Monday, July 12, 2010


Back from a super hectic trip!

KL > Macau > Zhuhai (on the same day, no less) > Macau > Hong Kong > Macau > KL

OMGGGG. Not to mentioned I lost out on a whole night's sleep 'cause I was super gung-ho to start my trip asap, and decided to catch a 6am flight. Which meant that I had to be at the airport by 4-ish. And that I had to wake up at 3am. Which pretty much left with an hour's of rest only.
(couldn't sleep in the plane, damn those Air Asia non-reclinable seats!)

At Venetian, while my mom checked out of the hotel for us (they were there one night before me) to go down to Zhuhai for a night!

Don't tell me why my mom planned the 'Venetian > Zhuhai> back to Venetian again' itenary. -_-

I thought I didn't look too shabby considering I only had 1 hour of sleep! :P

My favorite nautical girl with yummy men shoes. ;)


Gray and white striped cotton maxi dress: Bangkok
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Cream chiffon flower necklace: Forever New, Australia
Silver loafers: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu


"Faster la! The shops are waiting!"
Aggressive aunties who can out-shop me anyday. :P And I lost a leg in the process wtf.


I had severe post holiday blues today after 2 weeks of holiday (Bangkok the week before this), and adding on to the fact that my favorite retard partner was on leave, and one of my close colleagues just resigned while I was away, pretty much left me blah and unmotivated for the day. It took sheer energy to muster up enough gusto to finish up my work-- hurrah reporting deadline this Thursday. Whatever happened to offpeak man. -_- But halfway through coffee and heart-to-heart banter, I think I made the right choice. And for the first time in ages, I am excited about life. :)


mustardqueen said...

OOH OOH is it coffee and co wtf!!!! Did u finally catch the guy with the bandana WTFFFFFFFF shit I think I look quite like u in the sunnies pic =/ cept the nose la wtf

xiang yun said...

Whoa your sister Ting really looked like you in the sunnies pic!! Anyways, after seeing this post, I am leaning towards getting a maxi dress. So cantik!! :D

Jing said...


revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Who the fuck is the guy in bandana!! And what is coffee and co, hahaha..

My nose nicer! :P

xiang yun: Haha, it's the hair! GETTT ONEE!! Very comfy! :)

jing: Hahaha tanah air... Balik kampung ke China is it!