Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tickle my funny bone please.

I think I am a funny girl.

I love making people laugh; and my humor ranges from being lame and crappy, acting retarded, animated, goofy, fast-witted, bimbotic, sarcastic; depending on my mood (and form wtf).

However, my favorite is when I am on a roll, and I have a swift, fast, wit comeback that catches you offguard, time and time again.

Trust me, having 6 grown men roaring with laughter at your jokes over a dining table? Gives you a fucking big high. ;)

Which is why I think all I just need to find is an equally funny soulmate, and we can take over the world.

Russel Peters, please marry me wtf.


Sammy said...

i think russell peters is recently engaged to his girlfriend! a little too late ;P

Anonymous said...

Hello wen, i am a random reader :)

I think you are a very lucky girl!
Got looks, brains, good family!

Gambateh with whatever you do & am sure you will meet your other half who is on par with ya in near future..

Pei Y

revel in me said...


Pei Y: Wow, thanks dear! That's the sweetest thing anyone can say! :) Well said, I am just trying to be the best version of me that I can. :)

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