Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first time stint.

People weren't kidding when they tell me that I am one of the most animated person that they know:


Yes, pictures from Calvin and Christina's wedding! Also known as the First Wedding I have Emcee-ed.

Co-host and I. Doesn't this picture look like a poster for some gameshow?

Jason. One of my most caring guy friends in SG.

They told me that my face looked big in the pictures above (which I beg to differ!), so this was my solution:

Retard #1, Retard #2 and Ultimate Retard.
Jason took his retardness a little too far, haha.

Officially Mister and Missus!
The little girl on the right (who is picking her nose wtf) was such a friendly kid! Within 2 minutes of talking to her, she has given me her brother's toy bus and 2 miniature cars. She also gave me a bouquet of red roses at the end of the night.

Yes, I am very good with kids! :P

The above is also the only picture you will see of the newly-weds! Smalls commented on my Facebook that I have only 2 pictures of the couple, and 50-over pictures of me, hahaha. To my defense, my camera wasn't with me for most of the time (I was onstage mostly), and knowing the couple forked out thousands for their entourage of photographers, I don't even dare to whip out my wimpy pink camera! The pictures of me (such as the candid ones above) were taken by my colleague to irritate me, hahaha.

Pale yellow tulle dress with weaving and rosette detailing: Bangkok
Diamante earrings: H & M
Cream embellished bow bracelets: Topshop
Glitter bejewelled peeptoe heels: Guess
Clutch (not shown): Louis Vuitton

A better picture of my dress... sorta. It's really hard to find a picture of my dress which shows of the details properly! Those with the flash on make my dress look like a plain white dress, whereas those without flash is too dark to see the details. :(

Oh well, better if you all can't see it clearly! Then I can rewear it, hehe. It's SOOOO pretty that don't be surprised if you see me wearing it for my wedding wtf.

Ex-colleagues and soon-to-be ex-colleagues!

The groom, and the first senior I have ever worked with. :)

Retard partner, 'nuff said.

In this picture, he is bending! Because our height disparity is really too huge. T__T He asked me why didn't I stand on a crate onstage so that we could look more matching, fml. I have this picture of us together with him standing in his full height, but I am not going to post it here to embarrass myself! Heh.

You know what they say about audit having a high staff turnover?

These are all my ex-colleagues who have resigned over the past 2 years! Please take note that my ex-unit (we have merged with another unit last year) had only 20-over employees, and not all my colleagues who have resigned came for Calvin's wedding! You can imagine how scary the turnover is.

By the way, we were standing in sequence of our resignations! I am the latest. Or rather, was the latest. My retard partner has also joined me in our quest for freedom since. ;)


My favorite people at work. :)

Our emcee-ing went well, we think. Whilst I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable experience ('cause I didn't get to eat!! Food is very important to me, haha), I am just very happy that I could contribute in some ways to Calvin's big day. :) He is one of the most generous person that I know of, and as life is full of paradoxes, he is also one of the bitchiest males around, haha.

By the way, he wanted me to go for the morning gatecrashing/ tea ceremoney as one of his 'brothers' which I refused profusely ("WHICH PART OF ME LOOKS LIKE A MAN???"). :P

Ending with some pictures of me and my partner-in-crime:

Do you think I can now go chase after my dream to be a stand up comedian?
Or maybe a clown wtf.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Shake it.

Oh oh.

Shake it.

Recently I have acquired a new obsession!
Ok, it's not THAT new.

Basically I have had an ongoing love with Mcshaker fries since it was first released many years ago. Maybe when I was in pre-university year? I remember that was when I first learned how to drive, and everyday I would make my round to the McD's drive-tru and get a packet of Hot & Spicy Mcshaker fries.

I also put on 5 kgs during that time. -_-
Thank god the McShaker was available for a limited time only.

I loved Mcshaker fries so much that sometime ago M'sia relaunched Mcshaker, and 'cause I was working in Singapore, my ex bought me 10 packets of Hot & Spicy powder sachets to bring back to Singapore-- I thought I was the luckiest girl alive, haha.

Over the years, I have tried many flavors of Mcshaker fries, such as Hot & Spicy (still my favorite to date), BBQ, wasabi, seeweed and honey chipotle.

Recently, I found out M'sia has launched another new flavor!

Cheese Mcshaker!!!

All smiles when I am shakin' it. :D

It tasted like Super Rings, french fries version. Artificial, orange goodness.

And look what I found recently!

KFC launched a Popcorn Shaker!

