Friday, September 10, 2010

Take the plunge.

Exciting things are in store for me. ;)

Polka dot chiffon ruffled top: Zara
White shorts: Cotton On
Bronze and pearl ring necklace: Topshop
Black lace pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Chanel


A busy weekend ahead for me-- parents coming down tomorrow and my cousin's wedding the day after. Looking forward to babying my parents for a change, great food and dolling up!

Expecting lots of tears (from me) at the wedding though. -_-


Anonymous said...

Love your top! Did you get it from Zara in KL?


pj said...

nice polka dots.. i like polka dots

Xen ♥ said...

so many ppl getting married this time of the year.. but i love wedding dinners so cant complain ;D looking good as usual!

revel in me said...

michelle: I actually got it from ZARA in HK! But I have seen it in KL before! :)

pj: Retrooooo!

xen: Weddings make me cry! :( Hee thanks dear! We really should meet up soon, y'know! *frowns*