Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Day 3.

Remember the Royal Thai restaurant I talked about here?

We were all so smitten over the restaurant that we decided to pop over for lunch (actually brunch, but at 1pm wtf) again the following day!

For a change of scenery, we occupied a table outside-- and it was an ingenious decision at that. It was a lovely, sunny, breezy day (actually there was huge fan placed strategically near us wtf), and there was so much lush greenery and woody elements... It even has a tiny stream running across the middle of the yard. Absolutely blissful to dine to the trickling sounds of the mini creek. :)

Clay piggy on a swing! Random things like that in the yard made me smile.
Btw, Teeny was tagged as the pig wtf.

See what I mean? Balmy fronds, wooden plans, shady umbrellas.. There is even a small hut at another end!

Our food:

Fried squid with pork filling-- I bet you have never heard of anything like that!

Pad Thai! Wrapped lovingly in egg.
I. LOVE. PAD. THAI. Fullstop.

Deep fried chicken wings with vermicelli and pork stuffing.

Fried long beans in chilli paste with salted egg.

Green curry chicken.

Fried coconut rice. There are real coconut slices in the fried rice! My dad adored this dish.

Love this picture of my parents, look like a casual wedding picture of some sort. So tempted to photoshop a veil on my mom's head WTF.

Within hours, we were ready for tea time at Erawan, Grand Hyatt Bangkok!
To our defense, shopping burns a lot of energy ok.

Serene on the outside, scheming what to buy next on the inside.

Erawan's specialty: Fried rice with crab meat and soft shell crab.

I usually try to avoid fried rice (calories alert!), but I will always make an exception for this fried rice! (cue: picture of me eating the last morsel of rice off my plate)

Thai iced tea, which is the yummiest drink in Thailand for me. It's sweeter, more fragrant, milkier, has a slight tinge of jelly taste as compared to the milk teas at home!

Scones which supposedly don't really go with the Thai fried rice, but still yummy nonetheless.

Mom forced us to take a picture of her intricate ring + the similarly elaborately designed teapot. -_-

Fast forward another few hours later-- dinner time wtf.
No pictures of us shopping because bargaining takes up all our efforts, hee.

For dinner, we were at Je Ngor, which serves Chinese food. Again, I was skeptical, 'cause we travel all the way to Thailand for Chinese food?

But of course, once again, I was proven wrong. ;)

I know they look like thin biscotti sticks served as starters in Italian restaurants, but they are actually spring rolls! Without a doubt the thinnest spring rolls I have had in my life. Supermodels of the spring roll world wtf.

This was so good! The thin roll did not affect the texture of each bite, but instead you get more crisp with the yummy fillings... I wanted another 5 sticks but my dad said no. :(

Fried fish head with black pepper and lots of lots of garlic.

I would have adored this dish, but unfortunately there was quite a bit of fish bones, so I had to deduct marks for that.

This is actually fried kangkung stem. I gave it rather suspicious looks prior to tasting it, and hoo boy, all I can say is take that kangkung leaves!

The stem is so crispy and goes so well with the spicy sambal sauce! You could just eat it alone as a snack even, mmm.

Goose feet and vermicelli in braised sauce.

I don't take feet of any sort, but I love how the vermicelli has soaked up all the goodness of the sauce, making me shoving portions after portions onto my plate.

One of my favorites of the night. I am sure you have heard of/eaten salad prawns, but this is fresh prawns wrapped in deep fried crispy egg noodles served with mayonnaise and fresh salad (to contra off the sinfulness, I suppose). We polished this off within minutes, and the smart alert captain actually brought us another plate, on the house! :D

Coconut milk shake to wash our food down.

I think this Bangkok trip has succinctly converted me into a 'Bangkok is a food haven' fan. :P

Outfit for the day:

White chiffon blouse with pleated front: Singapore
High waisted flared shorts: Singapore
Earrings: Chanel

Pearl cuff: Diva

Lilac cuff with gold bow: Bangkok
Nude flats with corsage: Topshop

Bag: Miu Miu


xiang yun said...

Love the snippets of how you felt about each dish below each picture! :D Yummeh, I just had dinner but this post made me feel like eating again T.T bye, waistline wtf

mizzvickz said...

do you have the add for royal thai? i wanttttt to go there too (when i make a trip to bkk) lol

revel in me said...

xiang yun: FOOD FOOD FOOD is my biggest passion in life! <3

vic: I have gotta check with my dad! I need to go ASAP too! :P