Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is a race.

Jac was back in Asia last month! I used 'Asia', such a general term 'cause she was back for a whirlwind Asia tour-- Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong... you name it, she has covered it!

All pictures stolen from Facebook.

Meet-up at Newton food court 'cause Jac was craving for hawker food.
Me, Jac, Erin.

Right before we were supposed to meet up, I texted Jac to ask us where we are going so that I can dress appropriately, just in case she has some posh dinner/drinks planned. She told me that we were going to the food court, and that she is just wearing shorts; there is no need to dress up.

When she came down to the hotel lobby, the woman was wearing a full chiffon backless maxi dress!! -___-

We went to Clarke Quay for drinks after that:

Gray striped flared dress with navy chiffon rosette neckline: Bangkok
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Silver loafer flats: Zhuhai
Bag: Louis Vuitton

We went the Clinic, a tongue-in-cheek hospital themed bar. We are talking about hospital whites, colourful pills, syringes, drips, test-tubes and paraphernalia in all manner of the clinical!

Kevin having the cocktail from a blood bag attached to a drip that you suck through a straw; and Jac sucking on 'blood' from a stringe.

Empty syringes!

Giving our best druggie faces.

The best part of Clinic is the fact that instead of boring old barstools, we get hospital wheel chairs to whiz around! :D

Hahahaha, we were challenging each other to a wheelchair race.

Get set.. Off we go!

It's not easy to roll the wheelchairs using purely our hands... And once we reached the other end of the walkway, I had trouble turning the wheelchair so that I could move the opposite direction back to the starting point.

As I was struggling, suddenly a random guy popped out and pushed me back to our table and told me "Here you go.".

Damn shy! T__T

Pushed back to the table. T_T

Then the guys did their manly trash talk, and raced each other. And within 5 minutes, the waiters ran after them and pushed them back the table as well. Hahaha, push of shame wtf.

Giggly. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cendol on a hot sunny afternoon.

Is bliss.

Gray lace top with black silk bow: Glasson, Australia
Black tube (layered underneath): Seed

Gray tuxedo high-waisted shorts: Topshop
Silver bangles: Assorted

Earrings: Chanel

Black lace pumps: Zhuhai

Bag: Gucci


It just hit me that I have three formal dinners coming up in September! In the following order: my cousin's wedding, company's annual dinner, and my friend's wedding which I am going to emcee. I have no idea what to wear!!! This doesn't sound like me, hmm.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Banyan tak jadi.

One of the things my dad couldn't stop talking about right before our Bangkok trip was Moon Bar at Banyan Tree.
The link shows the sexiest bars in the world, and it featured this pick-up line:
"I don't know what's hotter, you or this 96 percent humidity." HAHAHA

Granted, Sirocco is the definitely the most popular rooftop bar in Bangkok, but my family has already went on their last trip to Bangkok (without me). And apparently they had no plans to bring me there. Harrumph.

Watching World Cup while waiting for our parents to get ready in their room.

Yea, what is the world coming to! Waiting for parents to get ready, tsk tsk.

It was a good face, good hair day, hence tonnes of pictures. :P

My deejay face wtf.

I love my hair here! If only it looks like that all the time. T_T

Well, guess what. As luck may have it, it was raining on that night, and Moon Bar was closed (as it is a fully open-air bar)!FOL to the maximum. We tried our luck for awhile-- waiting in Banyan Tree's lobby in the hopes that the rain will subside soon and the bar will be reopened (as informed by the reception), but alas, no such luck!

So we made our way back to our hotel, Dusit Thani, for a drink in the lounge.

By the way, I really enjoyed our stay in Dusit Thani! It is one of the oldest hotels in Bangkok (but newly refurbished), and it's where all the royalties (and celebrities) stay when they are in Bangkok. There is this touch of tradition and culture in the hotel, fused with a sense of modernity, which I really liked. And how many hotels have you been to that has its very own elephant?? :P

Funky lights.

