Friday, August 27, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Banyan tak jadi.

One of the things my dad couldn't stop talking about right before our Bangkok trip was Moon Bar at Banyan Tree.
The link shows the sexiest bars in the world, and it featured this pick-up line:
"I don't know what's hotter, you or this 96 percent humidity." HAHAHA

Granted, Sirocco is the definitely the most popular rooftop bar in Bangkok, but my family has already went on their last trip to Bangkok (without me). And apparently they had no plans to bring me there. Harrumph.

Watching World Cup while waiting for our parents to get ready in their room.

Yea, what is the world coming to! Waiting for parents to get ready, tsk tsk.

It was a good face, good hair day, hence tonnes of pictures. :P

My deejay face wtf.

I love my hair here! If only it looks like that all the time. T_T

Well, guess what. As luck may have it, it was raining on that night, and Moon Bar was closed (as it is a fully open-air bar)!FOL to the maximum. We tried our luck for awhile-- waiting in Banyan Tree's lobby in the hopes that the rain will subside soon and the bar will be reopened (as informed by the reception), but alas, no such luck!

So we made our way back to our hotel, Dusit Thani, for a drink in the lounge.

By the way, I really enjoyed our stay in Dusit Thani! It is one of the oldest hotels in Bangkok (but newly refurbished), and it's where all the royalties (and celebrities) stay when they are in Bangkok. There is this touch of tradition and culture in the hotel, fused with a sense of modernity, which I really liked. And how many hotels have you been to that has its very own elephant?? :P

Funky lights.

Pictures of us in the lounge:

Woman: energetic.

Woman: Sprightly.

Man: Smashed after only one day of shopping tsk tsk.

Wry smile on my face 'cause my dad was attacking us with lame jokes. -_-

An example:

A boss told his sexy secretary,"Do you want me to let the jaguar and its spanking new tyres out of the garage?", and proceeded to take off his pants.

The secretary told him: "All I see is an old Volkswagen with two flat tyres".

WTFF how to laugh at this type of jokes la!


Black tube dress with beaded bow and exposed zipper: Topshop
Earrings: Chanel
Black and white pearl cuff/ Black enamel bangle with pearls: Singapore
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu


I have so much fear and uncertainty in myself now. But what if I tell you that this is the bravest I have been in my life.


misshazel said...

stay strong <3

karen said...

hi there, been following ur blog for quite some time. u have an interisting blog, keep it up!
btw i love ur chanel earings! is that crystal or diamond? so loving!

mustardqueen said...

bravery and uncertainty. You must have the bravery to go face the uncertainties. It's always like that. :D

xiang yun said...

Uncertainty is only what you make of it dear. Take control of the situation and you're not uncertain anymore..? F all that shit ahaha! Sometimes we need to go through tumbles and fumbles to get to where we wanna be :D fight on, grasshoppa!

revel in me said...

misshazel: I am! *flex muscles* :)

karen: Thanks dear! It's crystal, I can't afford diamonds yet! ;)

mustardqueen: I need your love in time of uncertainties. <3

xiang yun: Well said! Haiyak! (*fighting wtf)

mustardqueen said...

anytime. :)