Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is a race.

Jac was back in Asia last month! I used 'Asia', such a general term 'cause she was back for a whirlwind Asia tour-- Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong... you name it, she has covered it!

All pictures stolen from Facebook.

Meet-up at Newton food court 'cause Jac was craving for hawker food.
Me, Jac, Erin.

Right before we were supposed to meet up, I texted Jac to ask us where we are going so that I can dress appropriately, just in case she has some posh dinner/drinks planned. She told me that we were going to the food court, and that she is just wearing shorts; there is no need to dress up.

When she came down to the hotel lobby, the woman was wearing a full chiffon backless maxi dress!! -___-

We went to Clarke Quay for drinks after that:

Gray striped flared dress with navy chiffon rosette neckline: Bangkok
Tan woven belt: Bangkok
Silver loafer flats: Zhuhai
Bag: Louis Vuitton

We went the Clinic, a tongue-in-cheek hospital themed bar. We are talking about hospital whites, colourful pills, syringes, drips, test-tubes and paraphernalia in all manner of the clinical!

Kevin having the cocktail from a blood bag attached to a drip that you suck through a straw; and Jac sucking on 'blood' from a stringe.

Empty syringes!

Giving our best druggie faces.

The best part of Clinic is the fact that instead of boring old barstools, we get hospital wheel chairs to whiz around! :D

Hahahaha, we were challenging each other to a wheelchair race.

Get set.. Off we go!

It's not easy to roll the wheelchairs using purely our hands... And once we reached the other end of the walkway, I had trouble turning the wheelchair so that I could move the opposite direction back to the starting point.

As I was struggling, suddenly a random guy popped out and pushed me back to our table and told me "Here you go.".

Damn shy! T__T

Pushed back to the table. T_T

Then the guys did their manly trash talk, and raced each other. And within 5 minutes, the waiters ran after them and pushed them back the table as well. Hahaha, push of shame wtf.

Giggly. :)