Sunday, August 01, 2010

I wish I met you earlier.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a Blackberry for sometime, and has recently decided to take the plunge.

While Teeny was back, I was lazing on her bed, and as an off-hand remark, I said, "Aaaah I wish I can buy my BB as soon as possible!"

And she went "Huh, don't have to buy! I have!"

I sat up straight on her bed, perplexed. "You have??"

"Yaya! Brand new! Never used before! I give you la!" She replied.

This was what she handed to me.

BB cream.


Anyway, after much scurrying around (went to 3 different Maxis centers-- BBs were out of stock everywhere), I have gotten a new partner in life:

Loving it!


mustardqueen said...

HOW I KNOW U WERE REFERRING TO THAT BB!!!! -_- In my life no such thing as blackberry exist in my life lor so I only know about BB cream wtf!

jeanchristie said...

That's the BB Curve right? I'm deciding between a BB and an Iphone >.<

Anonymous said...

Babe, your sis is so cute!


jaclyn said...

pls leave credit of your gorgeous theme to me k thanks i love you :)

Katie ♥ said...

i cant live without my bb anymore :) most amazing technology ever WTF

tze said...

bb pin pleaseeeeeee pm me on fb!

xiang yun said...

I want one too!!!! I think me and bf gonna each get one so we can be the coolest couple wtf. Happy for you lo *jealous hahahha

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Well now you know please get one thank you very much!

jean: It's the Bold! I don't like touch screens, so the iphone was a no-no for me!

michelle: More like ignorant! :P

jaclyn: Credit to wtf. Haha you know I love you! <3

katie: Smartest thing in the world!

tze: Getting to it nowww!

xiang yun: Haha. you should! Then you can BBM each other at work all the time. :D

Simon Seow said...

Digi don't have Black Berry?

revel in me said...

simon: I am not so sure about digi, I am a maxis user, but I reckon every telco provider should have a BB plan? :)