add oil on fire. -___________-

Later, another card that he retrieved.

"I always say that you are flat!!! You have WHAT??!!"

"Err.. Fats? Breast? Pea brain? I dunno!"

The answer was "Chest". -________-

Epic fail man our syNERgy.

But nonetheless, I was brilliant at Taboo! My first time ever playing. In fact, I was called the 'anchorwoman' of my team, hehe. Looks like those days of reading the thesaurus has come useful wtf.


Random outfit picture:

Black polyester tank dress: H & M
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Turquoise stone necklace: Forever 21
Black knotted clogs: Zara

Friday, July 23, 2010

They should ban roller coasters.

I was kidnapped to Universal Studios today!

Well, sorta. :P Today was my company's senior milestone event (yes, I am a senior now! How time flies), and we were brought to the Resort World Convention Center, with all of us expecting some kind of talk and some team-building activities perhaps.

But right after lunch they gave all of us tickets to Universal Studios! I was actually planning to go back to work right after lunch 'cause currently I am swarmed with work, but hey, I am not going to give up chilling in an amusement park on a Friday!

Details of my Friday as laid out below:

1. Got persuaded to go on a roller coaster by my friend. And throughout the ride, she was screaming, "I AM SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" to me, hahahahha. And when she wasn't shrieking that, we were both shouting with our eyes closed "IS IT OVER YET!!" The ride is damn scary! T_T

2. I went out of the roller coaster with my knees buckling, and I clung on to the first object I could get a hold on -- a rubbish bin. FML.

3. One of our team-mates (obviously the entry into the amusement park included some team activities) came out of the ride calmly with not a strand of hair out of place, and exclaimed that the ride was akin to a Lamborghini ride, just a little windy. -___- We told her that we felt like we were in a washing machine wtf.

4. Later, when other friends who have not gone on the roller coaster asked us how it was, we waved our hands dismissively and told them they it was a piece of cake. "Nothing wan la! Very slow and boring! Can paint your toenails during the ride even!" HAHAHHAAHHA

5. Our favorite moment for the day was the Shrek 4D movie 'cause i) we get to sit on comfy chairs, and ii) there was air conditioning wtf

6. We decided that we needed to go on a ride which was i) fun, ii) did not have a queue, and iii) not scary. We went on a merry-go-round.

7. I gave up drinks with my peers to go shopping with my retard partner for a farewell present for a friend. Was supposed to go back to work after shopping, but I guess time flies when you are... being retarded wtf, and by the time we were done, I couldn't be arsed to go back to office to work till midnight. On a Friday night no less!

8. So since I have a huge backlog of work built up now, it means I have to work extra long tomorrow. Tomorrow = Saturday. Just. Kill. Me. Now.


Coffeebean ice-blended coffee-based vanilla and cheesecake FTW!

You can never put down your fork near that cheesecake man, mmm.

I noticed that I am always sitting cross-legged on armchairs. -_-

I have a soft spot for pretty accessories.
Speaking of which, I bought myself a little trinket using my bonus. Pictures up soon. )

Because I looked demure wtf.

Spot Teeny's new baby! Love it to bits.


Electric blue heart-print chiffon toga top: Bangkok
Khaki flare pleated shorts and woven tan belt: Bangkok
Earrings: Chanel
White stone bangle: Zhuhai
Electric blue velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu

Have a safe trip, little one! Until our next Coffeebean escapade. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I don't have anything intelligent to say today,

So I just post pretty pink pictures, can? ;)

Pink cropped top with crotchet trimmings: Bangkok
Black cuffed pants: Bangkok
Woven tan belt: Bangkok
Pink chiffon floral headband worn as necklace): Equip, Australia
Tan clogs: Steve Madden
Dust pink rosette bag: Topshop

Yea yea, my whole current wardrobe is from Bangkok, heh.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hong Kong.

We took a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong on the 3rd day our trip... We had grand ambitions of taking the first ferry (7am, mind you) down in order not to waste any precious time.

We ended up taking the 11am one. -_- It was by no fault of ours though! Rather, the semi-finals between Germany and Spain was at fault. And partially caused by the fact that we had to wait for everyone.

In the ferry. Not a morning person, this girl.

Bug eyes and No-eyes.

Natural sunlight makes us look so fair!

Excited.. Haven't been to HK since I was 17.

My essential eye-gear: Eye mask for sleep, and sunnies for the cool factor wtf.

Her essentials.

Super glam ring wtf.

At a char chan teng!

Nai cha (milk tea). :)

Pork chop noodles.

Skin consultation at Shishedo counter. *nervous*
Beauty products are SO cheap in HK!

At our hotel room. I love fluffy anything! :P

Teeny looking super fair! Shishedo FTW!

I googled for all the yummy places to eat in HK, and managed to find this famous bubble tea shop. Our queue number was 68... whereas the current number being served then was 47. Eff our lives. T_T

Tulan of all the waiting.


Dinner.. Another famous soup noodle restaurant.They have 40-over things to choose to put in your soup!

Another cup of nai chai. :)

Toffee roasted chicken wings, nyum.

Dessert at a mango dessert parlor!

One of their specialities-- mango kuey teow. :O

Everything. has. Mango. In. It.

Baffled by all the choices.

Eagerly waiting for more food!

As we only had 2 days in HK, we decided that eating is more important than shopping. :P

We ordered a mango dessert platter, so that we could try a few things at one go. Degustation menu wtf.

Mango ice cream with jelly and mango cubes.

Mango flour ball with coconut shreds and mango filling. This was super yummy!

Mango syrup with tong yuen.

Mango overdose!

Faded denim shirtdress: Bangkok
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Satin nautical print bow headband: Bangkok
Pink canvas shoes: H & M
Bag: Miu Miu

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Macau/ Zhuhai/ HK 2010: Day 2

Dim sum breakfast at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants! Seaview complimentary. ;)

Egg tart with hasma. Which is a blessing to me, 'cause I am allergic to bird's nest! Which means bird's nest eggtarts are out of the question for me.

Bo lo pau! With custard and pineapple inside. Super yummy.

To illustrate that the above pastris are very mini and that I am not really such a glutton. Really.

Chee Cheong Fun with pork ribs! Something new eh.

Crab porridge as opposed to the usual century egg and pork porridge. ;)

Energized for shopping!

Wind in the hair.

Purple chiffon top with pearls: Bangkok
Gray flat front tuxedo shorts with cross-back: Topshop
Pearl intertwined necklace: Bangkok
Silver loafers flats: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu

Back at Venetian, Macau, chilling at Starbucks while my mom and her friends went to the casino (We are too poor to gamble!).


She requested for low fat milk, and had whipped cream???!