Pictures of us in the lounge:

Woman: energetic.

Woman: Sprightly.

Man: Smashed after only one day of shopping tsk tsk.

Wry smile on my face 'cause my dad was attacking us with lame jokes. -_-

An example:

A boss told his sexy secretary,"Do you want me to let the jaguar and its spanking new tyres out of the garage?", and proceeded to take off his pants.

The secretary told him: "All I see is an old Volkswagen with two flat tyres".

WTFF how to laugh at this type of jokes la!


Black tube dress with beaded bow and exposed zipper: Topshop
Earrings: Chanel
Black and white pearl cuff/ Black enamel bangle with pearls: Singapore
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu


I have so much fear and uncertainty in myself now. But what if I tell you that this is the bravest I have been in my life.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diamonds in my rice.

When I was back last weekend, I brought my family out for dinner as an early birthday celebration for my dad, my treat.

I texted him earlier on, asking him where did he want to go for dinner, and he told me that he will decide.

We ended up at Gu Yue Tien at Chulan Square (opposite Pavilion), an unsettling feeling in my stomach 'cause I vaguely remembered my dad told me that it's the most expensive restaurant in KL. -_-

Sure enough, not long after we were seated, my dad started doing a brief intro of the restaurant to my grandparents, about how the restaurant is arguably one of the best in town, and surely one of the most expensive in KL.


Doesn't help that he ordered dishes which sounded really fancy. Why, even the fried rice that he ordered was called Rich Man fried rice ('yao chin lou chao fan' in cantonese) WTF.

Gu Yue Tien is apparently well known for their ala carte dishes, i.e. each person gets an individual portion, quite unlike the usual Chinese meals.

We had sliced conch (a type of sea snail) in a refreshing, slightly sour, tangy sauce as a starter.

Right before this dish came up, my dad told my grandpa, "Oh ya, you eat half boiled egg every morning right, I ordered one for you" while my grandpa look confused, hahaha.

It turned out to be braised sauce with little cubes of foie gras in the egg shell! Along a perfect half boiled egg yolk (I don't know where the egg white went wtf)! Magnificent.

Grilled giant scallop with foie gras to top it off, and jackfruit sauce lightly dribbled over it.

You heard me right, jackfruit sauce!! My dad's favorite dish in the restaurant.

Pork ribs, lightly fried to perfection. It was just the right blend of tender flesh and fats. I hate fats of any type! But this was just heavenly...

Said Rich Man fried rice wtf.

My dad right before we digged into the rice:
"Be careful ar, very hard"
Us: *confused*
Dad: "Got diamonds inside la" WTF

There was nothing expensive or out of the norm in the fried rice (and definitely no diamonds wtf), other than pumpkin cubes, but it was very fragrant and yummy nonetheless. :)

And for dessert, we had FRIED WATERMELON!

Watch this short video below:

Tada! They served black vinegar with it.

Very, very interesting. ;)

Mandatory family shot. Will my stupid sisters come home already!


I was asking Teeny what do I call conch (refer to the first dish detailed on top).

shellfish ar

i thought so too... but shellfish sounds so... raw wtf

i google its conch wor wtf


but conch very big wor
like u know the little mermaid that kinda conch WTF
can use as phone in the underwater world wtf
tai kor tai




but hor i think i recall a certain cartoon got use that as a telecommunication device wtf

HAHHAHAHHAHHA and then she proceeded to post this as her Facebook status:

Can anyone tell me if any cartoon that has a underwater world theme uses a Conch as a telecommunication device wtf? Little Mermaid?? Or am I imagining wtf

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA she just won't give up!!!

By the way, a conch looks like that wtf:

Update: She just posted the link for this video on my Facebook :

There's magic conches, farts, and dancing!

HAHAHHAHAHHA I cannot take this I am going to die of laughter right now HAHAHHAHAHHA

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Day 2

Day 2 was a Sunday... And Sundays always mean Chatchuchak days!

