Monday, August 16, 2010


We got changed separately, and walked to the car one after the another, so we didn't really have a good look of what we were both wearing.

It wasn't till we were at the restaurant, that we got a full once-over of each other, and realised that we had almost identical outfits on:

Long sleeved sheer chiffon tops -Check
Shorts with bow at the pockets- Check
Hair with blown-in ends- Check
Animal print shoes- Check
Oversized rings- Check

Giving each other bitchy stares 'cause of the identical outfits, hahaha.
(Teeny mastered it down to pat-- check out the slitty eyes and flared nostrils, haha)

Taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other wtf.


I feel very vulnerable with my butt facing you all wtf.

Nude chiffon shirt with ruffled back: Korean boutique in Times Square
Turquoise flared shorts with bow pockets: Bangkok
Oversized faux pearl ring: Topshop
Leopard print faux ponyhair pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Marc Jacobs

I found this shop which sells adorable Korean clothes! I have always love Korean fashion, very timeless and classy, mmm.


sherlyn said...

omg! both of u so cute!!!! i love ur hairstyle! suit u both! should've told Jing to share the same hairstyle! hwhwhe then it would be twin + 1~ ahah

xiang yun said...

Yerrr your shoes damn nice lor!! Wah your sister Ting really got the gangster look hehehe having sisters is fun, huh?

mustardqueen said...

I have mastered the WHAT CHU WEARING look hahahahahaha =P

Anonymous said...

U are seriously getting pretty and prettier each day, it looks like you are the youngest among the 3 sisters .... opsssss ;)

xiang yun said...

One more thing.. how you make your hair so blown in wtf? I tried but I can't master the technique.. maybe my hair is too limp? Do you use curling thongs to curl the ends? aihhh =/

Unknown said...

i love the Korean boutique in Times Square too! is it the one with everything going for rm29.90? shhhh lets keep it as a secret. :D

Jing said...

I still do not know what got into me that time, why didn't i get your MJ bag! T__________T

And i saw this girl wearing the almost exact same outfit as u on LB! :D

Anonymous said...

gal,u mind to share the name of the korean boutique n which floor is it located? thanks! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi there, your hair looks gorgeous! Am a fan of your blog! :D I love Korean clothes! I'm from Singapore and will be going to KL for a shopping+fooding trip next weekend. Please divulge the shop that carries Korean fashion if you don't mind, I'd appreciate any advise/your fav shopping+fooding spots in KL! :D Thank youuu! *kiss*


revel in me said...

sherlyn: Haha, thanks dear! I don't think jing would be up for the idea of the same hairstyle though! ;)

xiang yun: Heee nice right! But not cheap, especially considering it's from Zhuhai. Yup I can't imagine life without my sisters! <3

mustardqueen: Bitchy bitchy!

anonymous: Wow thanks dear! I will keep up my shishedo regime hahaha

xiang yun: It was a happy salon hair day, haha! I can't possibly recreate the same look, no matter how much I try FML.

kampungboycitygal: Hmm the shop that I go to has stuff priced up to RM100-over! But there is a rack of RM20-over stuff though, not sure whether it's the same shop? :)

jing: 'Cause you were poor then? :P How nice or not my outfit! <3

anonymous: Hey dear, I stumbled upon it myself! Not really sure of my tracks to the discovery of the shop.. T_T It's at the higher floors though! :)

v: AAHHHHHH ok shopping you can go to Bangsar telawi area (look out for Tea & Sympathy), can try Curve weekend bazaar, and oh do look out for for bazaars/fleas on the weekend that you will be around! Other than that I don't shop WTF. Now for food on the other hand, I have loads of recommendations! Must eat Nirvana banana leaf rice (at bangsar telawi), bak kut teh at klang.. Siew yuk (roasted pork) at KL behind times square... Thai food at Erawan at kota damansara.. Pork burger at Christang, mamak food at Murni SS2... Nasi lemak at Village Park at Uptown DU... AAHHH so many places! Move to KL la hahaha. Let me know what you are looking out for, like best dim sum, best milk tea, best ais kacang, best chinese food, best italian restaurant bla bla bla, and I will try to help! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again, oh gosh you are a complete doll!! Thank you SO much for all the places you've listed out. Believe it or not, I've copied and paste them into my phone for reference! So excited about my trip, and you just made me even more excited. Thank you a hundred million times sweetie! :D