Saturday, July 17, 2010

Macau/ Zhuhai/ HK 2010: Day 2

Dim sum breakfast at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants! Seaview complimentary. ;)

Egg tart with hasma. Which is a blessing to me, 'cause I am allergic to bird's nest! Which means bird's nest eggtarts are out of the question for me.

Bo lo pau! With custard and pineapple inside. Super yummy.

To illustrate that the above pastris are very mini and that I am not really such a glutton. Really.

Chee Cheong Fun with pork ribs! Something new eh.

Crab porridge as opposed to the usual century egg and pork porridge. ;)

Energized for shopping!

Wind in the hair.

Purple chiffon top with pearls: Bangkok
Gray flat front tuxedo shorts with cross-back: Topshop
Pearl intertwined necklace: Bangkok
Silver loafers flats: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu

Back at Venetian, Macau, chilling at Starbucks while my mom and her friends went to the casino (We are too poor to gamble!).


She requested for low fat milk, and had whipped cream???!


jeanchristie said...

Wtf allergic to bird's nest!!! FYL :p

Whipped cream is awesome yum!

Jing said...

Omg i miss foodie there! T____T

Espesh cos i'm going on a diet now, everything is extra tempting by 300% FML!

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, ya, quite! But I got used to it!

And aaah I don't take whipped cream of any sort!


xiang yun said...

yummyyy egg tart!! Your top super pretty also hehehe

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