Monday, August 23, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Day 2

Day 2 was a Sunday... And Sundays always mean Chatchuchak days!

Getting well-equipped for a day of full-on battle-- can't you see the dough in my hands? :P

Unglam shot of me running around try to scheme of how to hide the mineral water so that the hotel would give us more bottles of water. *shy*

At Chatchuchak! Don't know why I looked so stiff here.

A happy, colorful for our morning pick-me-up!

I love Thai iced tea. :)
And yes, compared to the picture before this, I do seemed to be carrying a lot more bags, heh.

Tourist Jing!

Shopping comrades.

A whirlwind of activity.

The shops at Chatchuchak (and in most budget shopping areas in Bangkok) do not have changing rooms, so what they do is they give you a piece of long black skirt and you change underneath it! A mighty test of skill, I am telling you.

We look very serene in the picture, but right before the photo was snapped, we bought out the shop. No, serious.

Lunch time at a Teo Chew restaurant.

I was complaining that it was day 2 in Bangkok, and I still haven't had a Thai meal! It was Italian the night before, and Teo Chew for lunch. My parents and sister smirked at me mysteriously, and told me to try the food before making any judgment.


Deceptively simple Chee Cheong Fun with crab meat filling. It was better than chee cheong fun in HK!

Similarly, another two simple dishes-- deep fried spring rolls with pork (and possibly fish) filling, and fried pork and crabmeat ball.

So yummy, that I kept on playing the sympathy card on my parents ('cause the last time my family went to Bangkok without me, they tried out this Teo Chew restaurant whereas it was only my first time there) to get the last piece!

Oh wait, my girlfriends told me that if we take the last piece of food on the plate, we will be an old maid for life FML.

Or Ni, mashed yam, a slightly savory dessert. I am not sure whether it's a Teochew or Hokkien specialty though?

Being mummy's little girl i.e. sitting on her lap and her legs didn't break.
And is that my dad eating a spring roll and snapping a photo of us at the same time??

Dad shocked us by suddenly whipping out a half-eaten coconut. -__-
Turns out that he tapau-ed it from Chatchuchak 'cause he didn't want to waste food, haha.

Camwhoring in the train station while dad ran back to the hotel to put down our shopping bags. That's a real man there. T_T

Mother daughter trio.


Stylo-mylo wtf.

Pale pink and black striped chiffon top with ruffles: Topshop
Faded denim cut-off shorts: Cotton On
Long necklace with charms (dove, key, fairy, cupcake :P): Miss Selfridge
Pearl bangle: Diva
Pale pink cuff with gold bow: Bangkok
Black mouse flats: Zhuhai
Dust pink rosette bag: Topshop

Teeny HAHAHA. And that's me in the background!

And finally, a Thai dinner at a Royal Thai restaurant.

In Thailand, if a restaurant is branded as 'Royal Thai', it means the King has dined there before. I have forgotten the name of the restaurant, but I have its namecard somewhere! :)

Thickest menu in the world.

Dad did the manly thing of ordering...

... while we camwhored. :P

Appetiser: Fried flowers.

This is my favorite snack, ever! There were about 4 types of flowers on the platter, and believe it or not, each flower does taste different from the others! We each had our favorite flower. :)

Clay bowls to keep the rice piping hot.

Roasted beef with a twist. The twist being a spicy, tangy Thai sauce to go with the succulent, medium-done beef slices.

Deep fried soft shell crab in a curried egg sauce.

Roasted duck curry.

King prawn tom yum-- one of the house specials.
A bowl (meant for 1 pax, though we had one to share) will set you back about RM65.

Deep fried cat fish. See the fried crumbs on top? They are actually fried crisps of the fish flesh! A really unique dish, not to mention extremely delicious.

Desserts: Banana in sweetened coconut milk, and black glutinous rice in the same sinful liquid.

Happy diners! One of the most impressive Thai restaurants I have been to. :)

Thank god I found a similarly good one in KL! ^_^ wtf

Rotund at the end of the night. :)


Isabella said...

I love the pictures and the food looks awesome hehe

Anonymous said...

er ... where is the similarly good one in kl ?

xiang yun said...

You prolly heard this before, but you and your mum have the same crescent-eyed smile :D

mustardqueen said...




Lynn said...

May I know where is the teo chew restaurant, please? please.... I'm going bangkok this Thursday... XD

revel in me said...

miss flyhigh: It TASTED awesome! :P

anonymous: Erawan in Kota D'sara!

xiang yun: Actually that's the first time I've heard of that! :)

mustardqueen: *sayangs*(not 'cause we tagged you as the lion right wtf)

Shirley lynn: I can't remember the name or the directions! I got the card, but it's in KL... But my dad knows! He's at his b'day dinner now, I will ask him tomorrow or something.. Remind me!! :P

Anonymous said...

hehe! i love u!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

hello! have you been able to ask your dad the names and addresses of the above restaurants (that is, the 'teochew' restaurant and the 'royal thai' restaurant.

i know you're busy, but i hope you can help find that out as i am keen to try out those places when i go to bangkok in the near future :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I know this is an old post, but do you mind telling me the name and location of the Teochew restaurant? Thanks!