Sunday, August 08, 2010

HK I love you

My last batch of pictures in Hong Kong/ Macau. :)

Woke up crazy early on our last day in HK, and thought that since we did loads of eating the day before, we shall do a bit of shopping. Hence, we rushed to Ocean City Mall-- reached at approximately 9-ish am.

And found out that the shops opened at 11am FOL.

None of the eateries in the mall were opened! So we had no choice to to head to Starbucks. -___-

Had a pretty good smoked chicken wheat sandwich though!

Vanilla latte for the kickstart in the morning.

The many faces of a coffee drinker.

My home in Hong Kong, hehehe.

Back in the hotel, where we had like 10 minutes till check-out time.
Teeny was having a bout of sniffles, and was grouchy as hell. *sayangs*

Leaving with me no choice but to self-entertain.

Said by-products of self-entertainment.

Very cool number plate.

Back in Venetian to meet my mom before dinner and then heading to the airport to catch our Macau- KL flight:

Dusk pink chiffon pussybow top with puffed sleeves: Topshop
Denim high-waisted shorts: Bangkok
Bejeweled headband: Bangkok

Shoes with knitted corsage: Bangkok

Rings: Assorted

Bag: Miu Miu

Beard wtf.

Super fresh boiled mini prawns to be dipped in soy sauce with cut chillis. Such a deceptically simply dish, but it was super yummy! Evidence: 4 of us finished 1/2kg of mini prawns-- that means we both ate at least 30 prawns each wtf.

Sneakily eating an eggtart in the airport!

I think it's time for another HK trip, no? ;)


mustardqueen said...

no la dun think it's 1/2 kg, it's the kg in chinese terms. Boon gan (bat liong) wtf!

Anonymous said...

Omg i thought the photos drinking Starbucks was you! You and Teeny look so so so alike!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahaha! I wanna go to Hong Kong again /boo

anonymous: It's the hair! ;)