Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bangkok 2010: Moon Bar, Banyan Tree.

After our unsuccessful trip to Moon Bar the night before, my dad being the relentless man he is, brought us to Banyan Tree the following night to try our luck again.

It wasn't raining, so Lady Luck was on our side! ;)

Eye-to-eye ratio- 3:1.

Then the most FML thing happened! There were these few Japanese tourist before us, waiting to be seated. Suddenly, one of the ladies was stopped, while the usher pointed to a sign at the entrance-- No shorts allowed.

My family was looking at my romper, and shaking their heads.

Yaya, me trying to explain to the usher that a romper is not the same as shorts, and that people wear rompers to formal events all the time didn't work.

And I wasn't given the ultimate outfit of shame-- a piece of black sarung (some sort of wrap around skirt) to cover my legs.


Somemore I had to do a walk of shame 'cause there is a long staircase to get up to the highest floor, and a loooong walk to our table. And there were loads of swanky, immaculately-dressed people chilling all around us... And then there is ME with my sarung.

Fuck this shit.

Emo-ing 'cause of the sarung WTF.

Heh, actually no la, the view is just so magnificent (we are talking about the entire city of Bangkok lit up underneath you) that it takes your breath away. :)

Our drinks! The drink most upclose is my dad's drink-- called the Bird's eye chilli. As the name suggests, it has chilli in it.

All I can say is, FHL! :P

I was grumbling about my achy muscles, so my mom decided to give me a massage on the spot:

Looks like a spa ad for Banyan Tree wtf.

Then it felt so good I had this obscene face. -_______-


Pretty city lights. :)

The older I am, the more I appreciate having my family with me. :)



Lime green ruffled romper: Bangkok
Tan weave belt: Bangkok
Earrings: Chanel
Pearl cuff: Diva
Lavender cuff with gold bow: Bangkok
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Pale pink rosette bag (not shown): Topshop

Black sarung skirt: Banyan Tree WTF


Sue Lin said...

You make the sarong look classy =)

Bangkok trips are never the same, anyone can blog about it and it'll be different =) Am currently blogging about Bkk as well

Anonymous said...

u look so pretty in the last photo!!

revel in me said...

sue lin: Emm ok!

miss hazel: Thanks love! <3