Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smile, and the world smiles with you.

I believe in sincerity.

I believe in being kind to others.

I believe a smile can do powerful things.

I believe good things happen to good people.


Someone once told me I have the most beautiful smile in the world.

I do agree wtf.


fourfeetnine said...

is that you on the left? why look so different WTF

Myne said...

You have a lovely smile.

Joshua said...

I forgot to tell you when I saw you in Starbucks the other day, YOUR SKIN IS VERY NICE. :D

And you also look fucking skinny lately. HATE YOUUUUU

xiang yun said...

A smile is free yet so many people are unwilling to give it away. :) do go on smiling in times of unhappiness, it does wonders.=]

revel in me said...

forufeetnine: Left side or right side prettier ar WTF

myne: Thank you! But I hope you didn't judge it on the picture in this post, haha

joshua: OMGGGGG why are you so sweet! T____T Got meh!! The same what.. T___T Waitamin, aren't you the one who smaller-sized pants than me??!!! HATECHUUUU

xiang yun: Mine is always up for grabs! :D