Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here comes the bride: Part 2.

After the tea ceremony and the luncheon, we had to zoom back to get changed for the wedding reception in the evening. Talk about hectic! And all I really wanted to do was to climb into my soft cushy comforter and nap away. The reason for my immense fatigue? My parents stayed over in my room the night before, and they orchestrated the GSS; nope, not the Great Singapore Sales, but the Great Snoring Symphony; and kept me awake the whole night. T__T

The wedding reception and dinner was held at Raffles Hotel, and omg, the hotel is so beautiful! I love old-worldly charm.

Some snapshots of the hotel:

Love love love. I am a sucker for fountains and foliage, apparently.

Wedding entrance!

With my cousin, Yan Ping, my ultimate Barbie doll partner when I was a kid.

She is a mother now! Here is her son, Fabian aka The Cutest Kid in the World.

And Fabian is almost sliding out of my mom's hands 'cause my dad was taking so long to snap a picture! He will zoom in and out, adjust the settings, peer through the lens... while we stand frozen in the middle with toothy smiles plastered on our faces. -_- Yes dad, nice try attempting to look like a professional photographer, but don't forget the bright pink camera you are holding in your hands. Hahaha!

There is a mini pond where the garden reception was held, which only adds on to the romantic, tranquil feel.

Photo albums strewn around for guests to pore over.

The couple snap all their shots in the Middle East (where they used to work), and the pictures turned out stunningly gorgeous! How many wedding photos do you know which are taken in the desert. :P

Fresh blooms.

Like mother, like son. Two peas in a pod! :D

With the rest of my cousins.

No la, the white guy is not my cousin wtf. He is the best man, i.e. Craig's brother! So cute and charming and funny and adorable and well-spoken... *swoons*

... and he also happens to be happily married with 3 sons FML.

Another swoon-worthy boy, hehehe. I snapped this picture of Fabian, and AAHHH SO CUTE.
I think I am in love.

My favorite accessory of the day. :P

The Devil Daddy wears Prada HAHAHAHA.

My dad was busy keeping count of the (estimated) costs of the wedding all day, and according to my mom, he couldn't sleep that night, HAHAHA.

Uber uber uber cute flower girl and page boy!

Kids just look SOOO cute when they are dressed in grown-up clothes! My children are going to be adorned in high heels (girls) and vests/ jackets (boys) next time, those poor things wtf.

The wedding march. :)

Cue for sharp intake of breath!

We are all camera-sensitive.

Exchanging rings after the exchange of vows.

Err ya, I am sorry my darling girlfriends/ sisters, next time you all too shall look like spinach for my wedding WTF.

Unveiling the bride...

... and there you go, first kiss as man and wife! :)

Popped the champagne, and alcohol for everyone! :P

It's official, folks!

The newly-weds and their families. Or should I say, one big family. :)

My cousin was wearing Vera Wang. T___________T

My parents and her parents. Craig is unsmiling 'cause I rather take pictures of the Vera Wang gown than him, haha.

And yup, my dress and my mom's dress are from the same designer! I wish I can tell you some sentimental story like how we wanted to dress alike as a mother-daughter duo or something romantic like we wanted to match the garden theme (our dresses are basically sheer tulle woven with flowers *heart*) but it just so happened that I grabbed the first dress I could think of when I was packing to go back to Singapore last weekend...

Oh well, great minds think alike I suppose! :P

The wedding dinner:

Beautiful table set-up.

4 year-olds in Singapore have their own Ipads. -___-

Not many picture of the dinner, 'cause my dad took the camera, and he took mainly videos-- of the couple's walk into the ballroom, the couple's first dance, the toasts, speeches etc. I am too lazy to post up the videos though, they are looooong and Youtube is going to be a bitch. Anyway, they are taken more for my sisters' benefit, as they have missed out on the wedding.

We do have some of one of the last acts of the night though-- my cousin had a belly dancer performance!

Craig being a sport. :P

Something very FML happened during the night though. Halfway through the act, the belly dancer duo said that they want 3 men on the stage to play the drums, which they randomly picked from the guest cards. Already we had a sinking feeling in our stomach, 'cause surely after that they will ask for 3 girls onstage as well? And sure enough, they proceeded to draw another 3 girls' names to belly dance. My cousin was like murmuring at my side, "Won't be such a coincidence right..." And PHEWWW, when the third name was drawn, none of our names were called! I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I don't fancy shaking my bits on the stage in front of my uncles and aunties wtf.