It's popcorn chicken, to be shaken with a curry powder. Pretty yummy, though 'cause I had take-away KFC, there was condensation on the container (as you can also see from the picture), so the chicken + powder ended up a little soggy. It reminded me of Uncle Bob's chicken though. YOU KNOW UNCLE BOB??? It's this really famous fried chicken (dusted with spicy powder), found in all renowned pasar malams wtf.

Yes, I know, I have too much fast food for my own good.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I ate gold as a snack.

I survived my first stint as a wedding host!

Haven't gotten to editing my pictures from last night, not many of them ('cause I was onstage half of the time), but enough to keep you entertained (close to 100 wtf).

Slept at almost 4 yesterday, trying to finish the 3 bottles of champagne that the couple bought, and 1 more extra bottle courtesy of the hotel PLUS the unfinished bottles of wine from the wedding banquet. -__-

Today was a slow day at the manor. Tucked in the super comfy king-sized bedwatching Slumdog Millionaire (which I really enjoyed!) , and having a curry pastry (I chose curry to match the Mumbai theme WTF) bought lovingly by the couple from Delifrance as my breakfast. Dozing off on the cushy sofa, then wake up to wake other people up ("I', bored!! Talk to me!"), dozing off again and surfing/ messaging on my BB before yep, you got it, dozing off again. Only checked out at about 6pm, and had my first meal only in the evening-- an overpriced meal at Kim Gary (because I am paying double in Singapore!). Yakked my mouth off, and couldn't help reminiscing about the fun times I have had with my colleagues. Soon to be ex-colleagues. :(

Back to the manor, it was super awesome! Fresh orchids everywhere. A fully stocked fridge (juices, soda, mineral water...) Fruit baskets, chocolates, energy bars for your taking.. State o the art kitchen. Champage on the house. Private pool. Very impressive master bedroom with lotsa nooks and crooks for kinky sex WTF. Bedrooms with private bathrooms. Outdoor shower area.
By the way, a night at the manor cost SGD8K. -____________- Crazy! Insane! I would never be able to afford another night at the manor (for now). Scratch that, even I can afford it, I wouldn't splurge RM20K on a night's stay!

Some pictures of the manor for now:

Private pool for the win!

It's a mini infinity pool! Which is sort of an oxymoron wtf.
Didn't get to go into the pool though, I forgot to bring swimwear. Though right before we left, I did wade in the pool a bit, and stomping all over the stone floor to make stone footprint patterns with my colleague.

The bedroom for the boys during the night (there were quite a couple of us who bunked in at the manor). The girls got the bedroom of course. ;)

Offerings. :D

The hotel is so atas that even their chocolates have gold flakes! -_-

The fridge did not come stocked with this cute girl wtf.

More pictures soon! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Break a leg?!

My entire day was spent with my retard partner, aka my wedding co-host for the upcoming weekend. We worked on our speech, tweaking and reworking it, and also semi-rehearsed. I said semi, because we were smacked in public, and already we were being so boisterous and laughing so loudly that we could do without the extra attention.

We wasted too much time being nonsensical, with him amending words like 'first course' to 'intercourse' WTF, and 'bride and groom' to 'bride and broom'. Changing phrases like, 'Can we have the best man, [insert best man's name] onstage' to 'Can we have Batman, [Robin] onstage', hahahaha. Yes, our retard level is VERY high, and we can amuse ourselves to no end with crap like that. Let's just hope Calvin never sees the original draft of the speech, 'cause he will have a heart attack wtf.

Long day ahead tomorrow, will be whizzed off at 1pm to the hotel for last minute rehearsals/ tweaking of the speech as well as a dry run of the night's program, and most likely will be staying over at the hotel-- the couple got upgraded to a freaking manor! 1pm... That doesn't leave me with much time to scrub myself all glowy, and do my nails and hair. :(

Am I nervous about going on stage? Not really. I am generally quite a confident speaker, though woe is me tomorrow, having to speak in Chinese. But like I was telling my retard partner, we will just have to wing it, hehe. My biggest worry is actually that I will trip on my dress that is too long for me! I couldn't (and didn't have time) to alter it, as it was made of a gazillion layers of tulles, which is really too delicate and complicated to be altered. Fingers crossed!

My look tomorrow? A pale yellow cotton candy. :P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talk the talk and walk the walk.

It's my friend's wedding this Saturday-- the one that I am supposed to emcee. And I am so not prepared! The fact that my retard partner (my co-host for the night) is in Melbourne probably has something to do it. I keep on procrastinating writing out my speech because I tell myself that we need to do it together, to get the synergy right.

