Friday, August 20, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Taking off.

Ok I am going to post pictures of my Bangkok trip now, 'cause I realised my hair looked damn nice throughout the trip. *bimbo*

Waiting for boarding time. I realised I shouldn't have titled the post 'Bangkok 2010', 'cause hopefully there are still more BKK trips to come this year!

*prays to shopping god wtf*

With Jing who ignored me 'cause she was preoccupied with her Iphone, harrumph.

Well, look who has got a smartphone as well now!! *waves BB*

With mom, who sneakily hides behind me in the photo so that I appear larger than life fml.

Practising running in a blur for all the shopping ahead of us. ;)

Poster ad for Air Asia.

Cheesy tourist pictures:

Gray cropped sweater: Topshop
Ripped cropped striped denim pants: Forever 21
Pink striped shawl: Cotton On
Earrings: Chanel
Black enamel bangle with pearls: Singapore
Nude flats with corsage: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

My mom loved my outfit that day! And she NEVER likes anything that we wear. -_- So much so that she looked high and low during the Bangkok trip for similar cropped pants as the ones I was wearing. :P


smalls said...

im loving your dressing! :)

Sheanne said...

Hey yaaaa, what have you done to your hair? tong it? it looks goood! do a blog entry on it PLSSSSSS! *puppies eyes*

xiang yun said...

I agree with you mum on your dressing :D

Isabella said...

I've always loved your blog!

Tres cute :)

revel in me said...

Smalls: heeee <3

Sheanne: I got it done at a salon! I'm very noob with hair.. T_T

Xiangyun: thanks love! :)

Miss flyhigh: thank you,dear. <3

janis said...

ya, u dress a bit normal here. most times it's over the top, which i dun think it flatters u

revel in me said...

Janis: and I will care about what you think because..?

Jing said...

Janis: Show us your 'normal outfits', we're dyinggggg to get some tips from you, Miss-Expert-in-Fashion! ;)

janis said...

i dun mean it in a rude way...

revel in me said...

janis: No hard feelings!

Anonymous said...

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