Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hong Kong.

We took a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong on the 3rd day our trip... We had grand ambitions of taking the first ferry (7am, mind you) down in order not to waste any precious time.

We ended up taking the 11am one. -_- It was by no fault of ours though! Rather, the semi-finals between Germany and Spain was at fault. And partially caused by the fact that we had to wait for everyone.

In the ferry. Not a morning person, this girl.

Bug eyes and No-eyes.

Natural sunlight makes us look so fair!

Excited.. Haven't been to HK since I was 17.

My essential eye-gear: Eye mask for sleep, and sunnies for the cool factor wtf.

Her essentials.

Super glam ring wtf.

At a char chan teng!

Nai cha (milk tea). :)

Pork chop noodles.

Skin consultation at Shishedo counter. *nervous*
Beauty products are SO cheap in HK!

At our hotel room. I love fluffy anything! :P

Teeny looking super fair! Shishedo FTW!

I googled for all the yummy places to eat in HK, and managed to find this famous bubble tea shop. Our queue number was 68... whereas the current number being served then was 47. Eff our lives. T_T

Tulan of all the waiting.


Dinner.. Another famous soup noodle restaurant.They have 40-over things to choose to put in your soup!

Another cup of nai chai. :)

Toffee roasted chicken wings, nyum.

Dessert at a mango dessert parlor!

One of their specialities-- mango kuey teow. :O

Everything. has. Mango. In. It.

Baffled by all the choices.

Eagerly waiting for more food!

As we only had 2 days in HK, we decided that eating is more important than shopping. :P

We ordered a mango dessert platter, so that we could try a few things at one go. Degustation menu wtf.

Mango ice cream with jelly and mango cubes.

Mango flour ball with coconut shreds and mango filling. This was super yummy!

Mango syrup with tong yuen.

Mango overdose!

Faded denim shirtdress: Bangkok
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Satin nautical print bow headband: Bangkok
Pink canvas shoes: H & M
Bag: Miu Miu


mustardqueen said...

There's so many ME in it *love wtf* hahahaaha WHEEEEE I'm seeing u again -_-

Anonymous said...

just curious, did you guys speak cantonese when you were in hk?

Anonymous said...

What a superb trip!!!!!!!!!!!
You looked super nice!
Your skin like glowing!!!!!!!
You looked super happy too!!!
Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Boooo I purposely made a trip to see you ok!! Pay me cab fare of sgd20 please wtf

anonymous: Haha, yes we did! We are rather proficient in cantonese! :P

anonymous: Haha, thank you dear! :)

xiang yun said...

P.S. selling anything from your wardrobe soon? =P everything also like so cantik!

Joce said...

aww i miss the mango mochi from hui lau shan!

Jing said...

OMG MANGO FEAST, my ultimate favourite, uhuk-uhuk!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Aww, my style has changed quite a bit in the last few months, so what you said is a huge compliment ya! :P

jing: CANNOT DAMN JELAK! I turned orange after the meal wtf

Joshua said...