Getting well-equipped for a day of full-on battle-- can't you see the dough in my hands? :P

Unglam shot of me running around try to scheme of how to hide the mineral water so that the hotel would give us more bottles of water. *shy*

At Chatchuchak! Don't know why I looked so stiff here.

A happy, colorful for our morning pick-me-up!

I love Thai iced tea. :)
And yes, compared to the picture before this, I do seemed to be carrying a lot more bags, heh.

Tourist Jing!

Shopping comrades.

A whirlwind of activity.

The shops at Chatchuchak (and in most budget shopping areas in Bangkok) do not have changing rooms, so what they do is they give you a piece of long black skirt and you change underneath it! A mighty test of skill, I am telling you.

We look very serene in the picture, but right before the photo was snapped, we bought out the shop. No, serious.

Lunch time at a Teo Chew restaurant.

I was complaining that it was day 2 in Bangkok, and I still haven't had a Thai meal! It was Italian the night before, and Teo Chew for lunch. My parents and sister smirked at me mysteriously, and told me to try the food before making any judgment.


Deceptively simple Chee Cheong Fun with crab meat filling. It was better than chee cheong fun in HK!

Similarly, another two simple dishes-- deep fried spring rolls with pork (and possibly fish) filling, and fried pork and crabmeat ball.

So yummy, that I kept on playing the sympathy card on my parents ('cause the last time my family went to Bangkok without me, they tried out this Teo Chew restaurant whereas it was only my first time there) to get the last piece!

Oh wait, my girlfriends told me that if we take the last piece of food on the plate, we will be an old maid for life FML.

Or Ni, mashed yam, a slightly savory dessert. I am not sure whether it's a Teochew or Hokkien specialty though?

Being mummy's little girl i.e. sitting on her lap and her legs didn't break.
And is that my dad eating a spring roll and snapping a photo of us at the same time??

Dad shocked us by suddenly whipping out a half-eaten coconut. -__-
Turns out that he tapau-ed it from Chatchuchak 'cause he didn't want to waste food, haha.

Camwhoring in the train station while dad ran back to the hotel to put down our shopping bags. That's a real man there. T_T

Mother daughter trio.


Stylo-mylo wtf.

Pale pink and black striped chiffon top with ruffles: Topshop
Faded denim cut-off shorts: Cotton On
Long necklace with charms (dove, key, fairy, cupcake :P): Miss Selfridge
Pearl bangle: Diva
Pale pink cuff with gold bow: Bangkok
Black mouse flats: Zhuhai
Dust pink rosette bag: Topshop

Teeny HAHAHA. And that's me in the background!

And finally, a Thai dinner at a Royal Thai restaurant.

In Thailand, if a restaurant is branded as 'Royal Thai', it means the King has dined there before. I have forgotten the name of the restaurant, but I have its namecard somewhere! :)

Thickest menu in the world.

Dad did the manly thing of ordering...

... while we camwhored. :P

Appetiser: Fried flowers.

This is my favorite snack, ever! There were about 4 types of flowers on the platter, and believe it or not, each flower does taste different from the others! We each had our favorite flower. :)

Clay bowls to keep the rice piping hot.

Roasted beef with a twist. The twist being a spicy, tangy Thai sauce to go with the succulent, medium-done beef slices.

Deep fried soft shell crab in a curried egg sauce.

Roasted duck curry.

King prawn tom yum-- one of the house specials.
A bowl (meant for 1 pax, though we had one to share) will set you back about RM65.

Deep fried cat fish. See the fried crumbs on top? They are actually fried crisps of the fish flesh! A really unique dish, not to mention extremely delicious.

Desserts: Banana in sweetened coconut milk, and black glutinous rice in the same sinful liquid.

Happy diners! One of the most impressive Thai restaurants I have been to. :)

Thank god I found a similarly good one in KL! ^_^ wtf

Rotund at the end of the night. :)