And then the emcee announced that the 3rd girl has left home. So the belly dancer walked around to find a replacement candidate. And FMLLLL she picked me! T_________T I knew I shouldn't have worn a bright color wtf. I didn't want to be a spoilsport so I trudged up to the stage. T______T

My dad took videos of me doing my thang wtf onstage, but AS IF I am going to post it online, haha. All I am going to show you is this one blurry picture ('cause if it's blur, at least I can still deny my identity WTF):

Complete with the belly dancing shawl. -_-

I reckoned I did alright, my aunt kept on telling me that I am so HOT and WILD, and I was giving her the raised eyebrow look, 'cause I DON'T ever want my dad to see me as HOT and WILD. WTF

Other than that one part of the night which I hope to forget as soon as possible, haha, the wedding was just beautiful! I teared at numerous parts of the wedding reception/ dinner: when the bride walked up the altar, the exchange of vows, the kiss, the toast, the video montage played during the dinner, the best man's speech, the best friend's speech, the father of the groom's speech... Err, why do I have a feeling that I was crying the whole night. -_-


Sky blue sheer tulle dress woven with intricate flowers: Bangkok
Earrings: Chanel
Pearl bracelet: Diva
Electric blue velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Another one more wedding coming up next week! Watch out for the waterworks. -_-


xiang yun said...

Your dress sure is pretty!! The bright blue hue really suits you and make you look fairer. Your mom's shoes look great too :D P.S. LOL at your belly-dancing picture.. can't stop laughing at it -__- sorry!

Yan Ping said...

I love our self take shots ! We look like we were back to the good old barbie days. Wtf ! ha.. I really agree Grant was handsome , funny and etc but too bad he was taken or else I might have another cousin in law who is an ang moh ! haha..

And you know I was actually the third belly dancing participant cos she went to my place first and I saw Carmy shaking her head to the dancer.. ha..then she moved on to you ! I agree with Aunt that you are hot and sexy. Should share the video here..ha..

Unknown said...

One of the funniest posts I've read well done, thanks for sharing, ...really pretty dress you have on..:-)

mustardqueen said...

i jst had this very very sad thought that I wouldnt get married so like, i dun have to feel sorry for my sisters/girlfriends to have to dressup as popeye's muscle catalyst wtf SPINACH hahahahahaa boo i want her dress so pretty lor she dun have to alter herself to fit vera T_T T_________T die la she set the bar so high how to compete no wonder daddy cannot sleep!!

Anonymous said...

You look so hot! <33333333333
Your cousin's Vera Wang omg <3 <3 <3 Your mum is so cute omg <3

Wear more turquoise! It brings out your colour :)

Anonymous said...

looking gorgeous ;)

is there any chance that ur mom used to do/ does direct selling with nu skin products cos she looks so familiar to me!

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, do I look fairer? Fair until transparent in order to not be seen onstage for the bellydancing LAGI BEST wtfff

yan ping: *flips hair* It's in the genes! :P To be honest, I think we are more bimbotic now than our barbie doll days, HAHAHA. Ya la, doesn't he know that my childhood dream is to marry a white guy and have pan asian babies and li9ve happily ever after. T_T

And OMGGG I didn't know that she picked you instead! RAWRRRRRRRRRR you owe meeeeee!! Bring me go eat! :P

Lisa: Aww thanks love! I am always damn happy when people praise my funniness wtf. <3

mustardqueen: just because I am marrying wonbin doesn't mean that you have no hope in marriage WTF. Her dress is REALLY pretty! Very soft and drapey and sheer and light and romantic.. Wish I took more shots of the dress to show you all. :( And ahahhahahh there is a new family joke on how to extort parents WTF, i will let you know when i see you in Dec WTFF

anonymous: AAHHHH thank you very much!! My ego is so big now it's gonna take over the world, hehehe. <333

anonymous: Thank you dear! :D :D :D But no, my mom used to work in a bank! :)

Joshua said...

I love your dress!!!

Fuck I should really go to Bangkok T.T

Is this the cousin who is the architect in Dubai?