I have printed out some sample speeches, and I remember after reading a few pages, I nearly called Calvin (the groom-to-be) that I can't do it. 'Cause in those sample speeches, I have to call Calvin the HANDSOME groom!! Hahahaha. Trust me, it sounds more geli in Mandarin.

Yes, if you managed to overlook my earlier rants, I am emcee-ing in Mandarin. Back in the good ol' days when I did Chinese in school, my teacher has commended me on my speech in Chinese; she even said that I could be a broadcaster. Well, that was a good whole 8 years ago. The only time I speak Mandarin now is with my grandpa. I do do occasional bouts of Chinese with my colleagues in Singapore, but always succeed in shocking everyone-- "HUH you know Chinese??". Guess I look more banana than I actually am. :P

At one point, I told my retard partner that I want to chicken out of emcee-ing, and he was like "NOOOO look at it this way, it's our one chance to impress everyone! Spread the retardness!! Remember our ambition to be a stand-up comedian?? This is it!! WAR!!"

WAR stands for We 'R' Retards, by the way.

And now the secret is out, my secret ambition in life is to be a stand-up comedian. My dad would be so proud.

Random outfit when I went to retouch my roots:

Navy floral toga top with white bow: Jing's
Faded denim flared midi skirt: Zhuhai
Old school tan waist cincher with gold buckle: Bangkok
Pearl cuff: Diva
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden

And lots of camwhore pictures:

I noticed that I looked pretty ok in these pictures, and in almost all of them, you can only see one eye. What does that mean??? I have to wear eye patch to look good ar WTF.



Guess where am I going in October. :D

Click for larger image.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The real shopaholic of the family.

I feel uber loved today!

Lindt macarons, Haigh's chocolates and a card all the way from Sydney. *heart*

Not from my flesh and blood sister wtf, but from one of my closest colleagues who has relocated to Sydney recently!

A happy moment to an otherwise very blue Monday. ;)


More pictures from last weekend when my parents were around in Singapore. Whenever my mom is her, Din Tai Fung is always a must-go.

I don't have the heart to tell her that there are a couple of branches in KL as well wtf.

The bride's parents. Knackered from a whole day's worth of 'performance' the day before!

Mom and my cousin.

My mother is really the most camera-sensitive person on earth! I held up my camera, and she quickly flashed her brightest smile; once the flash is off, she turned back to my cousin and continued right where she left the conversation. -__-

The adults (err ya I am one of them) were talking about children and marriages, so I got bored, hee.

My dad and my uncle talking about life post-children who have started working, about how much finances ease. Yes dad, I deserve a medal from refraining to use your card. :P

Towards the end of our meal, the waiter brought a rattan basket (dim sum steamer) to our table. We shook our head and told him that it isn't ours, that all our food has arrived, but he insisted that belonged to our table, and proceeded to placed it in front of us. He opened the cover....

... and there was only ONE lone xiao long bao in the basket!!

Turns out that we ordered 10 pieces of xiao long bao, but only 9 pieces were served to us-- so they topped up the last piece! The image of the forlorn single xiao long bao set me into a fit of hysterical giggles. :P

Mommy dearest.

Sinful potato snacks with a cheese and salsa dip at Coffee Club.

My uncle who took this picture for us commented that we looked like heads on display in glass cases. -___-

Which reminds me of the Wizard of Oz though!!! Do you remember that the Wicked Queen from the West has an entire glass case of heads, and she can interchange between them as and when she wants??? That scene used to freak me out man.

But now it kind of entices me. Imagine: 'hey, I think I will be Megan Fox today!' 'Nah, I think I feel like Jessica Alba for tea'... What a life that will be WTF.

And I have always thought that my penchant for retail therapy comes from my mom. On that day, I realised my dad has a huge part to play in it too!! The man bought a bottle of wine which cost as much as a designer bag!! -_____________-

Look at how WIDEEEEEE his smile is!!

And my dad never smiles properly for camera. If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you will remember that he is a man who shows you gnawed pig innards in his mouth when you ask him to smile for the camera. -__________-

It was really cute, my dad was asking my mom's permission to buy the wine (goodness knows why, he is the one bringing in the moolah, haha), and my mom graciously granted 'permission'. After my dad bought the wine and was happily grinning away, my mom pointed to Tiffany & Co., and told him, "Since you bought something of that price for yourself, you must now buy something of the same value for me too".

Then my dad's face fell and he said in a small voice, " I KNEW it was a trap", hahahahaha.

Outfit for the day:

White sheer cap-sleeved shirt: Bangkok
Camisole: Random
Navy harem pants with brass buttons: Topshop
Gold and diamante layered chains: Zhuhai
Electric blue velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Louis Vuitton